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Data, analytics and Leadership

Big Data - Big Choices for Leaders

Two fundamental strategies to make full use of “Big Data - Customer Centricity and Innovation Networks

Big Data kills the pilot?

Tiny Data + Unstructured Data = Big Data

Big Data World Congress - the Leadership role

The rate-limiting step of the use of Big Data is not technology - it’s strategic thinking and leadership

Leadership Implications of Big Data - 1

We all own our own data. Business must learn how to effectively work with this change of control.

Leadership Implications of Big Data - 2

Innovation networks drive new product ideas, via data exchanges between “seekers” and “finders”

My Grandmother, Customer Service and Big Data

My Grandmother got great service from her corner shop retailer, including rewards for her loyalty and easy home delivery. And that was in the 1920s! Great service has always been prized, and customers search for personalisation. It's just that...

Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, and Big Data

Big Data is a new panacea, but computation is only the middle part of the process

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