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Future Shop

Author: Daniel Nissanoff

Publisher: Penguin Books

ISBN: Melanie Smith

Summary:How the new auction culture will revolutionize the way we buy, sell and get the things We REALLY want.

Written by Daniel Nissanoff, finalist for the 2001 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, this book outlines the possibility that the e-Bay auction phenomenon is about to explode. 

In this book, Daniel suggests that this upsurge will have a knock on effect on the way that the general public shop, both on and offline.  It suggests that we will move from being an accumulation nation into an auction culture, in effect embracing the concept of temporary ownership.

But why is such a revolution about to occur?  Well according to Daniel, it is due to a massive growth in online auction ‘facilitators’ (such as dropshops, storefronts and re-packagers) that will entice those that have thus far stayed away, with their efficient, reliable handling of the whole process that will make online selling a hassle-free lucrative concept for us all.

This publication examines many aspects of entering the auction culture, including past reluctance to re-sell possessions, the process involved in online selling, popular items and the logic of ‘temporary ownership’. It also cites the golden rule ‘Never underestimate the value of your unwanted goods’.

This publication is a fascinating read that could prove to be an inspiration to those individuals who have considered selling unwanted items via online auctions but were unsure how to begin.  Who knows, it may even kick start those that are yet to be introduced to the whole concept!