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Future of Work

Are we ready for Generation Z?

Life never stands still.Generation Z is on the way and although this generation will be a head on comparison to Gen Y in many ways, they will also present a different set of challenges.

As Generation Y Moves In, Leadership Must Evolve

The search is on for new talent as organizations are both preparing for an onslaught of baby boomer retirements and positioning themselves for a future characterized by changing markets and evolving business models.

Beyond Management Fads: Enterprise Fitness

Building an approach to leadership taking into account all the dimensions of a business organization, treating leadership philosophies as part of the whole rather than a fad to be discarded in favour of the latest trend.

Boosting Innovation in the Public Sector

Public sector reform is the holy grail of modern politics. If we could create a streamlined, efficient public sector that delivered better service with fewer direct resources we could slice billions of pounds off public spending and add significant value...

Business Opportunities of the 21st Century

What's needed in this technological century is preactive management, vision and initiative.

CBI Journal 6 : Reinventing the Marketplace

Exchanges in the New Economy : Transforming the World of Work

CBI Journal 9: Adaptive Imperative

Embracing Evolution : business from the bottom up

Conquering Obsolescence

When it comes to technology, the conventional wisdom used to be "If it isn't broken, why fix it ?" But the new unconventional wisdom of the 21st century and the Communication Age is "If it works, it's obsolete."

E-Coaching : Using New Technology to Develop Tomorrow's Leaders

A technological breakthrough is occurring that will dramatically change leadership development.

Flexible Work Arrangements Help Retain Good People

Balancing work and family has received a lot of attention over the years. There are several reasons for this. First, today's workforce is increasingly diverse and demanding. Second, the workforce is shrinking. There are not enough skilled workers to...

Forget Charismatic Leaders and Double-digit Growth

The business challenge for this century will be how to help everyone do better, not just a few outstanding performers.

Harnessing the Power of the Unknown - Move from Repeating the Past to Re-inventing the Future

The Unknown - it is scary territory for many, something to be avoided for others and shameful for those who feel they are supposed to know everything. What is your relationship with the Unknown ?

Innovation: Core Competency for the 21st Century

Despite the growing recognition that innovation is the only sustainable source of growth, competitive advantage, and new wealth, an Arthur D. Little survey of 669 global company executives found fewer than 25 percent of the companies believe innovation...

Making the Leap in the 21st Century

A look at the trick of adapting to the changing requirements for survival in the 21st Century.

Perspectives on the Digital Age

With new technology appearing all the time, what difference will digital information make to our society, and to business ?

Resilience Entrepreneurship

The challenge of "bouncing back" from a setback has much to do with how long we wait between the experience and the time we truly put our disappointment behind us. The good news is that the skills of resilience can be learned.

Riding the third wave to success

Looks at the development of new systems, as old systems becom obsolete.

Risk Management in the Digital Age

A Call to Action for an Enterprise-Wide, Top-Down Approach to Digital Risk Management and Corporate Governance

Taking the Lid Off 3G

New technology seems to promise the world. Just how will 3g telephony live up to its promise and how will it affect business ?

The CEO of The 21st Century

What are the qualities and characteristics that help create successful leaders ? Consider this four-point plan.

The Global Leader of the Future : New Competencies for a New Era

Accenture Consulting (with Marshall Goldsmith) was recently engaged in a multi-country research project aimed at helping global organizations understand the most important characteristics of the leader of the future. Read on to find out more.

The Impact of Future Technology

Welcome to the new future. Complex new innovations and trends are rapidly reshaping markets, industries and society. We have entered a new era where the knowledge of key trends is mission-critical to the future success of every enterprise. Global competition,...

The Life Science Revolution : From The Genome to Mankind

On February 12th, 2001 two different teams of scientists published the Human Genome. The date chosen is symbolic; it is indeed the birthday of Charles Darwin, the author of the theory of evolution. But the question is what does the Human Genome bring...

The Power of Marketing Podcasts

According to a recent survey by Pew Internet and American Life poll, about 22 million Americans own MP3 players or iPods. Those figures perhaps help to explain the growing popularity of podcasts - audio "blogs" or radio shows distributed by RSS and used...

Twist on Technology

A funny thing happens in global research. You begin with an idea, shaped by messages reinforced every day that the world is chaotic - separated by nationality and culture. Yet, with an open mind and careful observation, it’s possible to conclude the...

Value-Based Leadership for the 21st Century

In this the author concentrates on what a leader needs to believe and do in order to promote the high performance that will be required for organizational success in the 21st Century. His premise is that leadership values are the guiding principles that...
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