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Life’s Missing Instruction Manual: The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given at Birth





Book: 'Life’s Missing Instruction Manual: The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given at Birth'

Author: Joe Vitale

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2006


Leader Values


Marketing expert and author Joe Vitale has a knack for producing eye-catching book titles. His previous books include attention-grabbing titles like The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or anything else) from the Inside Out and The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History. Now he brings us Life’s Missing Instruction Manual.


If you like nourishing your soul with chicken soup and being reminded that there is power in positive thinking, you will relate to this little guidebook immediately. It reveals the lessons that Vitale has learnt about life over the past 20 years.


Most of us have occasional flashes of insight and then forget about them, so we find ourselves making the same mistakes and the same discoveries again later in life. Vitale took a different approach, noting down his discoveries in a journal. Those notes, supplemented with short articles by other writers who have inspired him, formed the basis for Life’s Missing Instruction Manual.


Like most how-to-take-control-of-your-life books, this is an easy read. The lessons are presented as half-page sound bites, collected together into broad topics like “getting the best out of your life” and “creating your future”. Each lesson is self-contained and stands on its own two feet. You can literally open the book at any page, read the first sound bite, and get a nugget of information which is motivational and useful.


Of course, reading the lessons is the easy part; changing your approach to life is more of a challenge. For example, Vitale’s approach is summed up in his advice that, “Happiness is a choice. You can simply say ‘I’m going to be happy right now’”. That sounds good, but simply choosing to be happy isn’t easy – it takes some practice.


In Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, Vitale observes that, “Beliefs compel you to do what you might otherwise think is stupid. Change the belief and you change the behaviour”. So he recommends that we should aim to select better beliefs. He also warns that “The quest for perfection will stop you from getting results throughout your life”. Instead, he advises that you should do the best you can, move on and let history decide whether you did a good job.


Vitale has packed a lot of wisdom and experience into this slim instruction manual. If you have forgotten how to see past the problems and enjoy yourself, it will suggest some ideas on how to re-ignite your passion for life.