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Value Systems

The Genesis of Values: A Christian Perspective

There is a great deal of misunderstanding from the non-Christian world as to why Christians believe and, henceforth, respond as they do to the world around them. This paper examines a basic Christian perspective on the genesis of values, for it is through...

A New Conversation About Dreams

Integrity: The Key to Getting What You Want

Christian Leadership

If love, the service of others, joy, peace, a critical openness to reality, strength and courage are integral to faith, then the Christian leader must symbolically incorporate something of each of these virtues.

Cultural differences

A brief introduction to the cultural differences between countries.

Developing Value Statements: Lessons From War

Business strategies derived from diverse fields such as philosophy, warfare, sports and religion have found new homes in books ensconced in the business sections of Chapters outlets around the world. Although managers seldom discuss these strategic...

Discovering Values for Ethnic Reconciliation

In April of 1994, while waiting in line to cast my vote in South Africa’s first ever one-person one-vote election, I had two thoughts resonating with anticipation, new leaders and new values. James O’Toole in his book Leading Change wrote, “Effective...

Diversity That is More Than Skin-Deep

There is no question that the topic of diversity within the workplace has become one of the leading issues today. With the growing world economy and the need to expand markets, the dramatic increase of third-world immigration into western countries, and...

Has Capitalism gone too far?

Looks at how it is that money has become more important than moral issues that should concern us.

Hope for the Self-Actualized Worker : The Conscious Organization

The importance of self actualization and the conscious organization.

How to Be Ethical AND Profitable or Why Tiger Woods Does Not Cheat

Competitive advantage or lack thereof is the key to ethical behavior in sports, in business, and in life.

Leadership In Turbulent Times Is Spiritual

Why has the topic of spirituality entered our organizational and professional lives? In the past several years, spirit and work have come together in many interesting questions. Is work a spiritual endeavor? Do we have a sense of vocation or calling?...

Leadership in War - paragraphs or bullet points

In everything a Leader does and says, he or she is measured by others. In wartime, Leaders are measured by their troops. They are measured by their enemies. They are measured by the media. And they are measured by the citizens of the world.

Leave Your Ethics at the Door?

A common thought process among leaders within the marketplace today is ethics and business doesn’t mix. Leaders believe “business is business” and the same standards necessary for business do not match the principles of ethics. Ethics is something...

Moral Leadership: A Pipedream?

I contend there are large, possibly huge, numbers of leaders at all levels acting immorally on a regular basis. If you find this statement shocking, I am glad because I believe that my concerns address a major problem in today's work setting: leaders...

Moving from Alienation to Significance

A great turmoil exists within our organizations today. Our followers are part of a global uncertainty and search for meaning which is translating back into their organizational performance. In The Leadership Challenge, Kouzes and Posner state, “from...

Musashi's Book of Five Rings

This book was originally written many centuries ago, in feudal Japan, a period of "great social change."

My Dinner with a Bully

Coming face to face with an overbearing, win-at-all-costs blowhard can take courage. Recognizing those characteristics in yourself can take even more.

Partnerships in Corporate Social Responsibility

This is the text of a speech Mick made to the Pacific Rim Forum in Sydney, 2000, introducing a panel discussion on the subject of Corporate Social responsibility.

Poor Ethics in Organizations – How to Avoid Fleas Coming Back

Review of the literature reflects that a single person rarely is responsible for unethical scandals within an organization. Poor ethical behaviors are often the result of interaction among several individuals that have rationalized their values.

Principled Leadership in an Age of Cynicism

The American public is in a schizophrenic quandary over principled leadership.

Returning to Values to Make an Impact

Our society is losing touch with the human values which have typically been spilled over into our organizations. Since then these values have eroded and have left our followers feeling alone and uncertain about their future and their role within our organizations....

Seven Things Your Mother Never Told You About Corporate Ethics Programs

What does my company get out of having an ethical environment?

