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Strategy And The Fat Smoker

Author: David Maister

Publisher: The Spangle Press

ISBN: Mandy Leonard

Summary:Fresh insights into why many firms don’t implement the common sense business strategies that will increase their revenue.

Leader Values

David Maister, the author of "Managing The Professional Service Firm, The Trusted Advisor, and True Professionalism" now brings us his latest book focussing on what all companies know what needs to be done but very few actually do. While much of what is in the book has been covered in David’s blog, he has provided fresh insights into why many firms don’t implement the common sense business strategies that will increase their revenue.

Using the examples of dieting and trying to stop smoking, David Maister shows us that while there are things that we know we should do and convince ourselves that we will do, we won’t get around to it until something changes so significantly for us that there’s no choice but to act, i.e. having a heart attack. It’s not that we as individuals or as a business don’t realize that making certain changes would be a good idea, it is, but making the changes continues to be put off. After 20+ years of working with companies who struggle to define and implement their strategies, Maister has written a book which comprehensively covers the main reasons for these failures and provides precise insights into the culture and mentality that stands in the way.

Most professional services firms, when asked, will come up with near identical strategies – better client relationships, exemplary customer service, and investing in staff development. But very few firms manage to put these strategies into practice, despite knowing it’s what they should be doing. This book consists of a number of chapters about what following through really means in simple, easy to digest sections that provide tools and advice for readers to start making positive change in their businesses.

While the book is specifically aimed at professional service firms, the insights and tools for change found in this book can be applied across any business. Focusing on everything from building better client relationships to management accountability, David’s book is a useful reference guide to readers who are trying to lead change within their organization and want to make it a success.