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Profit Brand

Author: Nick Wreden

Publisher: Kogan Page

ISBN: Melanie Smith

Summary:How to increase the profitability, accountability and sustainability of your brand.

Why do 95% of products fail to become brands, despite the hundreds of billions spent annually in promotion, advertising and PR?  Why do even best known brands fail?  Why is brand loyalty fading and customer dissatisfaction increasing?

‘Profit Brand' offers a comprehensive metrics based approach to branding that enables readers to link branding activities directly with bottom line results and align their organization with common benchmarks.

With the use of specific formulas, this book shows readers how to identify the 20% of customers who generate 80% of profits.  It also illustrates how to do business the customer centric way to ensure that customers return again and again.

This publication focuses on concepts that many other marketing books commonly ignore; profitability, accountability and sustainability.  After all, if you are not profitable, then the brand won’t last; if you are not accountable how do you know if you are profitable? and if you are profitable and accountable but you can’t sustain it then all your hard work is in vain.

A truly innovative and inspiring read!