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Always Remember - If It Aint Fun It Aint Worth Doing

Author: Wayne Kehl

Publisher: Publish America

ISBN: Mandy Leonard

Summary:An insightful look into understanding workplace behavior in a very readable book.

With this book Wayne Kehl has managed to create a guide that is not uniquely for management or leadership studies. With funny, insightful dialogue, the reader is guided through the experiences of Walter Kennedy - a young insurance manager and Joshua O’Hare – a successful mentor for the young executive.

Walter enters his new role full of fire but finds himself facing disinterested and unproductive employees and having to deal with rigid corporate directors.  Joshua, the voice of wisdom, provides a way for Walter to ask all the important questions that the reader themselves would ask.

Through the voice of Joshua, the reasons behind certain corporate behaviours and how to work within those structures to succeed are discussed. By focussing on the human elements of workplace behaviour, the reader is presented with clear and seemingly simple ways that Walter is able to connect with his team, improve morale and increase productivity while tackling everyday problems faced by all managers.

Walter’s frustrations can be easily related to, and Joshua’s down-to-earth wisdom and advice provide insights and knowledge that the reader can immediately take away. This is a must read for all managers who want to understand their teams better, but most importantly this book teaches the reader that you have to enjoy what you’re doing to get the most out of it.