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10 Management Lessons

Once you have hired these good people, how do you manage them ?

21st Century Leadership: Got What It Takes ?

It has been said that, in the 21st century, the very nature, speed and complexity of change will change. If that is indeed the case, then so too will the nature of leadership. What made the leaders of yesterday will not make the leaders of tomorrow. ...

3 Simple Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line by Tapping Your Most Valuable Asset, Your People

3 specific strategies manufacturers can apply to develop, maintain or recapture employee motivation, morale and engagement so that your employees are truly assets bringing high value to the work environment.

5 Irrefutable, Non-Negotiable Laws of Leadership

Leaders, new and old, sometimes lose sight of the most fundamental tenets of leadership. Here’s a reminder…

7 Steps to create a Culture of Character

You don’t have to be a CEO, CFO or any other type of alphabet soup kind of leader to create a culture of character in your company. You can change your department and create the kind of company you are proud to lead. You can make a difference.

A Failure to Lead - A Failure to Communicate

The impact of the failure to communicate and steps to ensure improvement in communication within the business environment.

A Hired Hand With A Mission

Are the best CEO's hired hands but with a mission ?

A Lasting Leadership Lesson : How One Leadership Talk By George Washington Saved The Revolution ( An

The most important victory of the Revolutionary War was not achieved at Saratoga or Yorktown, but in a log hut in 1783 when George Washington put an end to a rebellion by his troops by giving a soft-spoken “Leadership Talk”.

A Look in the Mirror Can Help Leaders Develop

Some forty years ago in a classic Harvard Business Review article entitled The Power To See Ourselves, Paul J. Brower wrote that the difference between a great and not so great leader is often not a difference in ability, rather the difference lies in...

A Micro Look at Leadership Development

Are leaders made or born ? This has been discussed by management scholars for years. Leaders are not born as great leaders, great managers, or great CEOs. In fact, each is born a baby.

A Simple Bright White Belt

"Let us enthusiastically celebrate your new path in becoming a Sensei, or master teacher. Then, like me, you will...

A Story of Two Crises : SARS and September 11th

Even the most effective leaders find themselves vulnerable during a crisis. The need for quick decision making with inadequate information forces them to lead from the heart, rather than from the mind. Intuitive responses render their emotional constitution...

Accountability as a Trump to Skill

Very well aware of the pathetic state of training out there, I would try to make the point that accountability is far more important than knowledge or skill.

Adaptive Leadership : Leadership Theory or Theoretical Derivative ?

Adaptive leadership is currently an accepted leadership approach that is considered by some as a developing leadership theory. Results also indicate that adaptive leadership is widely accepted by some as a derivative of other leadership theories such...

Are You a Lateral Leader?

There is no one correct way to manage. Ultimately the right way to manage is one that works for you and which works for the organization in delivering the goals you set out to achieve.

Are your people better off when they leave than when they got there ?

The good news is that the skills of servant leadership can be learned and applied by most people who have the will and intent to change, grow and improve.

Art of Leadership - Human Side of Enterprise (Part One)

The article looks at at the need to change leadership techniques in the changing world of business, focusing on establishing a rapport with people.

Art of Leadership - Human Side of Enterprise (Part Two)

Part two of this article looks at Leaders at all levels, and the importance of women in today's leadership.

Authentic Leadership: Reducing the Gap between Lived and Espoused Values

The gap between what a company says it stands for and what actually drives daily decisions creates a significant source of lost potential.

Authenticity & Leadership

A leader’s shortcomings are often the reason why there are so many weak and ailing organizations. Authenticity is the key!

Battlefield Lessons for Business Leaders

Many of the methods we use in our sales campaigns, marketing strategies and competitive tactics are based on military analogies.

Becoming the Employer of Choice - How to boost staff loyalty – without buying it

If you think you have staffing shortages, you ain’t seen nothing! Come to my town, Calgary, Alberta and we’ll talk. The economy of this boom town is so overheated that managers and business owners are scrambling to hang-on to even mediocre employees....

Best Leadership Advice from 7 Top Leaders

Leaders inspire us by what they say, how they say it, and what they do. You must believe in yourself, your employees, and your message.

Building Personal and Organizational Resilience

Resilience is the capacity to "bounce back" after disappointment, setbacks or even disasters. It is a leadership attribute that is crucial in unpredictable times or in the face of tough circumstances.

