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Hug Your People

Author: Jack Mitchell

Publisher: Hyperion

ISBN: Mandy Leonard

Summary:Mitchell has provided us with yet another book that reminds us not to forget the little things that make such a big difference

Leader Values

ISBN: 978-1401322373

Following on from his book, Hug Your Customers, Jack Mitchell has brought out his latest book, Hug Your People. In his previous book, Mitchell had outlined simple and effective ways on how to keep your customers happy. In his new book he takes the same premise but focuses internally on maintaining happy and productive staff. There is no need to have read the first book to appreciate the second, it stands out on its own.

The “Hug” method is broken down into five principles, Nice, Trust, Pride, Include and Recognize. The author addresses each of these principles and points out relatively simple techniques that will have a profound effect on the people working for you. An example of this is the reminder to just be nice to people. We may think on a day to day basis that we are but it is all too easy to get wrapped up in the work and forget the people behind it. By remembering to just be nice or to do something as easy as sending a quick e-mail recognizing a job well done will make staff feel appreciated and happier. Mitchell stresses that praise and recognition are required for staff to feel energized and have an incentive to maintain a productive work ethic.

Throughout these five sections the author also covers ways in which you can have happy employees. Many of his suggestions start at the interview stage and he shows how through a series of simple questions you can identify “nice” employees. By giving your employees respect, consideration and courtesy you will be creating a happier and more effective work environment.

There are no particularily groundbreaking ideas that can be found in this book but they have been well thought out and Jack Mitchell has bolstered each idea with examples from his own successful business. Simple and easy to follow and implement, Mitchell has provided us with yet another book that reminds us not to forget the little things that make such a big difference.