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Good Governance

CEOs And Boards Are Locked In A Spiral Of Doom

American CEOs are dropping like flies. Boards, armed with new federal rules and stock exchange requirements coming in the wake of the corporate scandals of the past few years, are getting rid of underperforming CEOs at record rates.

Corporate Greed and the Syntonic Syndrome

Joan Pastor sets out details of a pattern - a syndrome - that is indicative of whether an organization is headed toward an “Enron” meltdown as the result of unhealthy leadership.

Creating An Injury-Free Workplace : How To Avoid Corporate Complacency - the Silent Killer

Every day in the United States on the average, 15 workers lose their lives as a result of injuries or illnesses related to their work – that’s over 5700 people. These people leave behind families, friends, and co-workers. The single most common...

Enron, Worldcom And The Rest

Case Studies In Dysfunctional Strengths

Ethical CEOs take action

As we approach the two year anniversary of the Enron accounting scandal and subsequent collapse, the press picks through the skeletal remains what used to be the 7th largest company in America. We have learned some hard lessons.

From Politics to Purpose

No trade association executive, no chairman of the board, need be told that boards and politics go together; it is part of the human condition. And a certain amount of politics is necessary for anything to get done. But, politics is something that...

Getting it Right The First time With Your First Board

What do you need to consider in forming your board in a way that gets the benefits you need from it without the nightmares ?

Leaders Make Values Visible

The corporate credo. Companies have wasted millions of dollars and countless hours of employees’ time agonizing over the wording of statements that are inscribed on plaques and hung on walls. There is a clear assumption that people’s behavior will...

Looking To Sustain High Performance ? Start in the Boardroom

Looks at the problems that arise when there is a misalignment between the Board and CEO.

Privileged Soapbox ?

How to be an effective chairperson

Removing The Lump Under The Boardroom Carpet

The graveyard is full of boards that have been shown to be lacking in effectiveness and who left a legacy other stakeholders look at and wonder, “How could the board have let that happen ?” This has happened to for profit AND not for profit organizations...

Requirements For Effective Boards ... Beyond Fine Tuning

As CEO, you’re accountable for results whether your board helps or hinders you in working toward them. Ensuring that key requirements are met, requirements that affect how well equipped board members are to work together, will provide a sound foundation...

Safety in the Workplace : Be Rigorous, Not Ruthless

You may have read the book Good to Great, by Jim Collins. In his book he explains how many companies thought being good is… well, “good enough.” In these times of constant change and global competition, it is important to always look for improvement...

Will You Lead, Follow or Develop Your Board as Partners ?

Strategies and tools for assessing the board’s effectiveness and closing any existing gaps. This article is the final article in a series of five.

Your Board : Dynamic, Difficult or Detrimental ?

A board can make or break a CEO just as weak internal management can take the CEO down “into the weeds” by having to perform the functions of his/her direct reports. The first article in a series of five.

Your Board : Proactive Partnering or Reactive Interference ?

How the board views and fulfills it's role. The second article in a series of five.

Your Board's Approach to Its Responsibilities : Resting on Laurels or Raising the Bar

The CEO is often in the role of challenging the board to fill its role and add value to the organization. This article is the third in a series intended to help the CEO think through the issues involved in developing a board to contribute meaningfully...
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