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How to Interview and Hire Top People Each and Every Time

Ponder for a moment the last person you hired. After you selected them, did they work out as intended ? Or did they turn into somebody totally unlike what you thought when you interviewed them ?

IQ, EQ and SQ

The hallmarks of EQ are Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Social Skills.

Mastering the Inner Game

Even when we feel full of confidence and self-assurance we are often only that way because we are winning at the outer game of life and work.

Re-Recruiting: A Tool to Protect and Grow

To gauge the strength and loyalty of your workforce, invest resources in a re-recruitment campaign. Through this process, you can gain a better understanding of the stability, dedication, and preparedness of your employees. This deeper appreciation of...

Self Mastery

Leadership has been described as an art form, a performing art, a science, a profession, a position, and a function of a larger management role. Whatever your point of view on this, you are likely to agree that leadership is a very demanding human process...there...

Seven Intelligences

What does it mean to be smart? It used to mean you could ace an IQ test or score well on the S.A.T. (Scholastic Aptitude Test).

Seven Paths to Fearless Leadership

Imagine being able to solve problems, resolve conflicts, and make decisions effortlessly, while at the same time enhancing the flow and focus of your own creative energy, and that of your organization, so that you maximize performance and results.

The Nine Principles of Business War

Did you know that up to 38% of your managers, supervisors, and team leaders are about to leave? Monster (the premiere online job search company) has seen a 44% increase in new resume postings in the first quarter of 2004. In particular, "confidential"...

The Psychology of Audit

Many problems of perception face an auditor. Joan Pastor discusses the need to learn flexibility and develop a productive relationship with clients.

Try Feedforward instead of Feedback

Based on many years of 360 degree learning and a very large database, Marshall sets out a new approach to feedback, to help Managers, Peers and Subordinates alike.

Using the 4E's as a teaching method

As part of a teaching program, students are asked to use the 4E's on line assessment, and prepare a paper on Leadership as a result.

What's Your Conflict Resolution Style?

Looks at the different ways in which people deal with conflict.

Why Family Business Succession Plans Fail & What to Do About It

Many scholarly researchers have concluded that a staggering 90% percent of family businesses fail by the third generation.

A Seven Step Resiliency Strategy For Difficult Economic Times

Employees who are anxious about their futures – especially during a challenging economy such as now – can adversely affect a company’s profitability by delivering poor customer service, being less intellectually engaged in their jobs, and making...

Achieving Business Success - How to Fuel Determination Today for Breakthrough Achievements Tomorrow

You’ve probably heard the story of the golfer who steps up to the tee box and hits a wicked duck hook out of bounds. Embarrassed, he reaches in his pocket, tees up another ball and again, hits another horrific twisting shot left out of bounds.

Affairs of The Heart

Success in life has a lot to do with your heart.

Are you Sabotaging Your Career?

Experience working with thousands of leaders world wide for the past two decades teaches me that most leaders are screwing up their careers. On a daily basis, these leaders are getting the wrong results or the right results in the wrong ways. Interestingly,...

Aspiring Leaders Need to Build Their Skills

There is more to becoming an effective leader than just getting a promotion. To be successful, aspiring leaders need to develop skills, gain experiences, and develop a leadership point of view But just how do they do that?

Careers and company culture

Almost all companies try to establish a strong corporate culture. It is one of the keys to sustaining a business over several generations of management.

Do You Love What You Do?

This may be the seminal question for our age.

Finding Strong Employee Candidates: Effective Job Descriptions

What if the interviewing and hiring processes could be made easier by addressing the job descriptions themselves?

Holding On To Newer Employees Is Key: Those With Less Than 2 Years Quit At Twice The Rate Of Other W

Twice as many employees with less than two years of service voluntarily leave an organization as do those with more than two years of tenure, according to a study of worker attrition rates by Sirota Survey Intelligence, specialists in attitude research. ...

How To Negotiate From The Same Side Of The Table

Both candidates and companies benefit when they can adopt mutually respectful, beneficial, and realistic – rather than overly adversarial – stances during new-job negotiations, according to Salveson Stetson Group, a full-service retained executive...

How to work with just about anyone

Every office has that one difficult person to work with, who affects productivity due to a terrible attitude, chronic tardiness, or simply drives everyone else up the wall. Here is the answer to common problems in conflict management.

It's OK To Negotiate - REALLY

Negotiation, find out why it can be viewed as a postitive action

Motivation - A Recruiter's Perspective

We all understand the benefits of a motivated workforce; increased productivity and creativity, reduced absenteeism and lower staff turnover. But what can be done to engender the often elusive motivation?

Overcoming Negative Thinking Through Self-Acceptance

Learning self-acceptance, and building a positive self-image.

