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End Your Story, Begin Your Life

Author: Jim Dreaver

Publisher: Now Books

ISBN: Mandy Leonard

Summary:By stripping away the "stories" which we all carry, we will be better able to deal with life's challenges.

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End Your Story e-book

Jim Dreaver’s new e-book is a guide to a form of spiritual enlightenment that he believes will lead people to inner peace. The premise of the book is that we all have “stories” that we use to identify who we are. Jim asserts that by stripping away these stories we will be able to see our true selves and by doing so the stories will lose their power over us and we will no longer use them to define ourselves.

Through this ability to look at our true selves Jim believes that it provides a stronger platform for people to deal with the challenges and hardships that we will experience in life. This enlightenment or awakening would allow individuals to step back from these challenges and allow us to observe things with our awareness.

Throughout the book Jim has provided numerous examples of how this enlightenment has affected his life. He refers to his own experience of suffering from three strokes and how his ability to step back with his awareness allowed him to focus on healing and recover. The basis of this awakening seems to be the ability to be accepting of yourself and the things around you. Once you are able to step back and accept things for what they are they will no longer impact you in the same way, regardless of your own feelings towards them. This acceptance will lead individuals to a level of relaxation and an “ease of being”.

By stripping away the ego and the “stories” that make up what we believe we are, we will be left with a state of being that would allow us to bring about a more peaceful existence, not just for ourselves but to the world around us.

For those people who are looking for ways to achieve a better sense of self and the ability to be true to themselves, this is a book worth reading. We can all take lessons from Jim and in his book find ways that we can improve our abilities to accept the world around us.