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3 Options for Managing Change Plus 7 Steps Organizational Leaders Should Take When Facing a Challeng

When your organization is faced with a challenge, here are 7 steps you should take.

Change is Life

The faster the world changes around us, the further behind we fall by just standing still. If the rate of external change exceeds our rate of internal growth, just as the day follows night, we will surely be changed.

Change Management Strategies: 6 Ways To Take Your Organization To The Next Level With Change Managem

Today's rapidly changing technology, the economy's roller-coaster ride, the constant mergers and acquisitions among companies, upsizing, downsizing and resizing, and, of course, our country's response to terrorism have forced almost all of us to change,...

Communicating Change – The Essentials!

The path for organisations undergoing change is a lot smoother if they get their internal communication processes right.People become less motivated when they are faced with uncertainty—not knowing what is happening and why. In the extreme, a lack of...

Communication: The Air That We Breathe

People’s filters are invisible and unique and we don’t know what they are, and most of the time they don’t either.

Creating Business Partnerships: Is Consolidation The Right Choice For Your Business ?

In a highly fragmented and fiercely competitive market, a test of wills is underway. Will small to mid-size businesses resist market consolidation, or will they strategically choose to partner and push beyond their individual capabilities?

Do We Still Need Non-profit Agencies ?

Times are quickly changing in America. Ten years ago would you ever have thought that you would be thrilled to get “free air” from a gas station ? What about ATM’s ? Do you think that getting cash after a store purchase in order to avoid fees would...

Does Your Organization Need A Chief Change Officer

What are the differences between the CLO and CCO?

Eight Ways to Engage Employees and Power-Up Performance During a Recession

Employee engagement comes not from dollars but from more personal factors.

Five Principles for Leading Organizational Change

I’m currently working with an organization that is facing challenges similar to those faced by a half dozen others I’ve worked with – how to successfully change behavior along with systems and processes. Over the years, I’ve discovered five principles...

Focused Leadership Can Transform Organizations

Organizational transformation, culture change, business model redefinition — leaders talk about these challenges, analysts demand them, and CEO’s routinely are hired and fired based on their ability to orchestrate them. But what do we know about leading...

Follow Your Gut - Your Life Guide

Facing the unknown, feeling lost or not having a clear direction in your life and career path can be very scary, daunting and lonely.

From Good to Great

By becoming aware of how we can improve, involving respected colleagues and following-up, we can get better at the behavior, as perceived by colleagues.

From Phase of Life to Way of Life

We need to be careful about what we wish for – the popular goals of security, stability, and predictability are deadly. The closer we get, the more our growth is stunted and learning reduced.

Growing with Change

Embrace change by focusing on a vision, choosing your outlook, seeking authenticity, committing yourself with discipline and continue to grow and develop.

How High Performing Organizations Handle Change With Very Little Disruption to Their Business

Leadership must create the conditions and culture for success especially during a time of change

How to Change

Since virtually everyone has fears, to pose as fearless simply exposes a fear of seeming fearful! Your ability to change is not a matter of willpower.

How Visioning Changed My Life

Whatever you picture, within reason, can come true in your life if you have, sufficient faith in the power within!

If You Don't Focus, Innovate and Evolve, You Die

Holding on to the old way of doing business might cause you to become extinct. Continuous focus, innovation and evolution are needed to maintain a competitive advantage.

Is Your Management Causing Employee Issues and Slow Business Growth?

Service excellence, cost-effective performance and innovation, start with engaged employees.

Leaders in Short Supply

Business in the 1990s continues to increase in complexity. More and more, this demanding environment forces senior executives to juggle shifting priorities to deal with the constant and accelerating change.

Leading Change – Easy or Hard?

You pay people to think, be creative, use initiative and judgment, solve problems and optimize their time. The acknowledged failure rate reveals how difficult this can be. But the answer lies in applying some new principles of behavioural psychology and...

Leading Change: The Human Challenge

Learning how to live with the results of change.

Leading Discontinuous Change

We live in a new era : an age of discontinuous change. The business landscape has changed dramatically. Revolutionary change is cutting across all industries. Revolutionary change will continue. There is no end in sight.

Leading Successful, Sustainable Change

Most major change initiatives fall far short of the goals and expectations set for them. Does this mean that we are overestimating people's ability to learn to do things differently, and underestimating their resistance to change ?

Leading through Change Management

As a small business owner, you likely don’t think you have the resources to afford a high priced change architect to help you plan a future of choice for your company.

