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Lead Well and Prosper

Author: Nick McCormick

Publisher: Be Good Publishing

ISBN: Mick Yates

Summary:A simple to read book with a powerful set of practical advice and examples for managers of all kinds.



Leader Values

ISBN: 978-0977981335

This is a simple read but a very useful one. In a world populated with too many management books which take themselves rather seriously, McCormick's is refreshing and fun. Yet it is not comic or silly - it works hard to be practical and helpful. Humour helps rather than detracts from its messages.

The book is less than 100 pages long and is built on 15 strategies to help you be a better manager. Each chapter sets out a strategy - including "Adopt a Serving Attitude", "Teach", "Set Goals, Plan and Execute" and "persist".

McCormick uses an entertaining cast of characters (who I suspect we can all recognise in our own organizations). The conversation between them sets up each strategy with issues to be resolved or a debate to be reconciled. McCormick follows with a concise description of what is meant by each strategy, and a list of do's and dont's. He also points out common management mistakes and unfortunate pre-conceptions. And there is always a short list of suggested personal development actions at the end of the chapter.

The appendices are also useful, covering areas such as "Creating Action Plans" and the "Am I a Good Manager Test?". The latter's 31 questions, whilst rather binary in nature, do force the reader to think about new ways of working with their teams, or of making sure that action does indeed ensue from management promises made.

All in all, an entertaining book. Don't be put off by its slim size or light hearted approach - even seasoned managers will find a useful story here, or a refreshing way to think about an existing challenge.

Copyright 2007 Mick Yates