Leadership : Playing with a Full Deck - Introduction & Foreword

PLAYING the Game of Life WITH A FULL DECK - Foreword

by Thomas James Vanderbeck

A Primer on Compassionate, Proactive Self Leadership and Personal Accountability

. . . for conversations at the kitchen table.

Foreword by Ken Blanchard The One Minute Manager® & Leading at a Higher Level


"I have known Tom for more than 45 years. We met when both of us were exploring what we wanted to do when we grew up; and years later we are each still grappling with that wonderful challenge.

Tom will teach you how to transcend “Spiritual Amnesia” and the “Negative Automatic Program” and will offer you practical and proactive skills for personal power. He offers a unique perspective on self-leadership and encouragement in realizing our potentials for creating a life of growth, purpose, contribution, sharing, service, and fulfillment.

‘Playing With A Full Deck’ provides profound insights and dynamic responses to the challenges of proactively empowering ourselves, enriching our relationships, and becoming servant leaders."

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