Recruitment on an international level – tips and tricks

Recruitment on an international level presents all the same difficulties as domestic recruitment and more besides, but the extra pool of talent it provides can make it a profitable, and sometimes even a crucial, venture

Rewriting Your Life Story

As long as you can make choices that are better than those you made in the past, your future story is unwritten. Sitting and wishing won’t change your story.

Seven Calculated Choices to Make Your Career Leap Like a Geyser

Seven calculated choices will help you drill through the rock of inertia to the success you have always wanted.

The 11 Simple Secrets

The key to becoming an entrepreneur lies in the implementation of basic concepts and there are only 11 simple secrets to learn to make it happen.

The End is The Beginning

How to ensure that the people you are presenting to get the message

The Presentation After The Presentation

The presentation after the presentation is the question and answer period. This article stresses how to use the question and answer period for best results.

Top Six Ways to Stay Motivated

It's easy to be motivated when someone encourages you, but what about maintaining this momentum long-term?

Transforming Cleopatra

Unfortunately, at most other times the only legitimate power available to women has been through their sexual allure (or as mothers).

When The Boss is a Bully

Most of the literature on leadership addresses the topic assuming that leaders are people who are eager to learn, to inspire the best in their people, and who act on the basis of what is best for the enterprise. What if this is not the case?

Why New Executives Fail

Sixty four percent of new executives hired from the outside won’t make it in their current jobs. Forty percent will fail within the first 18 months, reports another. What seems to be causing the derailment of these leaders?

Women and the Glass Ceiling

Recent research indicates women's management style, which is centered on communication and building positive relationships, is well suited to the leadership paradigm of the 90's.

Working in America: Killing Ourselves at Work

Why is it that so many people living in the richest country in the world are working at jobs that are killing them? Why is it that a society that enjoys so much abundance finds it necessary to sacrifice its health in the process?

Workplace Fitness - A Gym Full of Useful Advice for Continual Learning

A translation of physical exercise programs into the business side of our lives.

Your Dream Can Be Your Future

A simple but helpful summary of what it takes to turn your dreams into success.

Saving Your Job in Tough Economic Times

In work places around the country workers are rightfully preoccupied with the threat of losing their jobs. While there is no single solution that will work in any individual case, there are things that you can do to improve your situation.


3 Options for Managing Change Plus 7 Steps Organizational Leaders Should Take When Facing a Challeng

When your organization is faced with a challenge, here are 7 steps you should take.

Change is Life

The faster the world changes around us, the further behind we fall by just standing still. If the rate of external change exceeds our rate of internal growth, just as the day follows night, we will surely be changed.

Change Management Strategies: 6 Ways To Take Your Organization To The Next Level With Change Managem

Today's rapidly changing technology, the economy's roller-coaster ride, the constant mergers and acquisitions among companies, upsizing, downsizing and resizing, and, of course, our country's response to terrorism have forced almost all of us to change,...

Communicating Change – The Essentials!

The path for organisations undergoing change is a lot smoother if they get their internal communication processes right.People become less motivated when they are faced with uncertainty—not knowing what is happening and why. In the extreme, a lack of...

Communication: The Air That We Breathe

People’s filters are invisible and unique and we don’t know what they are, and most of the time they don’t either.

Creating Business Partnerships: Is Consolidation The Right Choice For Your Business ?

In a highly fragmented and fiercely competitive market, a test of wills is underway. Will small to mid-size businesses resist market consolidation, or will they strategically choose to partner and push beyond their individual capabilities?

Do We Still Need Non-profit Agencies ?

Times are quickly changing in America. Ten years ago would you ever have thought that you would be thrilled to get “free air” from a gas station ? What about ATM’s ? Do you think that getting cash after a store purchase in order to avoid fees would...

Does Your Organization Need A Chief Change Officer

What are the differences between the CLO and CCO?

Eight Ways to Engage Employees and Power-Up Performance During a Recession

Employee engagement comes not from dollars but from more personal factors.

Five Principles for Leading Organizational Change

I’m currently working with an organization that is facing challenges similar to those faced by a half dozen others I’ve worked with – how to successfully change behavior along with systems and processes. Over the years, I’ve discovered five principles...

Focused Leadership Can Transform Organizations

Organizational transformation, culture change, business model redefinition — leaders talk about these challenges, analysts demand them, and CEO’s routinely are hired and fired based on their ability to orchestrate them. But what do we know about leading...

Follow Your Gut - Your Life Guide

Facing the unknown, feeling lost or not having a clear direction in your life and career path can be very scary, daunting and lonely.

From Good to Great

By becoming aware of how we can improve, involving respected colleagues and following-up, we can get better at the behavior, as perceived by colleagues.

From Phase of Life to Way of Life

We need to be careful about what we wish for – the popular goals of security, stability, and predictability are deadly. The closer we get, the more our growth is stunted and learning reduced.

Growing with Change

Embrace change by focusing on a vision, choosing your outlook, seeking authenticity, committing yourself with discipline and continue to grow and develop.

