Rupert Murdoch

By: Mick Yates

The Chairman and CEO of News Corporation is a household name and one of the most influential media moguls of our time.  His empire services almost every continent, and whilst being known for his involvement in the newspaper industry, he has also become a powerful force in magazines, publishing, satellite television, film and the internet. 


Murdoch took over the running of his father’s newspaper business and went on to acquire a string of daily and suburban newspapers.  It didn’t stop there however and Murdoch expanded into both British and American media and was the first media tycoon to tap into the Chinese market. 


It is no secret that expanding his interests has meant heavy subsidies from Murdoch’s other holdings.  This is an approach that almost cost him News Corporation when its future was threatened by debts from his British based Sky Television network.


No stranger to controversy and criticism, Murdoch has been accused of using his media empire to promote policies which favour his commercial interests.  This, coupled with the allegation of lowering the standards of everything he touches, means that Murdoch could never be described as pristine or universally popular.  However he has never allowed any of this to alter his plans or halt his progress.


Murdoch is a man of overwhelming ambition, drive and determination, and is willing to use every resource available in order to achieve his goals.  His seemingly unending focus on the future and the ability to embrace technology has made him the undoubted business success that he is today. 


By Melanie Smith