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Ethics For A New Millennium

Author: The Dalai Lama

Publisher: Riverhead Books, 1999

ISBN: Mick Yates

Summary:A quick look at an extraordinary man's eclectic world-view of "universal ethical truths".

"I have observed that we all naturally desire happiness and not to suffer". 

The Dalai Lama's aim in this book is not to offer religious solutions, but instead he demonstrates an eclectic world-view of "universal ethical truths".  Whether he succeeds to your satisfaction, you be the judge.  But he is clearly a person with a deep felt sense of the reality of humanity, and it is therefore difficult just to ignore his views. He discusses the implications of  everything from the 'net, to the war for ethnic groupings.  His solution ..?

"The World Council of People .. consisting of .. individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds .. artists, bankers, environmentalists, lawyers, poets, academics, religious thinkers, writers .. as well as ordinary people with a reputation for integrity".

Worth a shot?

by Mick Yates