How High Performing Organizations Handle Change With Very Little Disruption to Their Business

Leadership must create the conditions and culture for success especially during a time of change

How to Change

Since virtually everyone has fears, to pose as fearless simply exposes a fear of seeming fearful! Your ability to change is not a matter of willpower.

How Visioning Changed My Life

Whatever you picture, within reason, can come true in your life if you have, sufficient faith in the power within!

If You Don't Focus, Innovate and Evolve, You Die

Holding on to the old way of doing business might cause you to become extinct. Continuous focus, innovation and evolution are needed to maintain a competitive advantage.

Is Your Management Causing Employee Issues and Slow Business Growth?

Service excellence, cost-effective performance and innovation, start with engaged employees.

Leaders in Short Supply

Business in the 1990s continues to increase in complexity. More and more, this demanding environment forces senior executives to juggle shifting priorities to deal with the constant and accelerating change.

Leading Change – Easy or Hard?

You pay people to think, be creative, use initiative and judgment, solve problems and optimize their time. The acknowledged failure rate reveals how difficult this can be. But the answer lies in applying some new principles of behavioural psychology and...

Leading Change: The Human Challenge

Learning how to live with the results of change.

Leading Discontinuous Change

We live in a new era : an age of discontinuous change. The business landscape has changed dramatically. Revolutionary change is cutting across all industries. Revolutionary change will continue. There is no end in sight.

Leading Successful, Sustainable Change

Most major change initiatives fall far short of the goals and expectations set for them. Does this mean that we are overestimating people's ability to learn to do things differently, and underestimating their resistance to change ?

Leading through Change Management

As a small business owner, you likely don’t think you have the resources to afford a high priced change architect to help you plan a future of choice for your company.

Leaving Bullies Behind

The man’s behaviour infected the whole meeting, his aggression, put downs and constant interruptions obviously upset people and slowed down both the meeting and the flow of honest communication.

Life/Work Balance; it’s a conscious decision

I don’t know why so many articles on life/work balance seem to focus on people who suddenly decide they’ve had it with working all the time and within one hour quit their job, buy a yacht or a jet, grab their family or their best friends or their...

Managing for Innovation: The only Sustainable Advantage

Innovation is critical to the competitive success of virtually all companies. Whether you're on the leading edge, or following an imitation strategy, innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage.

Managing the Transition: How to Face Employee Resistance Head On When Introducing Workplace Changes

Keeping employees well-informed and engaging them will foster a climate of resiliency and it will build momentum that will advance your organization.

Managing the Transition: Why Most Businesses Fail in Today's Economy

There is a saying that goes like this: "When you get tired of talking to your staff about what needs to be done in the organization, saying the same thing over and over again until you can't stand saying it anymore, that's when the staff begins to hear...

Mastering Change: The New Realities

Change is inevitable in all facets of life. To stay on the leading edge requires the skills of mastering change.

Organizational Change and How Goal Setting Can Help

Many change programs seem to meander along with no clear purpose or direction. These are the programs that usually fail. In the end, vast resources are consumed and people are left burned out and confused. Don’t let this happen to your change program....

Organizational Change: 6 Things You Must Do To Become An Effective Leader In The Midst Of Change

All progress is the result of change. But not all change is progress. Some changes don’t make any sense. In fact, some leadership behaviors actually create more stress for yourself and your coworkers. So what works? Based on my 22 years of consulting...

Personal Visioning Pathways and Pitfalls

When surrounded by change, envisaging your personal goals and aspirations, by sharing them with others who will support you will help you to succeeed.

Real Time Management

Time management training is awful. Time logging, hints for dealing with telephone calls, email tips - nothing seems to work. You can't even begin to look at taking anything away from a time management course until you've considered your own mortality....

Realizing Untapped Potential

How to tap in to the wasted potential that is just waiting to be recognised.

Resistance to Change and How to Deal With It

Sometimes the best planned change initiatives meet with resistance. Opposition to change can railroad a project, leading to much wasted resources, recriminations and exhaustion for all parties. What drives resisters and how can you turn them into supporters...

Scouting for Knowledge

Does this intelligence result in action and productive change? Is the organization focusing on discovering and enacting discontinuous improvements ?

Signs Of Stagnation

Recognizing when we've slipped into the stagnant waters of stability and certainty isn't easy.

So, You Want to Be a Change Leader

An honest and compelling overview of what it takes to be a change champion in today’s business environment.

Sustainable Change in Cambodia

Whilst challenging and sometimes frustrating, sustainable change is always possible with the right mind-set and the right partnerships.

Sustaining Organizational Change

Magnitude of organizational change ranges from minimal change or maintaining status quo to revolutionary enterprise-wide re-engineering.

That's The Way We Do It Round Here

How many of your staff are very busy doing paperwork which is no longer necessary ?

The Footsteps of Change

Understand how change migrates from one group to the next, and you will dramatically increase your chances of success.

