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Discontinuous change

We live in a new era: an age of discontinuous change. The business landscape has changed dramatically. Revolutionary change is cutting across all industries. Revolutionary change will continue. There is no end in sight.

Traditional ways of thinking, leading and organizing are being lain to waste. Unfortunately, few executives and enterprises have embraced this change. They resist. The poor state of so many businesses, the maniac quest for the "Holy Grail" of management technologies, re-engineering, downsizing and restructuring are the evidence.

What is the source of the problem ? An analogy may help us understand the tensions and opportunities executives and enterprises are experiencing - the transformation of the U.S. military in a post Cold War era. Businesses, as the military, are experiencing and facing revolutionary changes.

Conservative and prudent executives and managers, like generals and politicians, tend to fight the last war. They look backwards. They are continually seeing a re-enactment of Pearl Harbor. They create strategies and competitive weapon systems based on memory. They don't see the world afresh. They fail to recognize or lack the courage to live in an Age of Discontinuous Change and Improvement. 
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