Building Savvy Companies: 7 Steps Leaders Can Take To Liberate Thinking

Forming the second part of three articles looking at how companies can do better thinking and through it, gain a competitive edge, this article explores the seven steps a leader can take to expect and generate rigorous thinking within the company.

Changing Role of Leadership: Building Partnerships

A concise account of what it takes to build effective partnerships, based on comprehensive research.

Character Lessons From The Corporate Reform Bill

Much has happened since last summer’s passing of the Corporate Reform Bill; CEOs quietly began putting their ethical houses in order while the ink was still drying, a beefed up SEC has served up lightening fast indictments and executives caught up in...

Character-based Leadership: 3 Steps to Win the Battle for the Soul of Your Organization

Would you believe me if I told you that some of the most successful CEOs I meet are more concerned about the character of their companies than their financial results? They believe the daily tests of their organization’s character – what their team...

Character-centered Leadership

We know that when times are the worst it brings out the best and the worst in human character. Our headlines are filled weekly with stories of shareholder lawsuits, accounting fraud and white-collar crime. You need only to pick up a morning paper or watch...

Character: Is It Necessary In Leadership?

An element of leadership ignored or neglected by many leaders is character. The author observes that character can actually drive leadership results.

Charisma of US Presidents

The purpose of this study was to illuminate the nature of charismatic leadership in the modern American presidency. A brief review of charisma and three charismatic leadership theories (transformational, behavioral, and attributional) follows.

Conflict Resolution

Some simple but excellent advice on how to handle conflict.

Corporate Values Provide Strong Foundations for Organisational Effectiveness

I once worked for an organisation that seemed to embody the epitome of the ideal. In fact, everything the management gurus suggest should be evident in the “excellent” organisation, was there. Employees who were dedicated, management who cared about...

Dealing with Resistance: A Leaders Achilles Heel?

Smart leaders deal with resistance differently than those who are vexed, annoyed or confused by the challenge. Simply stated, their attitude is one of engagement, not dismissal.

Demystifying Today’s Leadership Challenges

This article looks to demystify the process of leadership and to provide practical and pragmatic advice to those new to the role and those who are already well established leaders.

Developing A Team Or Organization Vision

Vision is the critical focal point and beginning of high performance. But a vision alone won't make it happen. Unless the hard work of striving, building, and improving follows, even the most vibrant vision will remain only a dream.

Developing Superior Performance

There are five critical responsibilities of a leader. When these responsibilities are fulfilled they provide direction, boundaries and empowerment. When they are not fulfilled the blind end up leading the blind and both fall into the ditch.

Diagnosing MBA Clones and Initiating a De-cloning Process

MBA clones pose an imminent and tangible threat to the competitiveness of the companies they work for. Similar MBA programs and information sources, similar agendas and vocabulary – all result in mass executive molding and standardization of thinking...

Discovering Everyday Gratitude at Work:

How to Appreciate & Actually Enjoy What You Do at Work

Distributed Leadership in a Global Landscape

Distributed Leadership is the ONLY way for organizations to handle the complexities and speed of the modern world.

Don't Just Check The Box

Why your say-so won't make it so - and how to follow up.

Edgewalking: The Emerging New Century Leadership Paradigm

As our world grows increasingly complex and, in many cases divided, the need for global leaders who understand and embrace the gifts of diversity, has become more critical than ever.

Effectively Influencing Decision Makers: Ensuring That Your Knowledge Makes a Difference

11 guidelines to help you do a better job of influencing decision-makers - either be immediate or upper managers, or peers or cross-organizational colleagues. Do a better job in converting...

Eight Drivers of the High-Impact Leader

Success and failure as a leader depend on the same personal choices and practices — ways of being, deep within — that have a profound impact.

Einstein, The Universe, and Leadership

After a quest of several decades to identify the differences between great leaders and poor leaders, leadership expert Brent Filson has taken a cue from Albert Einstein and the great physicist's quest to find the unified field theory of the universe....

Elan at Work

Where energy FLOWED, where people or an organization were either at one with the moment, or where something turned – was in the process of turning.

Empowerment: what it is and what it is not

Lays out in a straightforward manner what empowerment is, common misconceptions around it, and a process for increasing the chances that employees will be successfully empowered.

