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Triangles of Management and Leadership

Author: Paul B. Thornton

Publisher: Booklocker 2002

ISBN: Zoe Williams

Summary:The Triangles of Management and Leadership provides the core of what managers and leaders do. The triangle simplifies and highlights the three critical factors that comprise each management concept.

An interesting model of leadership, covering many aspects of the management and leadership role.  Paul Thornton shows that managers and leaders do not require weighty tomes to teach them how to be effective leaders, but a straightforward model, that tackles the common issues of the role.  The triangular model applies three points to each area covered in the book, which may seem at first a trifle simplistic, but shows clearly that techniques do not need to be complicated and daunting to be effective.

A common area in which problems can arise is lack of communication. Paul lays emphasis on the fact that communication is  a 2-way skill, and devotes a chapter and a triangle to both listening and communicating. As he points out, there is actually a lot to being an effective communicator!

It is also good to find  a chapter entitled "Managing Your own Career", an oft overlooked topic in leadership books. While dealing with, managing, encouraging, motivating the people one leads, it is easy to forget one's own needs.

Bringing the teaching to life there are examples at the end of each chapter of the principles applied, by various CEOs and Mnagement gurus, who apply the concepts with great success.

A useful and comprehensive book, that aims to take the complexity out of becoming a dynamic and successful leader.