Sixth Century Wisdom for 21st Century Changemasters

Learn work/life balance lessons from the citizens of the sixth century

Soul Business

What does the soul of an organisation look like? Is it just the sum of the individual souls that make it up? Or does it have a life, a heart of its own? Explore the idea of 'Soul Business'

Spirituality in the Workplace : Congruence of Leader, Follower and Organizational Values

Recently, while leading a generic career choice seminar for support staff at a medical school, I was amazed to see that the entire focus of the session shifted to the participants’ desire to see spirituality played out in the workplace.

Standing up to Those Who Don't Do the Right Thing

Character is one of the four characteristics of successful leaders. Sometimes, expressing it can take the courage of your convictions.


Can there ever be such a thing as a "superpower" today?

Telling the CEO his/her baby is ugly

Understanding and assessing your organization's culture can mean the difference between success and failure in today's fast changing business environment.

Tenets in Common: Virtue - Mastery at Work

Many wisdom and faith traditions share core tenets that seekers might apply on the everyday path to an enlightened life. Even if you shudder at the thought of spirituality at work, many of these "Golden Rules," stripped of their pigeonholing as strictly...

The hard and fast rules for instilling loyalty

How do you motivate employees to dedicate themselves to high quality work? How do you create a work setting in which loyalty is a natural byproduct?

The Integrity-Based Business

Integrity is one of the four characteristics of successful leaders. And it's important in every aspect of your business. Read on to find out more.

The not-for-profit drivers

Margot clearly articulates what is special about NGO's and why people like to do such work.

The Right Context: Using the Arts to Get Your Message to the World

As for a method of conveying ideas or gathering people to a common cause, one cannot ignore the power of the Arts.Using the Arts to convey one’s message cannot happen by chance. Successful leaders know the culture of the people with whom they want to...

The Strategic Value of Values

Seldom do we see headlines that highlight those companies and organizations that consistently live out positive values. Our guts tell us that these businesses must benefit from their positive, Values-centered approach. But how much?

Three Business Contexts

These days we frequently hear the term corporate culture.This seems to imply that business has some form of cultural force; but the history of business activity indicates that the relationship between culture and business is one of reflection rather than...


Over the past several months, we have been considering the differences between leadership and thuggery.

Time to be a Leader

A personal perspective on what it takes to help developing communities move ahead - and what our responsibilities are. Leadership.

Values and Ethics Determine One’s Character

Many people have been harmed by the unethical behaviors of certain leaders today. With its roots in the failure of leadership during the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s, the cry for ethics reform in business and politics continues to grow. This is...

Values and Ethnic Discrimination

For leaders, there are few challenges more critical than the application of values and ethics in organizations. This challenge is compounded further when a contradiction exists between certain espoused values and the ethical behaviors those values are...

Values as Foundation : The Role of Values in Leadership and Organizations

Why is it important for companies to practice their values in action in their day-to- day interactions with their employees and customers?

Values in Action

Introduction to the February 2005 issue of AMED's Organisations & People journal, which is dedicated to the idea that values are fundamental to the successful leadership of organisations

Values in War - looting in Basra or Bath?

Is looting inevitable? What can we learn from what happened in Iraq? What is "Commander's Intent"?

Visionary Leadership

What is it that makes a visionary become a visionary leader? This article looks at the commitment and mission that makes a true visionary leader.

Wanted: Leaders with Courage

In an age when too many so-called leaders are really just dedicated followers of fashion we need to reinstate courage as a vital element of leadership, argues Brisbane Institute Chairman, Ray Weekes. If we are to rebuild trust in our political, cultural...

Warning! Values May Be Detrimental to Your Organization’s Health

Identifying values to guide workplace behaviors and decisions seems reasonable, productive, and highly desirable. Yet such values may, in fact, be detrimental to the organization’s health.

What Would My Mentor Do?

Good judgment is one of the four characteristics of successful leaders. But how do you know what the right thing to do is - and when to do it?

Work is a Four Letter Word

I can hear the jokes already and most of them are not politically correct. Let me throw out a word that we often don't attach to work and yet I think it is a word of redemption, of contribution, of achievement, of community, and ultimately, of legacy....
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