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Customer Centricity

5 Reasons Customer Retention Is So Important

If your business doesn't have a solid customer retention strategy, you could be leaving a lot of revenue on the table. If you’re so focused on acquiring new customers that you neglect your existing clientele, you're not doing your business...

A Step by Step Guide to Successful CRM

Think of the Customer-driven business model as a loyalty machine. Get your business running this way, get your act right, and Customer loyalty is the natural end result.

Avoiding CRM’s Common Pitfalls

Implementing CRM Doesn’t Have to be Painful, Learn from the Experience of Others

Becoming Customer Centric

Increasingly, firms are aspiring to become customer centric. Relatively few have made significant progress; many simply pay lip service to “the slogan.” Are you prepared to “walk the talk ?” If so, you will benefit from the following overview...

Buying Trends – the Shift to Hassle-Free

Bottom line – you may have reliable products and licensed service providers, but the question customers really care about now is, “What are you like to do business with?”

Customer Dialogue Builds Loyalty & Profit

Customers and potential customers are getting more sophisticated. The very marketing techniques used to separate the customer from their hard earned cash are helping to train both the old and newer generations of customers to be more wary and become...

Customer Experience and Surviving a Collision with Reality

High standards and great training only matter if you put them to use.

Customer Leadership

Customer Leadership uses Big Data analytics and insight to drive leadership, organization and branding decisions and actions - all aimed to improve customer products, services, experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Service is Not a Four-Letter Word

What word pops into your mind about a recent customer service experience ? Was it good, or was it bad? Customer service in this country seems to be headed in the same direction as the Titanic. Why ?

Customer Service: A Missing Skill ?

The need to make so many calls in a day leads to an ineffective use of a salespersons time. Yes, they may make a sale but it is vital for salespeople to adapt their methods to focus on long term client relationships.

Getting Back to Basics

“Ease the pain of CRM implementation” - A phased approach.

Great Customer Service is Not Grumpy, Grouchy or Gross

In today's competitive economy, all businesses have to make a choice, to either become exceptional, or just remain average in customer service.

Growing Your Business One Customer at a Time

The People aspect of business is really what it is all about. Rule #1: Think of customers as individuals. Once we think that way, we realize our business is our customer, not our product or services. Putting all the focus on the merchandise in our...

Heathrow Terminal 2 – Creating the ideal airport passenger experience?

The best way of delivering a positive passenger experience is to ensure that at the point of customer engagement, front-line staff are prepared for whatever people and circumstances throw at them.

How To Provide Great Global Customer Service

Support your customer's success, and you will be building interdependency that can become your gateway to the world.

How To Set Your Pricing

How do you set the right price for your products and services ? The "right" price is the price you are happy with and the price which clients are willing to pay. My suggestion is to put your pricing through the "Right Price Test."...

Hurry Up and Wait

Customers know when they are valued. And they know when you have transferred a company expense onto them. It is a message you send in a myriad of ways. What messages are your customers picking up ?

In Search of The Common Good - Are You Connected to Your Customer?

Think about your customers. Instead of respecting their space you may be choking them with continuous sales literature to which they do not seem to be listening.

In Search of The Common Good - Relationships Make Loyal Customers

In search of the common good: Understanding customers' feelings through CRM and building better customer-employee relationships.

Know Thy Customer

What do you know about your customer ? Do you accidentally sell or do you sell on purpose. Does your customer contact you or do you contact your customer proactively ? Does your HABIT include knowing your customer, being sensitive to their needs and ever...

Making CRM Magical : Using Outcomes

There has been a simple mistake. The simple mistake has been to confuse inputs such as money, time, leadership, commitment, technology and re-engineered processes with outputs such as changes in behaviours, increased customer loyalty, retention, bigger...

Million Dollar Customer Loyalty Lesson That CEO Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Royal Wedding

Take a 64,000 foot view of your organization. See what your customers think of you.

Next-Generation Customer-Centricity

One of the most popular business concepts today, customer-centricity, has a dirty little secret. It is the concept with one of the loosest definitions out there. Most researchers, and business executives alike, are content with the widespread and broad...

Permission Marketers: Did We Blow It?

Ten years ago this week, my colleagues and I launched GUTS, which, at least for me, inaugurated a new era online. For the first time, online services (the world wide web didn't exist) could motivate large groups of consumers to behave in a way that benefited...

Profit Power of Customer Intimacy: Deliver Revenue & Earnings Growth

Regardless of industry segment, progressive CEOs and Board of Directors are looking for the “silver bullet” to consistently deliver top-line revenue and earnings growth, as means to increase share price and shareholders’ value.

The CRM Child: Do You Know Where Your CRM Child Is?

Companies adopting a CRM solution have to remember that they are in the process of creating a CRM Child. The whole process is so new and foreign, everyone is losing sleep.

The Disciplines of CRM

"According to the CRM Market Forecast and Analysis prepared by IDC, the world's leading provider of information technology data and analysis, the total CRM market will reach $12.1 billion by 2004, representing an annual growth rate of 29.9%."

The Personalized Economy

A quarter-century ago, MIS directors complained of not having a seat at the strategy table. The CIO's role eventually emerged—a technology visionary and bridge to a gleaming future. Has that dream died?

The Ten Commandments of Customer Service

Customer service is an integral part of our job and should not be seen as an extension of it. A company’s most vital asset is its customers.

To Hear the Voice of the Customer, Listen Outside the Box

A Voice of the Customer (VOC) initiative should give voice to things that the firm would not normally hear. It should allow a firm to hear, straight from its customers, insightful things that do not surface through conventional marketing research.

Want Higher Profits ? Choose Your Customers Wisely

The economy is growing in fits and starts. What business development strategy is appropriate now ? The answer is aim.

Why Your Numbers May Be Down

A sense of serving others can elevate your sales efforts to unparalleled levels of success. If you consider your job as a service to others for their benefit, you will realize that your self-perception and that of the prospect will change.

Your Customers Don’t Want So Many Options

If you’re in the business of getting people to buy stuff, you really need to evaluate the number of choices you offer to customers.
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