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Book Yourself Solid: The fastest, easiest and most reliable system for getting more clients





Book: 'Book Yourself Solid: The fastest, easiest and most reliable system for getting more clients'

Author: Michael Port

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 978-0-471-78393-0

Leader Values

Consultant, coach and trainer Michael Port admits that he learnt some of his sales and marketing lessons the hard way. Six years ago he abandoned his regular job and started his own service business. Like many others, he thought that clients would just happen. And predictably, he found that life isn’t quite that simple. Six months later he had little work to do and was in a financial crisis.


But according to the old saying, every cloud has a silver lining. Michael found the silver lining in his crisis by setting out to “learn how to love marketing and selling”. He worked hard, studying everything he could find on attracting clients. These efforts resulted in success – within a year he was booked solid, with more clients than he could handle. And as a bonus, he had developed a system which he now teaches to other service professionals.


Book Yourself Solid explains his system in detail, breaking it down into three key modules. The first module shows how to build a firm foundation for your service business. That includes choosing your ideal clients, knowing why they buy what you are selling, developing a personal and memorable brand, and knowing how to talk about it.


With that foundation in place, you then need to implement a strategy for building your credibility. As Michael puts it, “The book yourself solid paradigm of sales is all about building relationships with your potential clients based on trust”. That means establishing yourself as a category expert. But you can’t just fake it – Michael points out that “before you can establish yourself as a category authority, you must be one”. The final module explains how to execute your self-promotion strategy, aimed at building awareness of the services that you offer.


Book Yourself Solid recommends seven core self-promotion strategies: networking, direct outreach, referral, web, speaking and demonstrating, writing and keep-in-touch. That sounds like a heavy workload, but Michael insists that “any one of these techniques can seriously book you solid”. So you can pick a few strategies and run with them.


One word of warning: Don’t be fooled by that word “easy” in the book’s subtitle. The system is indeed simple to understand, and the book is easy to read. But Book Yourself Solid isn’t intended just to be read. You have to work your way through the written exercises, apply them to your own business and take the recommended “Booked Solid Action Steps” in order to benefit. Sometime that will mean moving outside your comfort zone. But of course the goal is to get yourself booked solid, and that is certainly a silver lining worth aiming for.


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