4E's and Change

Change is central to Leadership. Without a need for change, the concept of Leadership is meaningless. Leadership is not an abstract concept - it is a practical activity, with a specific goal in mind.

4E's Self Assessment Results

This is a summary of results from the on line leadership assessment, based on the 4E's Framework.

4E's Summary

Here’s the big idea. Leadership in the networked world is the same as it was in the time of Genghis Khan. The process - which we call the 4 E’s of Envision, Enable, Empower and Energize - is the same. The principles are the same.

Balance of Constituencies

Harmony is a constant theme in Asian philosophy , and it is equally important for Samurai like Musashi, who value: The harmony of a strong individual value structure, with the need for unquestioned loyalty to superiors and to organizations.


Management success. The organizational aim is to develop individual employees, reflecting unique needs, talents, and cultural differences.                          


One role of a Leader is to make things clear and easy to follow. Yet, in this 20th century world, the Leader faces more and more complexity.