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The Leader's Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills

Author: Paul Sloane

Publisher: Kogan Page 2003

ISBN: Zoë Williams

Summary:Just how innovative is your organisation? If you want to unlock potential within yourself and your team, this is the book to read.

Just how innovative is your organisation? Apply the Innovation Test - you may be surprised. If you want to unlock the potential within yourself and your team, this is the book to read. It’s a great thing to have the vision  to do this, this book shows you how to achieve the vision and to empower your team to think; laterally and bring new ideas to the organisation. To start with,  you  need to become a lateral leader. “Lateral Thinking Skills”  gives practical techniques and exercises, to enable you to fully realise your own potential as a lateral leader.  


Paul Sloane points out that even the greatest minds makes mistakes, in fact, the greater the mind the more wrong you can be! How great is your mind?! He highlights some wonderful examples of just how wrong one can be – pick your favourite!


Challenge  established ideas and assumptions, look beyond known  facts, and  overcome limitations imposed by traditional ways of thinking. Learn  to solve problems and realise the vision in innovative ways.


Using lateral thinking management it is possible to make a vision a reality, with the wholehearted support and involvement of  your team.  The book includes practical advice, exercises and real life examples of laterally solved problems . Some of these examples are  eye-openers -  I defy anyone to work out the solution to them all!


The book makes a thoroughly enjoyable, as well as  a practical read, and will challenge  and change the way you approach your business. Applying the principles of the book, will enable you to introduce into your organisation a culture  of enthusiastic innovation and change- every leader should read this book.