Leadership : Playing with a Full Deck - Part 7


by Thomas James Vanderbeck

A Primer on Compassionate, Proactive Self Leadership and Personal Accountability

. . . for conversations at the kitchen table.



Forgiving someone else is simply a whopping big gift to my Self! I may choose to communicate with the person I forgive, or not. He or she may no longer be available to me, or even alive. The point of the exercise is to liberate my Self from the past so that I can focus on the present.

Master. I seek to understand the meaning of life. Can you give me any wise counsel?”

Certainly, my friend! First determine and declare the meaning of you. The meaning of life will in time become clear to you without any seeking or effort.

We are not just humans having an occasional spiritual experience; but rather, we are spiritual beings having amazing human experiences. The way forward, and the path toward celebrating our lives, is through persistent, compassionate, and accountable self leadership and humanistic service to others.

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42.   The Truth Will Set Us Free                           47

43.   It Had to Be the Way It Was                         48

44.   Forgiving Others                                          48

45.   Wave Good-Bye to Your NAP                      48

46.   Sitting on a Stone Wall                                49

47    Strolling Along the Path                               49

48.   A Samurai Attitude                                      49

49.   Live Simply and Celebrate                          50

50.   What Will You Do With It?                           50

51.   Farewell                                                      50

52.   Two Wonderful Jokers                                51

About the Author                                              52

Acknowledgements                                          53

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