Enabling and Empowering Authentic Transformational Leaders

Find out more about authentic leadership and learn how to achieve all that you ever meant to in your life!

Ever Felt That Working in a Circus Would be a Better Option

Have you ever wondered if it might be easier to run away and join a circus – at least it would be part of your job description to keep all the balls in the air while maintaining balance at the same time!

Five Essential Qualities of Leadership

Angelo Valenti highlights what he perceives to be the five essential qualities necessary in order to become a successful leader today.

Five Key Facets of High Performance Leadership

In working with leaders we have isolated five key characteristics that successful leaders demonstrate. These work extremely well whether the emphasis is on 'quality' or some other approach to building and sustaining a customer focused, team based organization...

Five Major Reasons Employees Choose To Stay

I recently consulted to an international management consulting firm. The partners hire only the best and brightest. They pay their employees well and offer challenging work assignments. However, they work their employees very hard, monitor their time...

Four Dimensional Leadership

We must develop the capability to see our world anew, every day. The rate of change requires it.

Four Voices of Leadership

Exploration of the interplay of four narrative voices of leadership described in Ole Fogh Kirkeby's (2000) book.

Four Ways to Achieve Great Results ... Continually

Great results are not truly great unless they are being achieved on a continual basis. This article shows four ways to make it happen.

Gaining An Edge: Authentic Leadership Lessons

What is "Authentic Leadership"? Here is a practical example of Authentic, value-driven Leadership, from The Estrella Insurance Group.

Get out of the Communication Stone Age : Give Leadership Talks

When it comes to getting our messages across, are we really stuck in the Stone Age?

Getting Results Beyond Words

The delivery of a message is as integral as the words in a message. We can't persuade others to our point of view when we send a mixed message.

Great Leaders are Effective Interpreters

Managers are auditors. They keep tabs on what’s happening in the organization and make sure work gets out the door. That’s crucial to organizational performance, but it’s not leadership.

Growing the Leader in Us

Leadership is a verb, not a noun. Leadership is action, not a position. Leadership is defined by what we do, not the role we are in.

Have the Courage to Ask (1)

The leader of the past knew how to tell, the leader of the future will know how to ask.

Help Your Employees Do More in Less Time

Employees who are overworked are more likely to exhibit anxiety, make mistakes at work, harbor angry feelings about their employer and resent coworkers who don't pull their share of the load.

How Communication Can Help You Reinvigorate Your Relationships

In a good relationship both parties are committed to telling the ‘truth’, and have agreed upon goals for the relationship. These goals need not be the same although they should not be completely opposite to each other.

How Effective is Your Leadership Style?

Motivating employees according to their needs

How to be a General Manager

General Managers make a personal commitment to take responsibility even if others can’t quite take it on themselves.

How To Become A Great Leader

Many bosses find themselves in leadership positions without ever having consciously made the choice to become a leader, let alone a great leader.

How to Develop a Personal Vision

Achieving a balance between 'dreaming' about a desired future state and living in the current state is difficult.

How to Go From Peer to Manager in 5 Easy Steps

Leadership is a skill, and one that is as critical at your first promotion as it is for a Fortune 100 CEO. Making the leap means a change from how you behaved before.

How to Motivate & Increase Your Employees’ Want-to-Cooperate Factor

You need to be aware of a basic motivational, psychological truth. People only change when they want to.

If You are a Leader, are You a Peacemaker?

Good leadership moves beyond selfish ambition to help resolve conflict and achieve peace. Good leaders recognize the dynamics needed for peace and are able to cultivate it.

Infusing Your Organization with Energy and Hope

We can strengthen our connections, our commitments, and even our enthusiasm by working to nurture our feelings of appreciation and diligently communicating them, both individually and in public

Insanity to Prophesy

Public lunacy all too often wins a throne seat. The world, as Balzac grimly predicted, is an insane asylum run by the inmates.

Inspire People to Change

Leaders inspire us by what they say, how they say it, and what they do. You must believe in yourself, your employees, and your message.

Integrating Adaptive Leadership into the Military Decision-making Process

Adaptive leadership is an accepted leadership practice that facilitates leading in a difficult and changing environment, while encountering adaptive threats that change and evolve tactics, techniques, and procedures on a weekly to monthly basis.

