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Your Leadership Legacy

Author: Robert Galford and Regina Maruca

Publisher: Harvard Business School Press

ISBN: Mandy Leonard

Summary:The authors remind us that the actions we take and the decisions we make impact the people around us for better or for worse.

Leader Values

ISBN: 978-1591396178

How many leaders will think of the legacy that they are leaving behind on a day to day basis? Thinking about the effect of your actions and the legacy you leave behind is the premise of Robert Galford and Regina Maruca’s new book Your Leadership Legacy. Insightful and an important reminder to any leader, the book is presented in a practical format that is easy to read and digest.

The book challenges leaders to think ahead to the way that they would like to be remembered, what kind of legacy they would like to leave behind and insist that the desire for an honourable legacy should be what drives you on a daily basis. It forces readers to think about the impact that they are having on their organization and their employees and how your leadership has impacted how those people approach work and life as a result.

The book takes readers through simple methods of identifying the impact you are having as a leader and shows how some aspects of leadership can be highly effective for the business but detrimental to the people around you. The authors also show, through a series of well chose examples, how many retired leaders look back on their legacies and focus on the nurturing and development they helped shape in individuals who worked with them, rather than the profit margins they achieved for the business.

The lessons that can be learned from this book are not only applicable to leaders of any level of experience but can also be used on a more personal level, thinking about the impact you have on your family and whether, when you look back on things, you will be satisfied with the legacy you have left behind. All in all, I think this is an important book for leaders, if only for the fact that it reminds us that the actions we take and the decisions we make impact the people around us for better or for worse.