Coaching and Mentoring : 3 Lessons Geese Can Teach People About Team Coaching

Willy Steiner is the President of Executive Coaching Concepts, an executive coaching services firm dedicated to assisting senior executives in taking their individual and organizational performance “TO THE NEXT LEVEL”.
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When it comes to team coaching, people can learn a lot from the animal world, particularly those species that have learned to survive by working in teams.
Geese fall into that category, and anyone who is interested in perfecting their abilities within a team might want to learn from these graceful birds. 
1. Fly In Formation
Geese always fly in a V formation, and this is because the birds in the front actually create a sort of current that allows the birds at the back an easier time of flying; this is something that can play a big role in effective team coaching. Just by utilizing this strategy, the birds are able to increase their flying range by about 71%. People who also have a common goal might want to follow the same advice. It is easier and faster trying to achieve a common goal when people work together than it is when people attempt to achieve something on their own. 
2. Share Leadership Roles
The goose that leads the flock will get tired every now and again, and when this happens, they will fall back and another bird will fly in to fill the position. Sharing leadership can make trying to reach a task much simpler, particularly because it can be exhausting trying to lead a group of people constantly. Micromanagement isn’t going to get a group anywhere faster, which is something many leaders will need to take into account. 
3. The Birds At The Back Are Pushing The Rest Onwards 
The birds at the back of a formation are always pushing the others forward, and this demonstrates that it is not only the leaders that dictate how fast a group moves. Those who don’t take on leadership roles should take on a certain amount of responsibility when it comes to directing the group, whether this is only in the form of encouragement. 
Animals can teach people a lot about what effective leadership is all about; it is simply up to people to listen, watch and learn. When it comes to Geese, these animals overcome great adversity in order to reach common goals, and so by taking inspiration and guidance from them, people can learn how to do the same.
Remember, being a part of a group means that everyone is important and everyone has a role to play; the aim is simply to learn how to put each person’s skills to best use within the group dynamic.


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