Is Getting Rid of Followers Good Leadership?

Leaders need followers. In fact, a leader’s performance is often defined by the performance of followers. What are the circumstances under which leaders resort to the dismissal of followers?

It's Not About The Coach

The best leaders may be the ones least noticed.

Judgment and Strength of a Leader

The greatest psychological challenge in setting and acting on priorities has to do with resource allocation. Whether in a group meeting or through conventional budgeting and capital approval processes, you have to demonstrate judgment and courage in making...

Leaders are Learned Optimists

Optimists excite and arouse others to action by helping them see, believe in, and reach for what could be. To become effective leaders — to see beyond what is to what could be — we need to become "learned optimists."

Leaders Care for Organization Culture and Context

If an organization's Focus and Context or culture is to be widely owned by everyone who will draw from and give it meaning, they need to be involved in its development.

Leaders in Short Supply Just When We Need Them

Leadership is essential to an organization, especially in times of change. Yet, experts say there is a looming shortage of leadership talent. Is there really a crisis in leadership talent, what’s causing it, and what can organizations do about it?

Leaders Need Feelings

It never ceases to amaze me that people fight feelings.Life brings with it feelings.

Leaders Need to be Seen

During my years with a Fortune 50 company, I observed how leaders developed increasingly narrow vision as they moved up the organization charts.

Leadership - Do We Know What It Is? Four Pointers To Start You On The Road To Becoming a Leader.

It might be reasonable to assume that leadership can be developed. However, there has been and still is considerable debate on the issue. Even the experts are divided. This article shows how everyone, irrespective of their position, can develop leadership...

Leadership - Take it Personally

The importance and 'real' meaning of personal leadership.

Leadership - Todays Requirements and Tomorrows Challenges

Being a good leader is much more about who you are and how you manifest that than about what you know. Leadership is the art of getting people to accomplish things they never thought they could. Leadership is taking people to places they've never been...

Leadership Development is Essential When Dealing With Change

The demand for leadership development and executive education is stronger than ever, especially given its recognized role as a catalyst to drive corporate performance. By all indications, corporations place great importance on this type of training and...

Leadership is a Contact Sport

The 'follow up Factor' in management development

Leadership vs. Managing People

An interesting essay which helps distingush between Leadership and Management, with practical advice.

Leadership – The One and Only PathTo Becoming a Leader

Everyone can not become a leader, but every one can engage in a lot more leadership!

Leadership, Seeing Describing and Pursuing Whats Possible

Historians spend their lives dissecting the past; leaders focus their energies on the future. They see, describe, and pursue new possibilities with great vigor. Leaders are confident there is always something higher to achieve, a new level of excellence...

Leading Brethren in Freemasonry

Leadership within Freemasonry, however, is unlike the leadership roles traditionally come across in business or society generally.

Leading in Uncertainty - What’s Important Now?

Employees want to be who they are at work. For them to demonstrate loyalty to a company, there has to be a compelling reason – one that is more meaningful than their surface wants.

Leading with Spirit: Today's Spiritual CEO

Ted Collins talks eloquently about the need to get spirituality back into business.

Learning to Lead in a Different Space

Much has been written over the years about leadership, leadership vs. management, the necessary shift from command-and-control to an empowering leadership style etc., etc. This issue of Executive Insight will add nothing new to this debate.

Level 1 Leadership Communication - Becoming the Leader You Want/Need to Be

This is about becoming self-aware and defining yourself as a leader, then committing to be the type of leader you want to be, and then acting congruently and consistently with that definition.

Listening, the Doorway to Employee Commitment

Excerpted from the Book “Leading People to be Highly Motivated and Committed"

Living Large

Each of us carries within us the abilities to write the stories of our lives. We choose, every day, whether we will make our lives small or large. It is never too late to amend the script, to craft a new ending.

Losing Perspective: The #1 Mistake Senior Executives Make

Most executives approach the corner office with good intentions: they want to lead effectively, be fair, articulate goals, and motivate their employees to follow them up any hill. But too many get blindsided along the way because they lose perspective....

Loyalty from Leadership: Holding the Team Together

Loyalty – devotion or allegiance to a group, person or cause. Loyalty is a highly valued character trait desired between employers and employees. All teams as well as organizations hang together or fall apart because loyalty. Loyalty, trust and commitment...

