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Stall Points: Most Companies Stop Growing - Yours Doesn't Have To

Author: Matthew S. Olson and Derek van Bever

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: Mandy Leonard

Summary:A helpful guide to top level executives in any corporation, to assist in monitoring strategic assumptions with an innovative “Red-Flag” system.

Leader Values

In the course of the lifetime most corporations are faced with periods where their growth stalls, despite plenty of strategic planning and forethought. Matthew Olson and Derek van Bever’s book Stall Points analyzes the experiences of more than six hundred Fortune 100 companies over the past 50 years to understand the causes and consequences of these growth stalls.

Stall Points presents four main reasons that these stalls occur, premium position captivity, breakdowns in innovation, premature core abandonment and talent shortfall and each of these is presented as avoidable. According to the authors, each of these root causes is avoidable.

This study investigates how these causes can lead to stalls and provides tools to the reader to help identify stalls either in progress or how to avoid one. A helpful guide to top level executives in any corporation, Olson and van Bever have included practices to assist in monitoring strategic assumptions and an innovative “Red-Flag” system which can help warn of impending growth stalls.

While the book is aimed at board level executives, many readers may still find the investigation useful to understand the root causes of what may cause their own businesses to stall.