Teamwork : Everything I Ever Learned About Teaming

bettina Create a vision, be respectful, be open to learning, be forgiving, care about your team, care about your team mates...

Bettina is an educational administrator, a curriculum and instructional specialist, artist/illustrator, webdesigner, author, entrepreneur, member of NC State Superintendent's Principals' Advisory Committee (2000-2002), an advisor to, a member of the Ivy Sea, Inc. Collaborative Network Family, a working partner with The CEO Refresher, and has received numerous educational awards.

She is also recipient of a Fulbright Administrator Exchange Award for the year 2003-2004.

Sit in a circle   v   serve cookies and a drink  v  be polite  v  build  v  share  v   give  v  make eye contact  v  ask questions  v   give approval  v  stay on task   v listen   v   create  a vision  v be respectful   v   be open to learning  v  be forgiving  v  care about your team   v care about your team mates  v  offer your assistance  v  problem solve  v  work together  v be yourself  v  be constructive, not destructive  v be sincere  v  think before you speak  v   be thankful   v  smile  v   touch the people near you   v be courageous  v  speak softly  v  be courteous  v   laugh a little  v  cherish the moment  v take a stand  v  help  v be kind  v  build community  v  get engaged  v  be attentive  v talk  v give suggestions  v  sit silently  v enjoy the company  v  set goals  v  be sensitive  v   ponder   v help others succeed   v win as a team   v communicate  v set time limits  v have a good attitude  v be positive  v   let others speak  v sit quietly  v think creatively   have purpose v be smart   v love the work you do  v help others love the work they do  v daydream a little  v be nonjudgmental  v be a leader  v be a follower   v create a future   v welcome change   v   remember the old   v apologize   v   be a friend   v   be friendly   wonder   v ask why   v   celebrate the new   take breaks   find a common thread   v interact   v make commitments   v   accomplish things  have another cookie   try something new   make amends   make few promises, but make a few   v   practice generosity   give feedback  v   promote others   v   listen to feelings   v   have a good time  v seek guidance  v trust   v take risks   complete projects   v start new ones  v  invite new team members   v give others a chance  v  challenge yourself  v  challenge others  be successful   v set high standards   v ask for opinions   v be patient   have enthusiasm   v   appreciate camaraderie   v end meetings on a good note   v   achieve greatness...together


Bettina Ann Grahek is an educational administrator with a passion for teaching and leading new thinking, new beliefs, and new practices for leadership in education. Her award winning web site is an outstanding resource for educators and all leaders.

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