Managing Difficult People

Managers deal with a wide range of personalities. Most people are cooperative and reasonable. However, some employees are very difficult to be around and work with. Difficult people absorb a lot of a manager's time and attention."

Managing Things and Managing People

High-performing teams and organizations balance the discipline of systems, processes, and technology management on a base of effective people leadership.

Mary and the leadership evolution

We need great leaders at every level,

Morale As A Reflection On Leadership

Several years ago, as a fairly large company that I was working for struggled with ownership and significant financial issues, I had the President of the company ask me to explain concerns with morale I had expressed.

Myth of Command and Control

The chief executive officer (CEO) is a god in the Valhalla of public business, the only authority in the western hemisphere, especially now religion and also government are loosing their status more and more.

Neuroscience and the Three Brains of Leadership

A new field of leadership development is emerging, known as mBIT (multiple...

New Leadership for a New War

Military analysts call this asymmetrical war (as if war has a terrible symmetry); and we know that it will be as different from conventional war as three-dimensional, blindfolded chess is from conventional chess. But one thing is certain, leadership...

Not All MBA Programs Are Created Equal

There are regular cycles in the business world. There are times of growth, times of retrenchment, and times to challenge the value of the MBA degree, long the ticket to a top leadership position in corporate America.

Of Good Kings and Bad Leadership

Casting yourself as something apart and superior would seem a great way to turn your people off and assure their determined rejection or resistance to anything you say or might attempt to do.

Organisational Transformation requires Strategists and Magicians

A succinct article on Leadership development stages applied to change situations. Includes a discussion of Bill Torbert's Leadership model.

Organizational Leadership Mistakes – The #1 Way Business Leaders Unknowingly Sabotage Trust

Trust is the fuel that propels teams and organizations to high-levels of success. Yet, organizational leaders today unknowingly do almost everything in their power to sabotage trust.

Organizational Leadership: 3 Principles For Higher Leadership Effectiveness

As a Marine Aviator, business owner, and consultant, I have dedicated many years to honing my leadership and development skills – both organizational and personal. In my experiences I discovered three simple principles that, when properly applied,...

People Acumen

You know you've discovered a leader with people acumen when you see evidence that the person selects the right people and motivates them,

People That Live in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Be Leaders

Take an idea and make it a new reality. Great leadership is where it begins and where it ends.

Playing with a Full Deck - Introduction & Foreword

The foreword, by Ken Blanchard, to Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck". FREE DOWNLOAD

Playing with a Full Deck - Part 1

Part 1 of Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck". FREE DOWNLOAD

Playing with a Full Deck - Part 2

Part 2 of Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck". FREE DOWNLOAD


Playing with a Full Deck - Part 3

Part 3 of Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck". FREE DOWNLOAD


Playing with a Full Deck - Part 4

Part 4 of Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck". FREE DOWNLOAD

Playing with a Full Deck - Part 5

Part 5 of Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck". FREE DOWNLOAD

Playing with a Full Deck - Part 6

Part 6 of Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck". FREE DOWNLOAD

Playing with a Full Deck - Part 7

Part 7 of Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck" (the final section of the book). FREE...

Poetic Reflections: On Being A Mountain

A mountain must endure the seasons and range of climate conditions. At times, you and I must also stand alone and lean forward against the turbulence and seasonal contexts.

Principles of Good Writing

Managers and leaders must express their ideas clearly, concisely, and completely when speaking or writing. If your written messages aren’t clear or lack important details, people will be confused and will not know how to respond.

Quotations of John W Gardner

John W. Gardner was an activist, a public servant and an educator who promoted the common good and improved the lives of millions of Americans by helping to implement the sweeping social reforms of the 1960s. He died in 2002. Be inspired by the words...

Resistance to Change means Resistance to learning

Resistance to change means resistance to learning. This article details 5 Steps leaders can take to spark positive change and renewal with their teams

Responsibility as a Prerequisite to Leadership

Leadership, because it goes far beyond rank or position, is both in the appearance and in the exercising of authority in the accomplishment of tasks.

Servant Leader delegate and is committed to the growth of people

Managers delegate work not to just relieve their workload, but to allow the employees they supervise to grow professionally.

