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Get Out of Your Own Way at Work ... and Help Others Do The Same

Author: Mark Goulston

Publisher: G P Putnam’s Sons, October 6th 2005

ISBN: Melanie Smith

Summary:Self defeating behaviour can ruin plans to achieve full potential. This books tells you why this behaviour occurs and what we can do to avoid it.

Potential is a terrible thing to waste and self defeating behaviour is apparently one of the most commons ways in which we let potential slip through our fingers.

‘Get Out of Your Own Way at Work … and Help Others Do The Same’ covers forty of the most common self defeating behaviours (SDB).  It explains why we choose to sabotage ourselves, whilst offering useful insights and steps to help transform behaviour, or help others change theirs.

This publication is very easy to interpret, and the author also offers you a guide on how to read his book.  So whether you want to find out and understand why you, your friends or the people who work for you engage in self defeating behaviour, or you want to know how the strategies work, or perhaps you are the type that just wants to ‘cut to the chase’ and action change, this is the book for you.

With well chosen quotes, action steps and usable insights for each chapter, it could be helpful to individuals wanting to halt the feelings of frustration, confusion, fear, self doubt, guilt or defensiveness, and instead set out on a path towards behaviour transformation and career (or life) enhancement. 

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