The Single Most Important Reason You Are Not as Effective as You Can Be

Self-judgment is sabotaging your professional efforts, learn how to STOP it !

This too Will Pass

At a time of intensifying global competition, shifting business realities and increasingly demanding customers we know that we need to create highly competitive, nimble and adaptive enterprises to survive and thrive in these turbulent times.

Transforming Organisations With The Butterfly Effect

This article seeks to inspire organisational leaders to think in new ways, and to give them a practical model to...

Truth ! Your Way to Success

Sometimes when I use the word Truth I can see people fidgeting or looking a little uncomfortable. They seem to think that it means that they will be caught at something, something difficult will happen, that whatever joy they have carved out will somehow...

Why Change

Today's business world is highly competitive. The way to survive is to reshape to the needs of a rapidly changing world.

Why Managers and Supervisors ARE NOT the Best Communicators During Times of Change

How you can still give accountability for specific messages to managers and supervisors and at the same time utilize your CEO as a key communicator during times of change.

Why People Resist Change

Are you experiencing difficulty getting the support you need to make changes in your workplace ? If people appear to be going slow or pushing back irrationally, there may be a valid reason.

Why Traditional Performance Management Is Insufficient For Peak Performance

Throw out the old ideas of performance management systems and appraisals. Be fast, be adaptable, facilitate change and join the evolution!

3 Lessons Geese Can Teach People About Team Coaching

Animals can teach people a lot about what effective leadership is all about; it is simply up to people to listen, watch and learn.

8 Questions to Guarantee Meeting Productivity

The reality is that the way organizations come to cope with these very weak standards for meeting effectiveness is a...

8 Ways to Charm your Employees - Create Loyalty & Rapport in the Workplace

Learn the basic skills of rapport to ensure that your empoyees will want to go out of their way to remain loyal to you.

A Coaching Culture Made Easy

Creating a coaching culture within your organisation could be one of the most important contributions you make. A coaching culture is one where everyone...

A Passion for Diversity

Some people work at their jobs because they have to make a living, and they get to express themselves after work. Some people have careers that they love, and have a hard time not taking home their work with them when they go home. And then there are...

Achieving Peak Performance: Education Without Motivation Serves No Useful Purpose

Motivation is not enough. If you motivate an idiot, all you have is a motivated idiot. Education alone is not enough either. Many "educated" individuals achieve very little on or off the job. They know what to do, and they know how to do it. The problem...

Achieving Peak Performance: How to Keep A Positive Attitude Even If You’re on Your Last String

Tough times will come. You may get knocked down at work or in life. But with the right attitude, you can get back up. You can get back on track toward success, and you can reach optimal peak performance.

Are You Wasting Your Money on Diversity Training?

If you are planning to spend money on diversity training, WAIT!

Best Advice for Leaders: Stop, Look and Listen

Who do you watch as you advance up the leadership ladder? How do you learn from them? With whom should you connect? Do you need a mentor?

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: 

Beyond the Work-Life Balance: Living through the Success Elements™

Much has been written about finding a harmonious balance between work and life, and this article does not intend to discredit any of it. It is essential to strike a balance between the professional and personal. True success is multidimensional, and...

Beyond Trendy: Using a Business Coach to Create a Competitive Edge

How coaching helps a Leader navigate through a complex business ecosystem - using the Boyd "OODA" loop.

Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words

Has it ever occurred to you how much you are saying to people even when you are not speaking? Unless you are a master of disguise, you are constantly sending messages about your true thoughts and feelings whether you are using words or not.

Break Through Self-Doubt and Fear

Self-doubt and fear interfere with our ability to achieve or set goals. Self-doubt and fear are the voices in our head telling us, "You'll never succeed, so why try?" and "who do you think you are?" Self-doubt and fear are also what make us listen to...

CEO as Leader and Coach

How to deal with the conflicting demands

Changing, Learning, Coaching, Improving

Lessons learned from The Clemmer Group Sessions

Clarify Your Goals

Tools to Help you Re-Energize and Re-Commit To Your Direction!

Coach, Mentor: Is There a Difference?

Is a Coach and a Mentor the same thing, and if not, how do you tell them apart?

Coaching for Behavioural Change

People often ask, “Can executives really change their behavior?” The answer is definitely yes. If they didn’t change, we would never get paid (and we almost always get paid). At the top of major organizations even a small positive...

Coaching is Out of The Closet

Ten years ago, I had the benefit of a legendary coach - Peter Needham. But I didn't tell anyone. Indeed, I paid for it myself and made secret visits to his office in Hanover Square. His advice led to the management buy-out of PiB.

Creating A Coaching Climate

Every significant study of effective managers concludes that those managers, who get the most out of their teams, spend a high proportion of their time and energy coaching others.

Creating a Company Mentoring Programme

Could you use some great tactics to help motivate and grow your team ? Understanding a tactical approach is your first step. Unlike strategic plans, tactics are processes you can immediately put to use. The key is not just implementing these ideas, but...

