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Over recent years I have consulted to companies with a focus on regional development, technology precincts, international trade and entrepreneurship programs within Australia. I have since established a business to facilitate goodwill between global markets developing trade and investment opportunities within the raw materials and commodities sectors.

Building an d facilitating goodwill amongst people from different cultures and enabling people to make positive change for themselves and others is an ability I have proven with success. To explore and expand the wonderful capabilities of an individuals gut feeling and how that inner self-belief message can be listened to and translated into positive action, is the very reason why I have such a strong passion to work with others. Successful outcomes can be achieved, no matter how challenged or desperate the situation is for someone. The skills, knowledge and energy I offer is underpinned by my belief in transparent communication, respect and understanding for others.

You can empower yourself by creating new possibilities in your life and taking action by reading my eBook, Follow Your Gut - "Your Life Guide"

Facing The Unknown

Facing the unknown, feeling lost or not having a clear direction in your life and career path can be very scary, daunting and lonely. We tend to visualize and think of every possible scenario that could go wrong for ourselves, from losing your home, relationship, marriage, security and friends to feeling sorry for ourselves, having low self esteem, anger and blame at others, and feeling depressed. This maybe occurring in your life NOW !!!

When you are in this state of mind and have emotional unrest, this is a time when the gut feeling can act as a compass and roadmap when times are tough, you feel lost or something is just telling you that it is the right time for change. Allowing unexplainable messages to come into your life through your gut feeling is your souls way of guiding you to take action in a direction that is true and unique to you.

How many times have you ever had a desire to follow a certain thought, or inquire further about a discussion you had with someone, sometimes even a stranger or you have seen something on TV or in a magazine that illuminates more than the rest of the other content ? Did this message or feeling come at an unexpected time ? Did you act on it ? Did you get an unexpected surprise ? On many occasions your gut feeling can lead you to many fulfilling outcomes if you are open to listening to them and taking action.

Fear of Loss & Failure

Fear of loss and failure is one of the most common negative effects on people, believing they will never reach their true potential in life, what people think of them and fear of things being taken away from them. It is much safer and more comfortable to not take action or risk in life and just watch it go by, however it is “not fair” if others succeed or are happier within themselves because they are following a path that is true to themselves, not fuelled by fear and have followed their gut to take leaps of faith.

Fear and anxiety can happen in your career and life on a daily basis, for example, “am I good enough and worthy of love”, “do people really like me”, “if I make a decision or take action, will I get fired” or “if I start my own business, will anyone believe in me and will I survive and make money”. People can suffocate themselves with fear and anxiety to a point of becoming ill, withdrawn, depressed, aggressive and self-destructive.

However, fears in your life can be understood, managed and even totally removed in your life once you learn to be aware of when the fear triggers occur in your life and responding to them when they confront you. Developing positive affirmations and being aware of your responses and actions in life will enable you to take yourself off the hook and stop beating yourself up for no reason. The more fearful you become, the more you will push people away and not create positive events and outcomes in your life. You also have a choice not to own other people’s pain and baggage and embrace challenging relationships and experiences as a gift to further inquire about your own purpose in life.

Having Clarity About Your Path Ahead

When you start to have clarity and to capture these gut messages of your personal passions and interests it will give you an emotional lift and encouragement to continue to inquire into the messages ( pieces of the puzzle ) to create more self belief and understanding for yourself. A clearer understanding is based on acknowledging and validating your gut feelings and communicating and sharing the truth with others on where you are at and what you are going through. By sharing with other people (strangers or friends), they may offer another puzzle piece or message for you to inquire further. This is the underlying force pushing you along to understand what you want, what potential you truly have and being able to pursue it confidently, authentically and successfully.

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