Customer Centricity : The CRM Child: Do You Know Where Your CRM Child Is?

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Companies adopting a CRM solution have to remember that they are in the process of creating a CRM Child. The whole process is so new and foreign, everyone is losing sleep. 

The CFO is worried about putting dollars to something they don’t fully understand or intend to support as an ongoing Team Member. They provide the funds and have done their part. Sounds like a grandparent situation. Love them and send them home !

The Sales Manager and Sales Team have different agendas for liking and hating this new CRM Child. The Sales Manager might initially support the CRM child but in time will make demands that cannot be fulfilled. Unless you build it, it will not come! The Sales Manager must constantly be involved with the growth of this CRM Child. They need to build on its capabilities every day. They also need to use the product themselves. They are like the visiting Uncle. Nice to visit but I wouldn’t want to live with the CRM Child. 

The Sales Team hates reporting to anyone and finds the CRM child an annoyance and a big waste of time. They feel they are better served to take their expertise to the sale and not spend any administration time with the CRM Child to ensure everyone is on the same page. They like protecting their own territory and find this CRM Child nosy and intrusive. They want no part of this time killer. They are Mr. Wilson, the neighbour, who is thoroughly annoyed by the kid next door.

The Marketing Team like the idea of one central database but don’t necessarily want to share it with the Sales Team. Already the CRM Child feels the sibling rivalry between these brothers and sisters. They are designed to help both brother and sister equally and yet the connect may never be made

Who will take the CRM Child’s side and support and commit to their existence.

Our Hero, the CEO. There comes a time when someone has to pull all Team Players together for one goal or purpose. A strong glorified address book, a strong customer relationship in one repository, a joint location for marketing and sales to share. The CRM Child will grow and support the Team in their efforts to support and grow a company. The CRM Child is needed just as every other Team Player is needed. Do you know where your CRM child is ?

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