Don't Let Them Make You Crazy : Or There is Never Anyone in The Other Boat

Can you think of one person who drives you absolutely crazy ?

Executive Coaches Can Help Flex Leadership Muscle

They say that behind every great athlete is a great coach. And behind many leaders today is an executive coach. Can an executive coach help leaders to maximize their potential and reach greater heights ?

Executive Coaching : A Leadership Development Tool for Top Performers

Rather than debate the definition of coaching, it’s more important to consider the type of coach and approach that’s most appropriate for you given the results you want to achieve. Some executives have difficulty articulating concrete desired results,...

Executive Coaching Credentials Vary: Due Diligence is a Must

So many individuals call themselves a coach today that anyone interested in hiring an executive coach must be cautious. The tips that follow will help in selecting a business resource.

Executive Development: Get to the Heart of What Really Matters & Drive Results

It doesn’t matter how many ways you can be a better leader if you have a serious problem in your face right now. Like it or not, that issue becomes your focus. You will benefit by striking a balance between dealing with the here-and-now issues and developing...

Helping Successful People Get Even Better

Marshall digs deep in his experience from years of coaching successful people, and of using 360 degree feedback effectively. Very practical advice.

How to Counter Career Derailers & Personal Vulnerabilities

Personal change must be predicated on a dedicated personal commitment to change the behavioral pattern or habit. Put another way, without being personally dedicated to change it will not happen.

How to Set and Attain Goals for Success

How to realistically and consistently achieve your goals.

Introduction to Professional Business and Personal Coaching

Ever wondered what business and personal coaching was all about ? Well read on to find out more ...

Job Security 101 - Five Surefire Ways to Create a Crisis

Have you ever noticed how much more "productive" people appear when they're in the midst of handling a crisis? The troops rally around a common cause, getting the "nasty problem" resolved, the much aligned product out on time, or that most important document,...

Mentoring Programs for Professional Service Firms

It seems almost everyone can use a little something extra to help them increase their effectiveness or give them a competitive edge. Those in professional service firms are no exception; however, they do face unique challenges. With so much emphasis...

Mentors and Mentees - The Competency Conundrum

What’s the difference between a good and a not-so-good mentor ? One of the problems both in selecting mentors for a pool and in matching individual mentors with mentees is that the answer varies according to the context and the specific needs of the...

Motivate Employee Participation in Professional Development

When companies think of employee development, they often search for training programs, educational seminars, coaching or the latest book that might offer ideas on what employees can do to sharpen skills or strengthen expertise. However, none of these...

Overcoming Rejection: 5 Secrets for Turning Failure Into Success in 6 Months Guaranteed!

What if, starting today, the word ‘no’ didn’t stop you anymore? What if every time you heard the word no, you became stronger, more powerful, and more resilient? What if the greatest success strategy in the world was not to go for yes, but...

Sales Training Effectiveness: Increase Your Bottom Line With Sales Training That Sticks

Why are sales training programs so often unsuccessful ? The typical company spends tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to put its entire sales force through the latest, hottest sales training program touted to increase its bottom line...

Seven Sizzling Solutions to Predictable Hourly Stressors

In one's daily routine time and stress are siblings. Their relationship lends its hue to our life. One must be a good time manager in order to reduce stress and by managing stress one becomes a better time manager.

Six Essentials for Networking

Networking is about creating an extended family. It’s about developing connections, caring about people, increasing the size of your “tribe.”

Staffing Shortages ? Maybe You’re the Problem

When I speak at conferences about customer service strategies, I often hear managers discuss how hard it is to recruit and retain good frontline employees. Too many managers mistakenly assume the only way to keep people is to bite the bullet and pay more...

Successful Change Starts With a Shift in Perspective

Like so many in corporate America today, Susan needed more balance in her life-but she did not know how to get it. Faced with a 60-hour work week and a lengthy daily commute, Susan was left with little time for outside interests. Her job was literally...

Ten Moves Guaranteed to Alienate HR

In climbing the corporate ladder, one of the most powerful allies to have on your side is your Human Resources department. They have their finger on the pulse of the inner wiring of the organization, and if there is any staffer who can alert you to upcoming...

The Imbalance of Life/Work Balance

Senior leaders, managers and employees need to view work / life balance as being in their interest. Organizations and individuals need to be clear about the benefits in terms of performance, productivity and profit.

The Path of Obsolete Knowledge

Once we realize that our internal knowledge base contains errors and misinformation the challenge becomes how to purge the obsolete knowledge and update our remaining files

The Retirement of the Baby Boom Generation: The Coming Knowledge Drain

A little noticed trend is afoot that will greatly affect the continued success of our country’s businesses – the retirement of the baby boom generation. Find out how mentoring can help

Time Management Training: Organize Your Time With The Building Blocks of Productivity

What lessons you can learn from small children ! One day I was watching two youngsters, ages 3 and 5, playing with “bricks” constructed out of heavy cardboard. The brick blocks came in three sizes: a 10” x 16” rectangle, a 10” square, and...

