Bob Geldolf

By: Mick Yates

Bob Geldolf is one of the world's most recognisable and admired men. He first came to our attention in the mid 1970's as the lead singer of The Boomtown Rats, one of the most innovative influential bands of the New Wave era.

After watching a BBC news report in 1984 on the famine in Ethiopia, Geldolf began his crusade to address the plight of millions of Africans.

Using his unique no-nonsense powers of persuasion, which have since become synonymous with his name, Geldolf put together Band Aid, a group of almost 40 of the UK and Ireland's best known pop stars. They recorded the single 'Do They Know its Christmas Time (Feed the World)' raising millions of pounds and becoming the biggest selling single in UK history. Needing to do more, Geldolf organised Live Aid, a concert in London and Philadelphia, raising unprecedented amounts for the African cause.

Since then, Geldolf has never really stopped, working relentlessly for the poor. A spokesperson for the 'Justice for Dads' campaign, he has also joined U2's Bono in publicising 'Drop the Debt'.

Live 8 is Geldolf's next project and on July 2nd 2005, free concerts will take place simultaneously across the world. The aim is raising awareness of 'Make Poverty History', and convincing the G8 richest nations to cancel debt of the poorest countries, increase aid and promote fair trade.

Geldolf is an inspirational leader. With his colourfully outspoken nature and ability to enthuse others, he is driven by compassion, responsibility and commitment to his cause.

By Melanie Smith