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Toy Box Leadership

Author: Ron Hunter and Michael Waddell

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers

ISBN: Mandy Leonard

Summary:Taking toys that we grew up with to remind us of the leadership lessons that they taught us all.

Leader Values

ISBN: 978-0785227403

With such a large number of books focussing on how to improve leadership, many of them seem to cover the same ground or approach the same ideas from different angles. It is very rare to come across a book whose authors really take us by surprise. Toy Box Leadership is that kind of book.

The authors Ron Hunter and Michael Waddell have taken toys that we all grew up with and remind us of the lessons that they taught us all of those years ago, resiliency, creativity and how to build relationships.

By taking ten of the most common toys (LEGO™, Mr. Potato Head™, Play-Doh™ to name a few) Ron and Michael show how these toys can provide or exemplify important lessons that allow leaders to be effective. They do this firstly by providing obvious examples, i.e. how a rocking horse can exemplify a lot of work without achieving any results and how Play-Doh™ can represent the ability of a person to be shaped. With other toys it’s a bit more creative, how the Weeble Wobble™ can relate to Nelson Mandela’s resilient spirit or the use of LEGO™ to show that relationship building starts with connections.

The use of object lessons makes the book more appealing and by using such well known toys the authors have ensured that the leadership strategies they are presenting are memorable and applicable. The book is also fun!

Ron Hunter and Michael Waddell have written a book that is not only an enjoyable read but gives us a fresh look at the unchanging principles that leadership is based on and reminds us that leadership requires creativity and innovation.