To Help Others Develop, Start With Yourself

The principle of leadership development by personal example doesn't apply just to CEOs. It applies to all levels of management. All good leaders want their people to grow and develop on the job. 

Triumph Over The Manager From Hell

Whether your manager is unreasonably demanding or they are apparently incompetent or they have no people skills, it can feel like you’re working with the manager from hell! As tough as it sounds, your task is to focus on getting your job done…period....

Turning Fear into Power

Discover how life can change for the better if you move into what you fear, rather than away from it. Connie Butler explains

When is Enough, Enough ?

In a society as competitive as ours, there’s a tendency to define ourselves through our accomplishments. But for people, the need to achieve becomes warped. They make a mistake that Einstein referenced when he admonished that we should, "Strive not...

Who stole my key talent ? Reducing Turnover: Maybe it isn’t what you are doing, but what you aren’t

As soon as one of your best employees walks in, you know what is going to happen. The look on his face says it all. “I am leaving.” How did this happen ? Did you miss something ? What are the reasons that employees leave ? You don’t have to...

Why Coaching Fails

While coaching can be effective, frequently it isn’t. Unsuccessful coaching assignments can have substantial costs while returning no benefits. The idea that coaching works is undermined by failures. Leadership can become cynical about the coaching...

Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive leadership is given to impacting the environment. It addresses a very active form of leadership, not a passive effort taken merely to adjust to circumstances as found.

Chaos and Complexity ( Part One )

The last few years have seen an extraordinary growth of interest in the study of complex systems.

Chaos and Complexity ( Part Two )

The two companies I have examined in depth for this paper are both in evolving high tech industries.

Chaos and Complexity - Knowledge Management ?

Chaos and Complexity - What does it have to do with Knowledge Management ?

Emergence, Readiness, and Adaptability

A white paper examining strategic unpredictability and the critical role of emergence in organizational adaptability and creativity. The latter characteristics only arise if the top leadership realizes that strategic plan and internal change initiative...

Management 3.0: The Era of Complexity

Network thinking adds a new dimension to our existing vocabulary. The concept of social complex systems makes us realize that we are all participants in self-organizing systems. We are all "3.0 managers".

Order Through Chaos

Paradox and Performance in organizational life.

Retaining Youth

Things aren’t always what they seem. If I could give you one bit of advice on dealing with the latest generation of employees to come under your management, it would be to remember those words…things aren’t always what they seem.

The Connected Economy : Beyond the Information Age

A seminal paper, which lays out the principles of the connected ( and thus adaptive ) economy. Chris Meyer went on, with Stan Davis, to write the thought provoking and influential book "Blur".

Value systems and Complexity

Leadership training, team building, and organizational development beg for integrated approaches which tie development efforts to actual improvement in overall performance.

5 Reasons Customer Retention Is So Important

If your business doesn't have a solid customer retention strategy, you could be leaving a lot of revenue on the table. If you’re so focused on acquiring new customers that you neglect your existing clientele, you're not doing your business...

A Step by Step Guide to Successful CRM

Think of the Customer-driven business model as a loyalty machine. Get your business running this way, get your act right, and Customer loyalty is the natural end result.

Avoiding CRM’s Common Pitfalls

Implementing CRM Doesn’t Have to be Painful, Learn from the Experience of Others

Becoming Customer Centric

Increasingly, firms are aspiring to become customer centric. Relatively few have made significant progress; many simply pay lip service to “the slogan.” Are you prepared to “walk the talk ?” If so, you will benefit from the following overview...

Buying Trends – the Shift to Hassle-Free

Bottom line – you may have reliable products and licensed service providers, but the question customers really care about now is, “What are you like to do business with?”

Customer Dialogue Builds Loyalty & Profit

Customers and potential customers are getting more sophisticated. The very marketing techniques used to separate the customer from their hard earned cash are helping to train both the old and newer generations of customers to be more wary and become...

Customer Experience and Surviving a Collision with Reality

High standards and great training only matter if you put them to use.

Customer Leadership

Customer Leadership uses Big Data analytics and insight to drive leadership, organization and branding decisions and actions - all aimed to improve customer products, services, experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Service is Not a Four-Letter Word

What word pops into your mind about a recent customer service experience ? Was it good, or was it bad? Customer service in this country seems to be headed in the same direction as the Titanic. Why ?

Customer Service: A Missing Skill ?

The need to make so many calls in a day leads to an ineffective use of a salespersons time. Yes, they may make a sale but it is vital for salespeople to adapt their methods to focus on long term client relationships.

Getting Back to Basics

“Ease the pain of CRM implementation” - A phased approach.

