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10 Ways to Develop A High Global Business IQ

Are you ready to go global ? Here's how it might happen: You receive an e-mail from a contact in Germany asking to buy 20,000 of your widgets. Good grief ! Now what? You're not set up to handle online transactions - you've just finished your website....

5 Reasons Women are Naturals at Going Global

Women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men and becoming a major force both in the traditional and the new global e-business marketplace. Here are five reasons why women are naturals at going global, and how absolutely indispensable they...

50 Ways to Go Global

How do you go global ? Let me count the ways. Here are fifty that will help get you started.

Business Ethics in a Global Marketplace

Globalization creates a unique situation when it comes to ethics and values. when creating value systems in a global business environment, we need to be culturally sensitive.

Charting Your Global Strategy : Consider Cross-border Alliances and Partnerships

In charting your global strategy, consider joining forces with another company of similar size and market presence that is located in a foreign country where you are already doing business, or would like to.

China : A Wakeup Call for the United States

When I was a child, my parents used to say: "Clean your plate because there are starving children in Africa and China. My message has changed. Now I have to tell my kids, "Study, and work hard, because someone in China wants your job."

Creating and Managing International Alliance Relationships

Find out how to form and manage effective alliance relationships, regardless of your company size.

Cross Border Negotiations

Global communications and corporations are advancing but cultural differences remain unchanged, making successful negotiation and trust difficult. This article looks at some cultural differences that can lead to misunderstandings.

Cross Culture in Business and Everyday Life

With so much globalisation, many people find themselves working in a cross-culture environment. How does one cope with the unexpected differences in attitude and working practices?

Diary of a Gloviot

The Global Village Idiot’s View of The World.

Earth as We Knew It

Global living environment has been and is being severely degraded by the imitation, adoption, and expansion of less than environmentally responsible practices. These practices are expanding very fast now as globalization and deregulation drive them headlong...

Globalizing Your Website : Are you Reaching The World

Find out the importance of this activity and how to avoid the common mistakes

Going Global

There are a plethora of issues facing companies who decide to take the plunge and expand their businesses across international borders, not simply for those exporting goods or supplying services to overseas customers, but for those setting up a business...

Going Global in Times of Uncertainty

Is now the best time for your business to diversify into international markets ?

Going Global Requires Company-Wide Commitment

Success in going global is directly related to a company-wide commitment. That company-wide commitment involves you alone if you are a sole proprietor, or in the case of a large corporation, the executive committee, finance, operations, marketing and...

Grow Global: 15 Ways to Find New or Hidden Markets in the World Marketplace

Companies with custom-made industrial products, such as specialized steel and customized machine tools, must adapt in both domestic and foreign markets. So how do you position your business to not just survive – but thrive – during these difficult...

How Successful Multinationals Communicate Interculturally

How do you tackle the daunting challenge of intercultural communications ?

International Expansion Starts With The Right Mindset

The prospect of taking your company into new international markets is exciting, and there are many clear benefits as to why you should consider expanding now more than ever before, such as access to greater revenue opportunities, recognition as a global...

Keying in to Cultural Codes : How to Do Business Overseas

The world gets smaller and smaller everyday. Or does it ? As advances in communications technology continue to shrink time and distance between countries, we have good reason to believe that the "global village" predicted several decades ago has finally...

Leading in a Global World

Globalization is a driving force in business today, have you really confronted its consequences ?

Lessons in Global Leadership : From the Soccer Field

Business leaders tasked with building international teams as part of their global expansion program should learn how it’s done on the soccer field.

Localize Your Presentation for a Global Audience

The art of giving presentations to a global audience.

Making Cultural Differences Work in Your Business

So just how do you ensure that cultural diferences do not adversely effect your business ?

Making the Case for Global Leadership Succession Planning

An issue of The Economist shows that the subject of succession planning is at long last being taken a lot more seriously by organizations.

Minding Your Global Manners

Find out more about global etiquette

Puzzle Palaces

CIOs venturing overseas will learn to assemble the pieces the hard way

Self Development - A Life's Journey

How should I involve myself in the development of others, of systems, of organizations, within society ? Questions that face us whether we are involved in domestic or international, individual, group or organizational development efforts.

Ten Tips for Going Global

Looking to go global ? Here are 10 key issues to consider before embarking on the journey.

The Global Business

Globalisation has made the world a smaller place and has changed the way of doing business in OECD countries. But did you know that a significant part of global integration reflects trade within transnational firms and industries ?

The Next Generation of Global Branding ?

The history and potential future of global branding

Three Major Trends Shape Multinational Corporations Sustainability

Is your industry ready for global tectronics ? Find out more.

Twenty Essential Factors To Consider Before Going Global

Thinking of going global ? Just what factors should you consider beforehand ? As with any powerful international business plan, the first step toward crossing borders is doing your homework. Consider these twenty essential factors before you begin....

Wanted : Chief Globalization Officer

The tidal wave of 9/11, corporate scandals, war in Iraq and economic downturn seems to be subsiding. And with light at the end of the economic tunnel at long last, many organizations will be setting their sights again on overseas expansion.

Where in the World are Your Cross-Border Customers ?

Finding cross-border customers for your export products can be accomplished by means of a range of programs, largely government-sponsored, including trade shows, trade missions, and related trade networking services. This article introduces a number...

Who's Who in Globalization

Determining who is who in globalization ( and in the debate over globalization ) isn't easy. There are famous names who write books but command no specific authority, little-known captains of industry and international trade who set mighty flows of capital...

Worldwide Vision in the Workplace

As the global economy becomes more integrated and companies expand their operation abroad, so they increasingly encompass a wide range of cultures. Kevan Hall discusses the importance of building cultural awareness in order to create harmony, rather than...
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