Leaving Bullies Behind

The man’s behaviour infected the whole meeting, his aggression, put downs and constant interruptions obviously upset people and slowed down both the meeting and the flow of honest communication.

Life/Work Balance; it’s a conscious decision

I don’t know why so many articles on life/work balance seem to focus on people who suddenly decide they’ve had it with working all the time and within one hour quit their job, buy a yacht or a jet, grab their family or their best friends or their...

Managing for Innovation: The only Sustainable Advantage

Innovation is critical to the competitive success of virtually all companies. Whether you're on the leading edge, or following an imitation strategy, innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage.

Managing the Transition: How to Face Employee Resistance Head On When Introducing Workplace Changes

Keeping employees well-informed and engaging them will foster a climate of resiliency and it will build momentum that will advance your organization.

Managing the Transition: Why Most Businesses Fail in Today's Economy

There is a saying that goes like this: "When you get tired of talking to your staff about what needs to be done in the organization, saying the same thing over and over again until you can't stand saying it anymore, that's when the staff begins to hear...

Mastering Change: The New Realities

Change is inevitable in all facets of life. To stay on the leading edge requires the skills of mastering change.

Organizational Change and How Goal Setting Can Help

Many change programs seem to meander along with no clear purpose or direction. These are the programs that usually fail. In the end, vast resources are consumed and people are left burned out and confused. Don’t let this happen to your change program....

Organizational Change: 6 Things You Must Do To Become An Effective Leader In The Midst Of Change

All progress is the result of change. But not all change is progress. Some changes don’t make any sense. In fact, some leadership behaviors actually create more stress for yourself and your coworkers. So what works? Based on my 22 years of consulting...

Personal Visioning Pathways and Pitfalls

When surrounded by change, envisaging your personal goals and aspirations, by sharing them with others who will support you will help you to succeeed.

Real Time Management

Time management training is awful. Time logging, hints for dealing with telephone calls, email tips - nothing seems to work. You can't even begin to look at taking anything away from a time management course until you've considered your own mortality....

Realizing Untapped Potential

How to tap in to the wasted potential that is just waiting to be recognised.

Resistance to Change and How to Deal With It

Sometimes the best planned change initiatives meet with resistance. Opposition to change can railroad a project, leading to much wasted resources, recriminations and exhaustion for all parties. What drives resisters and how can you turn them into supporters...

Scouting for Knowledge

Does this intelligence result in action and productive change? Is the organization focusing on discovering and enacting discontinuous improvements ?

Signs Of Stagnation

Recognizing when we've slipped into the stagnant waters of stability and certainty isn't easy.

So, You Want to Be a Change Leader

An honest and compelling overview of what it takes to be a change champion in today’s business environment.

Sustainable Change in Cambodia

Whilst challenging and sometimes frustrating, sustainable change is always possible with the right mind-set and the right partnerships.

Sustaining Organizational Change

Magnitude of organizational change ranges from minimal change or maintaining status quo to revolutionary enterprise-wide re-engineering.

That's The Way We Do It Round Here

How many of your staff are very busy doing paperwork which is no longer necessary ?

The Footsteps of Change

Understand how change migrates from one group to the next, and you will dramatically increase your chances of success.

The Single Most Important Reason You Are Not as Effective as You Can Be

Self-judgment is sabotaging your professional efforts, learn how to STOP it !

This too Will Pass

At a time of intensifying global competition, shifting business realities and increasingly demanding customers we know that we need to create highly competitive, nimble and adaptive enterprises to survive and thrive in these turbulent times.

Transforming Organisations With The Butterfly Effect

This article seeks to inspire organisational leaders to think in new ways, and to give them a practical model to...

Truth ! Your Way to Success

Sometimes when I use the word Truth I can see people fidgeting or looking a little uncomfortable. They seem to think that it means that they will be caught at something, something difficult will happen, that whatever joy they have carved out will somehow...

Why Change

Today's business world is highly competitive. The way to survive is to reshape to the needs of a rapidly changing world.

Why Managers and Supervisors ARE NOT the Best Communicators During Times of Change

How you can still give accountability for specific messages to managers and supervisors and at the same time utilize your CEO as a key communicator during times of change.

Why People Resist Change

Are you experiencing difficulty getting the support you need to make changes in your workplace ? If people appear to be going slow or pushing back irrationally, there may be a valid reason.

Why Traditional Performance Management Is Insufficient For Peak Performance

Throw out the old ideas of performance management systems and appraisals. Be fast, be adaptable, facilitate change and join the evolution!
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