Seven Step Solution for Successful Inclusive Leadership

Employees are more empowered and more productive when they feel included. People feel more included when they have information that helps them do their job. They are able to serve the needs of customers when someone asks to speak to the CEO, or General...

Solid Leadership Advice: 10 Ideas For Building Your Leadership Bench Strength & Improving Company Pe

When it comes to leadership bench strength, some company benches are dangerously light. These companies, from large corporations to small and mid-sized businesses, lack the talent needed to sustain or grow the business beyond its current level. ...

Storytelling CEOs Generate Success

Is storytelling an option for your company? With some focus, it can be an effective way for leaders to share and learn from wisdom and experience. And it is from those interactions that an organization's context, meaning, character and culture evolve....

Surving the terrible Two (thousands): A Leader's Guide

This is an opportunity of a lifetime to make changes and position an organization for the future. But you need to act on it.”

Talent Management Key to Filling Leadership Gap

For years, experts have been pointing to a crisis in leadership. But this isn't a crisis of accountability, it is a crisis of availability. We're running short of leaders.

The 20 Sins of Leadership

Have you ever wondered why some well-meaning individuals fail so consistently and miserably in their attempts at leading others?

The 20/60/20 Rule of Leadership - Don't Go Solving The Wrong Problems

Leaders often hamper their effectiveness by focusing on solving problems that eventually turn out to be the wrong problems. Here is a tool to help you focus on the right problems and solve them in the right ways.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Organizational Communication

There are some very clear rules about how to mis-communicate - so don't do it!

The Art of Enlightened Leadership

Make enlightenment a priority in your life, to enable you to produce great results and improve your organization.

The DNA of Top Achievers

An article from popular e-zine writer Chris Widener, on the "core and fibre" of Leaders.

The Go Pointer’s Guide to Unforced Errors

All in all, our decision-making equipment is pretty sound. We don’t follow the lead lemming over a cliff. We can’t be fooled into thinking that a 99-cent lure is a meal. We don’t try to catch car fenders with our teeth. Then again, it wasn’t a...

The Law of Attraction: How Some Leaders Attract Great Followers

What attracts us to some leaders, and makes us avoid others?

The Leadership Advantage

The key to future competitive advantage will be the organization's capacity to create the social architecture capable of generating intellectual capital. And leadership is the key to realizing the full potential of intellectual capital.

The Leadership Quadrants

How can a leader turn around a business that has been poorly led?

The Mind, Body and Soul: Leading the Way through the Challenges of Growth

A useful way to view the implementation of strategies for effective organizational growth is the image of three rocks held together by a rubber band.

The Missing Wisdom School of Modern Management

How do people learn what counts in today's organisational world? How do they learn about people, about good practice, about diversity? James Traeger examines this topic

The Motivating Power of Vision

Engage your team members – heart and soul

The Sinking of the Titanic: An Analogy of Failed Leadership

The real reason the Titanic went down - Leadership failed.

The Success Delusion

Always balance the confidence that got you here - where you are - with the humility required to get you there - where you have the potential to go.

Those that drive the nail and those that blame the hammer

If you are not asking your people for excellence, I can promise they will never deliver it. A bigger problem is in our not asking our people for anything and our willingness to accept the result.

Thought Killers: How Leaders Lower Their Followers IQs And What To Do About It

Forming the first part of three articles looking at how companies can do better thinking and through it, gain a competitive edge, this article looks at how leaders stifle and restrict thinking in their organizations - usually unintended but destructive...

Thought Partnerships Build A Company's Thinking Skills

Dan looks at how the quality of a company’s thinking skills can be critical to delivering peak performance and achieving success

Thoughts on Leadership, from Warren Bennis

Here Dr. Bennis shares his insights on what separates good leaders from bad ones -- and how ordinary managers can become extraordinary leaders.

Three Factors of Leadership Motivation

Leaders do nothing more important than get results. But you can't get results by yourself. You need others to help you do it. And the best way to have other people get results is not by ordering them but motivating them.

Three Legs of Persuasion

A simple definition of leadership is"Influence". Chris' article looks at what it takes to become an extraordinary leader.

Three Steps Toward the Extraordinary

There is no substitute for your stepping in and being the leader, but training, process and communication can make this more comfortable for you and your staff.

