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Coaching and Mentoring

3 Lessons Geese Can Teach People About Team Coaching

Animals can teach people a lot about what effective leadership is all about; it is simply up to people to listen, watch and learn.

8 Questions to Guarantee Meeting Productivity

The reality is that the way organizations come to cope with these very weak standards for meeting effectiveness is a...

8 Ways to Charm your Employees - Create Loyalty & Rapport in the Workplace

Learn the basic skills of rapport to ensure that your empoyees will want to go out of their way to remain loyal to you.

A Coaching Culture Made Easy

Creating a coaching culture within your organisation could be one of the most important contributions you make. A coaching culture is one where everyone...

A Passion for Diversity

Some people work at their jobs because they have to make a living, and they get to express themselves after work. Some people have careers that they love, and have a hard time not taking home their work with them when they go home. And then there are...

Achieving Peak Performance: Education Without Motivation Serves No Useful Purpose

Motivation is not enough. If you motivate an idiot, all you have is a motivated idiot. Education alone is not enough either. Many "educated" individuals achieve very little on or off the job. They know what to do, and they know how to do it. The problem...

Achieving Peak Performance: How to Keep A Positive Attitude Even If You’re on Your Last String

Tough times will come. You may get knocked down at work or in life. But with the right attitude, you can get back up. You can get back on track toward success, and you can reach optimal peak performance.

Are You Wasting Your Money on Diversity Training?

If you are planning to spend money on diversity training, WAIT!

Best Advice for Leaders: Stop, Look and Listen

Who do you watch as you advance up the leadership ladder? How do you learn from them? With whom should you connect? Do you need a mentor?

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: 

Beyond the Work-Life Balance: Living through the Success Elements™

Much has been written about finding a harmonious balance between work and life, and this article does not intend to discredit any of it. It is essential to strike a balance between the professional and personal. True success is multidimensional, and...

Beyond Trendy: Using a Business Coach to Create a Competitive Edge

How coaching helps a Leader navigate through a complex business ecosystem - using the Boyd "OODA" loop.

Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words

Has it ever occurred to you how much you are saying to people even when you are not speaking? Unless you are a master of disguise, you are constantly sending messages about your true thoughts and feelings whether you are using words or not.

Break Through Self-Doubt and Fear

Self-doubt and fear interfere with our ability to achieve or set goals. Self-doubt and fear are the voices in our head telling us, "You'll never succeed, so why try?" and "who do you think you are?" Self-doubt and fear are also what make us listen to...

CEO as Leader and Coach

How to deal with the conflicting demands

Changing, Learning, Coaching, Improving

Lessons learned from The Clemmer Group Sessions

Clarify Your Goals

Tools to Help you Re-Energize and Re-Commit To Your Direction!

Coach, Mentor: Is There a Difference?

Is a Coach and a Mentor the same thing, and if not, how do you tell them apart?

Coaching for Behavioural Change

People often ask, “Can executives really change their behavior?” The answer is definitely yes. If they didn’t change, we would never get paid (and we almost always get paid). At the top of major organizations even a small positive...

Coaching is Out of The Closet

Ten years ago, I had the benefit of a legendary coach - Peter Needham. But I didn't tell anyone. Indeed, I paid for it myself and made secret visits to his office in Hanover Square. His advice led to the management buy-out of PiB.

Creating A Coaching Climate

Every significant study of effective managers concludes that those managers, who get the most out of their teams, spend a high proportion of their time and energy coaching others.

Creating a Company Mentoring Programme

Could you use some great tactics to help motivate and grow your team ? Understanding a tactical approach is your first step. Unlike strategic plans, tactics are processes you can immediately put to use. The key is not just implementing these ideas, but...

Don't Let Them Make You Crazy : Or There is Never Anyone in The Other Boat

Can you think of one person who drives you absolutely crazy ?

Executive Coaches Can Help Flex Leadership Muscle

They say that behind every great athlete is a great coach. And behind many leaders today is an executive coach. Can an executive coach help leaders to maximize their potential and reach greater heights ?

Executive Coaching : A Leadership Development Tool for Top Performers

Rather than debate the definition of coaching, it’s more important to consider the type of coach and approach that’s most appropriate for you given the results you want to achieve. Some executives have difficulty articulating concrete desired results,...

Executive Coaching Credentials Vary: Due Diligence is a Must

So many individuals call themselves a coach today that anyone interested in hiring an executive coach must be cautious. The tips that follow will help in selecting a business resource.

Executive Development: Get to the Heart of What Really Matters & Drive Results

It doesn’t matter how many ways you can be a better leader if you have a serious problem in your face right now. Like it or not, that issue becomes your focus. You will benefit by striking a balance between dealing with the here-and-now issues and developing...

Helping Successful People Get Even Better

Marshall digs deep in his experience from years of coaching successful people, and of using 360 degree feedback effectively. Very practical advice.

How to Counter Career Derailers & Personal Vulnerabilities

Personal change must be predicated on a dedicated personal commitment to change the behavioral pattern or habit. Put another way, without being personally dedicated to change it will not happen.

