Innovation : The 7 Secrets of Big Picture Thinkers

Nancy MarmolejoNancy Marmolejo is dedicated to helping Latina entrepreneurs achieve maximum success by tapping into their natural strengths and great ideas. Her company, Comadre Coaching has been featured in Latina Magazine, Univisión TV, The Orange County Register, and many more online and offiline outlets. Visit www.Comadrecoachingcom for a complimentary copy of Get Creative Now ! and the 7 Secrets of Big Picture Thinkers e-Course.

From CEOs to independent professionals to work at home moms, Big Picture Thinkers inspire others and lead the way in their fields. Without their insights and actions, our world would be lacking in innovation, new products, and fresh approaches

Now there is a way for you to connect with your larger vision and see it through to success. You can bring out the creative thinker in you by following these 7 success tips. Whatever direction you’re headed, these strategies will help you move forward and make the most of your natural strengths and great ideas.

  1. Catch your ideas

    No matter how outrageous or silly, catch your ideas and revisit them from time to time. You might have a diamond in the rough that you can’t yet see. Write it down, tell it to someone, draw a picture, pace the floor… whatever technique helps you remember and develop your ideas, use it !

  2. Understand your strengths

    There is an old saying that goes something like this: Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

    A big challenge for creative people and entrepreneurs is concentrating your efforts on what comes easily and effortlessly. To pinpoint your strengths you can take a formal assessment, but I often ask clients to start with a simple question and jot down whatever comes to mind:

    If I could devote my life to serving others- and still have the money and lifestyle I need- what would I do ? How would it look ?

  3. Avoid overwhelm

    Overwhelm can be described as either having too much on your plate or PERCEIVING what you have to be too much.

    The first step to take is getting real with time management. If your time management skills are poor, then you are creating the overwhelm that is zapping your energy and focus.

    Next, learn how to say “No”. Accepting too many responsibilities will burn you out, blur your focus, and zap your big picture thinker gifts.

  4. Listen

    What do you hear people asking for ? What are they NOT asking for ? What are they griping about ? Become a great listener in all your interactions. Ask open ended questions ( ones that can’t be answered with a yes or no ). Keep your ear to the buzz and maybe you’ll zero in on the next big thing.

  5. Develop your intuition

    Learn to trust your hunches and listen for inner nudges. Your next great idea may already be inside of you yearning to break free. Visionary thinkers often act on these hunches. Become best friends with your intuition and see new possibilities come to you.

  6. Talk about your ideas

    reate a personal board of directors: a supportive group of people who you respect, trust, and encourage you. Ask for their honest feedback, brainstorm with them, or call on them when you need help.

  7. Give your mind time to wander

    If you’re sitting in front of a computer frustrated because a solution isn’t presenting itself, then change your location. Take a walk. Get out and play. Get out and do something ( anything ! ) other than what you SHOULD be doing. Studies show that the most creative, innovative thinkers are not slaves to the desk. They add variety to their lives and keep their minds sharp by enjoying all the gifts the world has to offer

Big picture thinkers have the natural gift to see the potential in just about anything. When you sharpen your visionary skills, you too can enjoy success and joy in all aspects of life and business.

 © Copyright Nancy Marmolejo 2006

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