Thriving! A Strategy for Survival

If 2004 is to become a year of recovery, senior leaders must lead by example and exercise muscles which may have atrophied

Tips for Effective Leadership: Do Not Have Goals and Objectives

We’ve all heard how important it is to set goals and objectives. I disagree. Instead, I recommend that you establish one HOG - a Humongous Overarching Goal - that drives employees' energies in laser-like fashion in a singular direction for the next...

To be or not to be Average

The average persons focus is on what the world's standard is. The above average persons focus is on his own standard.

Transformational Leadership in the 21st Century: Shakespeare on Leadership

Shakespeare has much to say to all leaders and a careful study of his work and what it says about leadership is a creative and powerful strategy.

Transforming the Harried Leader into a Gifted One

This article details the importance of utlising the organization's potential and supporting the best work of others in order to maximise the company's performance

Understanding Risk: A Core Competency of Leaders

One of the great paradoxes of our time is that we are healthier, wealthier, wiser and live longer than ever before, yet we are increasingly afraid of the unpredictability and complexity inherent in an exponentially changing world and the attendant risks...

Unleash Your Natural Leader

Being a Natural Leader is about being the natural you, before you took on beliefs and assumptions about your environment, and your own identity. This article investigates the essence of the Natural Leader and provides some steps for personal development....

Visionary Leadership

Visionary leadership is transformative. It involves greatness, penetrating the ordinary, and reaching through time to bring out the best the world has to offer. A visionary leader anticipates events, influences the future and enables people to flourish...

Walking the Walk – A Readers Guide to Accountability

You have the perfect business plan, your location is great, you have knowledgeable and experienced staff, you have provided training to all staff members, your marketing is cutting edge and your business is failing. What could possibly have gone wrong?...

Wanted: A Dictionary-Perfect Leader

Answers are often before our very eyes or in front of our noses - particularly if we read the American Heritage Dictionary!

What does it Take to be a Truly Visionary Leader?

What does it take to be a truly visionary leader?

What Followers Want From Their Leaders

Leaders cannot exist without followers, nor can followers exist without leaders. Heller and Van Til agree “leadership and followership are linked concepts.” This means neither can happen without the other. The compliance of the followers is the mirror...

What is Leadership

Leadership is not actually separable from Leaders. The separation is only analytical. It is a distinction that is necessary to make for the sake of communicating our understanding, but it is not real.

What is Leadership?

This article delves into some of the questions frequently asked about leadership.

What Keeps CEOs Up At Night?

It’s time to move leadership capability development to center stage. To make it as much of a strategic priority as the next major acquisition or product launch; to put passion, emphasis, resources and accountability to the challenge.

What Leaders Do: A Checklist

A checklist to assist you in rating leaders, in developing leaders and, most importantly, in becoming a more successful leader yourself,

What You Can Learn about Being a Leader

Have you ever wondered why some well-meaning individuals fail so consistently and miserably in their attempts at leading others?

When Genius Fails

For genius to succeed, it must listen, truly listen, without pre-conceived notions or premature judgment, to an inner voice that acknowledges and reconciles the mental barriers that plague us all as human beings.

When Silence Isn't Golden

Communication breakdown is a huge problem in the workplace. Call it the "moose on the table": Everyone knows this problem of lack of candour is there, but they prefer to ignore it or pretend it doesn't exist.

When the Golden Rule Doesn't Work

Treating others the way we want to be treated may not work - they aren't us!

Who is Afraid of a Little Conflict?

Practical ways to recognise and resolve conflict.

Why Coaching Clients Give Up - And How Effective Goal Setting Can Make a Positive Difference

Why do people so frequently give up in their quest for personal improvement? Most of us understand that “New Year’s resolutions” seldom last through January – much less for the entire year! What goes wrong?

Winning Or Losing Depends On Having The Right People

Today, business success is measured in TALENT — the RIGHT talent for the RIGHT job. Jim Collins said in his book, From Good to Great, “People are not your most important asset. The right people are. Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people...

Winning through Adversity

Is there a way to use adversity itself to build a solid base for achievement, regardless of upturns or downturns? Is it possible to minimize risk without limiting achievement by sticking with the mediocre majority? It is indeed. This paper will show you...

Your Leadership Legacy, One Way to Set Goals

Thinking in terms of legacy can change current thinking. It helps me to focus on what is truly important.
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