How to Set and Attain Goals for Success

How to realistically and consistently achieve your goals.

Introduction to Professional Business and Personal Coaching

Ever wondered what business and personal coaching was all about ? Well read on to find out more ...

Job Security 101 - Five Surefire Ways to Create a Crisis

Have you ever noticed how much more "productive" people appear when they're in the midst of handling a crisis? The troops rally around a common cause, getting the "nasty problem" resolved, the much aligned product out on time, or that most important document,...

Mentoring Programs for Professional Service Firms

It seems almost everyone can use a little something extra to help them increase their effectiveness or give them a competitive edge. Those in professional service firms are no exception; however, they do face unique challenges. With so much emphasis...

Mentors and Mentees - The Competency Conundrum

What’s the difference between a good and a not-so-good mentor ? One of the problems both in selecting mentors for a pool and in matching individual mentors with mentees is that the answer varies according to the context and the specific needs of the...

Motivate Employee Participation in Professional Development

When companies think of employee development, they often search for training programs, educational seminars, coaching or the latest book that might offer ideas on what employees can do to sharpen skills or strengthen expertise. However, none of these...

Overcoming Rejection: 5 Secrets for Turning Failure Into Success in 6 Months Guaranteed!

What if, starting today, the word ‘no’ didn’t stop you anymore? What if every time you heard the word no, you became stronger, more powerful, and more resilient? What if the greatest success strategy in the world was not to go for yes, but...

Sales Training Effectiveness: Increase Your Bottom Line With Sales Training That Sticks

Why are sales training programs so often unsuccessful ? The typical company spends tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to put its entire sales force through the latest, hottest sales training program touted to increase its bottom line...

Seven Sizzling Solutions to Predictable Hourly Stressors

In one's daily routine time and stress are siblings. Their relationship lends its hue to our life. One must be a good time manager in order to reduce stress and by managing stress one becomes a better time manager.

Six Essentials for Networking

Networking is about creating an extended family. It’s about developing connections, caring about people, increasing the size of your “tribe.”

Staffing Shortages ? Maybe You’re the Problem

When I speak at conferences about customer service strategies, I often hear managers discuss how hard it is to recruit and retain good frontline employees. Too many managers mistakenly assume the only way to keep people is to bite the bullet and pay more...

Successful Change Starts With a Shift in Perspective

Like so many in corporate America today, Susan needed more balance in her life-but she did not know how to get it. Faced with a 60-hour work week and a lengthy daily commute, Susan was left with little time for outside interests. Her job was literally...

Ten Moves Guaranteed to Alienate HR

In climbing the corporate ladder, one of the most powerful allies to have on your side is your Human Resources department. They have their finger on the pulse of the inner wiring of the organization, and if there is any staffer who can alert you to upcoming...

The Imbalance of Life/Work Balance

Senior leaders, managers and employees need to view work / life balance as being in their interest. Organizations and individuals need to be clear about the benefits in terms of performance, productivity and profit.

The Path of Obsolete Knowledge

Once we realize that our internal knowledge base contains errors and misinformation the challenge becomes how to purge the obsolete knowledge and update our remaining files

The Retirement of the Baby Boom Generation: The Coming Knowledge Drain

A little noticed trend is afoot that will greatly affect the continued success of our country’s businesses – the retirement of the baby boom generation. Find out how mentoring can help

Time Management Training: Organize Your Time With The Building Blocks of Productivity

What lessons you can learn from small children ! One day I was watching two youngsters, ages 3 and 5, playing with “bricks” constructed out of heavy cardboard. The brick blocks came in three sizes: a 10” x 16” rectangle, a 10” square, and...

To Help Others Develop, Start With Yourself

The principle of leadership development by personal example doesn't apply just to CEOs. It applies to all levels of management. All good leaders want their people to grow and develop on the job. 

Triumph Over The Manager From Hell

Whether your manager is unreasonably demanding or they are apparently incompetent or they have no people skills, it can feel like you’re working with the manager from hell! As tough as it sounds, your task is to focus on getting your job done…period....

Turning Fear into Power

Discover how life can change for the better if you move into what you fear, rather than away from it. Connie Butler explains

When is Enough, Enough ?

In a society as competitive as ours, there’s a tendency to define ourselves through our accomplishments. But for people, the need to achieve becomes warped. They make a mistake that Einstein referenced when he admonished that we should, "Strive not...

Who stole my key talent ? Reducing Turnover: Maybe it isn’t what you are doing, but what you aren’t

As soon as one of your best employees walks in, you know what is going to happen. The look on his face says it all. “I am leaving.” How did this happen ? Did you miss something ? What are the reasons that employees leave ? You don’t have to...

Why Coaching Fails

While coaching can be effective, frequently it isn’t. Unsuccessful coaching assignments can have substantial costs while returning no benefits. The idea that coaching works is undermined by failures. Leadership can become cynical about the coaching...
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