Great Customer Service is Not Grumpy, Grouchy or Gross

In today's competitive economy, all businesses have to make a choice, to either become exceptional, or just remain average in customer service.

Growing Your Business One Customer at a Time

The People aspect of business is really what it is all about. Rule #1: Think of customers as individuals. Once we think that way, we realize our business is our customer, not our product or services. Putting all the focus on the merchandise in our...

Heathrow Terminal 2 – Creating the ideal airport passenger experience?

The best way of delivering a positive passenger experience is to ensure that at the point of customer engagement, front-line staff are prepared for whatever people and circumstances throw at them.

How To Provide Great Global Customer Service

Support your customer's success, and you will be building interdependency that can become your gateway to the world.

How To Set Your Pricing

How do you set the right price for your products and services ? The "right" price is the price you are happy with and the price which clients are willing to pay. My suggestion is to put your pricing through the "Right Price Test."...

Hurry Up and Wait

Customers know when they are valued. And they know when you have transferred a company expense onto them. It is a message you send in a myriad of ways. What messages are your customers picking up ?

In Search of The Common Good - Are You Connected to Your Customer?

Think about your customers. Instead of respecting their space you may be choking them with continuous sales literature to which they do not seem to be listening.

In Search of The Common Good - Relationships Make Loyal Customers

In search of the common good: Understanding customers' feelings through CRM and building better customer-employee relationships.

Know Thy Customer

What do you know about your customer ? Do you accidentally sell or do you sell on purpose. Does your customer contact you or do you contact your customer proactively ? Does your HABIT include knowing your customer, being sensitive to their needs and ever...

Making CRM Magical : Using Outcomes

There has been a simple mistake. The simple mistake has been to confuse inputs such as money, time, leadership, commitment, technology and re-engineered processes with outputs such as changes in behaviours, increased customer loyalty, retention, bigger...

Million Dollar Customer Loyalty Lesson That CEO Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Royal Wedding

Take a 64,000 foot view of your organization. See what your customers think of you.

Next-Generation Customer-Centricity

One of the most popular business concepts today, customer-centricity, has a dirty little secret. It is the concept with one of the loosest definitions out there. Most researchers, and business executives alike, are content with the widespread and broad...

Permission Marketers: Did We Blow It?

Ten years ago this week, my colleagues and I launched GUTS, which, at least for me, inaugurated a new era online. For the first time, online services (the world wide web didn't exist) could motivate large groups of consumers to behave in a way that benefited...

Profit Power of Customer Intimacy: Deliver Revenue & Earnings Growth

Regardless of industry segment, progressive CEOs and Board of Directors are looking for the “silver bullet” to consistently deliver top-line revenue and earnings growth, as means to increase share price and shareholders’ value.

The CRM Child: Do You Know Where Your CRM Child Is?

Companies adopting a CRM solution have to remember that they are in the process of creating a CRM Child. The whole process is so new and foreign, everyone is losing sleep.

The Disciplines of CRM

"According to the CRM Market Forecast and Analysis prepared by IDC, the world's leading provider of information technology data and analysis, the total CRM market will reach $12.1 billion by 2004, representing an annual growth rate of 29.9%."

The Personalized Economy

A quarter-century ago, MIS directors complained of not having a seat at the strategy table. The CIO's role eventually emerged—a technology visionary and bridge to a gleaming future. Has that dream died?

The Ten Commandments of Customer Service

Customer service is an integral part of our job and should not be seen as an extension of it. A company’s most vital asset is its customers.

To Hear the Voice of the Customer, Listen Outside the Box

A Voice of the Customer (VOC) initiative should give voice to things that the firm would not normally hear. It should allow a firm to hear, straight from its customers, insightful things that do not surface through conventional marketing research.

Want Higher Profits ? Choose Your Customers Wisely

The economy is growing in fits and starts. What business development strategy is appropriate now ? The answer is aim.

Why Your Numbers May Be Down

A sense of serving others can elevate your sales efforts to unparalleled levels of success. If you consider your job as a service to others for their benefit, you will realize that your self-perception and that of the prospect will change.

Your Customers Don’t Want So Many Options

If you’re in the business of getting people to buy stuff, you really need to evaluate the number of choices you offer to customers.

Big Data - Big Choices for Leaders

Two fundamental strategies to make full use of “Big Data - Customer Centricity and Innovation Networks

Big Data kills the pilot?

Tiny Data + Unstructured Data = Big Data

Big Data World Congress - the Leadership role

The rate-limiting step of the use of Big Data is not technology - it’s strategic thinking and leadership

Leadership Implications of Big Data - 1

We all own our own data. Business must learn how to effectively work with this change of control.

Leadership Implications of Big Data - 2

Innovation networks drive new product ideas, via data exchanges between “seekers” and “finders”

My Grandmother, Customer Service and Big Data

My Grandmother got great service from her corner shop retailer, including rewards for her loyalty and easy home delivery. And that was in the 1920s! Great service has always been prized, and customers search for personalisation. It's just that...

Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, and Big Data

Big Data is a new panacea, but computation is only the middle part of the process

Are we ready for Generation Z?

Life never stands still.Generation Z is on the way and although this generation will be a head on comparison to Gen Y in many ways, they will also present a different set of challenges.

As Generation Y Moves In, Leadership Must Evolve

The search is on for new talent as organizations are both preparing for an onslaught of baby boomer retirements and positioning themselves for a future characterized by changing markets and evolving business models.

Beyond Management Fads: Enterprise Fitness

Building an approach to leadership taking into account all the dimensions of a business organization, treating leadership philosophies as part of the whole rather than a fad to be discarded in favour of the latest trend.

Boosting Innovation in the Public Sector

Public sector reform is the holy grail of modern politics. If we could create a streamlined, efficient public sector that delivered better service with fewer direct resources we could slice billions of pounds off public spending and add significant value...

Business Opportunities of the 21st Century

What's needed in this technological century is preactive management, vision and initiative.

CBI Journal 6 : Reinventing the Marketplace

Exchanges in the New Economy : Transforming the World of Work

CBI Journal 9: Adaptive Imperative

Embracing Evolution : business from the bottom up

Conquering Obsolescence

When it comes to technology, the conventional wisdom used to be "If it isn't broken, why fix it ?" But the new unconventional wisdom of the 21st century and the Communication Age is "If it works, it's obsolete."

E-Coaching : Using New Technology to Develop Tomorrow's Leaders

A technological breakthrough is occurring that will dramatically change leadership development.

Flexible Work Arrangements Help Retain Good People

Balancing work and family has received a lot of attention over the years. There are several reasons for this. First, today's workforce is increasingly diverse and demanding. Second, the workforce is shrinking. There are not enough skilled workers to...

Forget Charismatic Leaders and Double-digit Growth

The business challenge for this century will be how to help everyone do better, not just a few outstanding performers.

Harnessing the Power of the Unknown - Move from Repeating the Past to Re-inventing the Future

The Unknown - it is scary territory for many, something to be avoided for others and shameful for those who feel they are supposed to know everything. What is your relationship with the Unknown ?

Innovation: Core Competency for the 21st Century

Despite the growing recognition that innovation is the only sustainable source of growth, competitive advantage, and new wealth, an Arthur D. Little survey of 669 global company executives found fewer than 25 percent of the companies believe innovation...

Making the Leap in the 21st Century

A look at the trick of adapting to the changing requirements for survival in the 21st Century.

Perspectives on the Digital Age

With new technology appearing all the time, what difference will digital information make to our society, and to business ?

Resilience Entrepreneurship

The challenge of "bouncing back" from a setback has much to do with how long we wait between the experience and the time we truly put our disappointment behind us. The good news is that the skills of resilience can be learned.

Riding the third wave to success

Looks at the development of new systems, as old systems becom obsolete.

Risk Management in the Digital Age

A Call to Action for an Enterprise-Wide, Top-Down Approach to Digital Risk Management and Corporate Governance

Taking the Lid Off 3G

New technology seems to promise the world. Just how will 3g telephony live up to its promise and how will it affect business ?

The CEO of The 21st Century

What are the qualities and characteristics that help create successful leaders ? Consider this four-point plan.

The Global Leader of the Future : New Competencies for a New Era

Accenture Consulting (with Marshall Goldsmith) was recently engaged in a multi-country research project aimed at helping global organizations understand the most important characteristics of the leader of the future. Read on to find out more.

The Impact of Future Technology

Welcome to the new future. Complex new innovations and trends are rapidly reshaping markets, industries and society. We have entered a new era where the knowledge of key trends is mission-critical to the future success of every enterprise. Global competition,...

The Life Science Revolution : From The Genome to Mankind

On February 12th, 2001 two different teams of scientists published the Human Genome. The date chosen is symbolic; it is indeed the birthday of Charles Darwin, the author of the theory of evolution. But the question is what does the Human Genome bring...

The Power of Marketing Podcasts

According to a recent survey by Pew Internet and American Life poll, about 22 million Americans own MP3 players or iPods. Those figures perhaps help to explain the growing popularity of podcasts - audio "blogs" or radio shows distributed by RSS and used...

Twist on Technology

A funny thing happens in global research. You begin with an idea, shaped by messages reinforced every day that the world is chaotic - separated by nationality and culture. Yet, with an open mind and careful observation, it’s possible to conclude the...

Value-Based Leadership for the 21st Century

In this the author concentrates on what a leader needs to believe and do in order to promote the high performance that will be required for organizational success in the 21st Century. His premise is that leadership values are the guiding principles that...

10 Ways to Develop A High Global Business IQ

Are you ready to go global ? Here's how it might happen: You receive an e-mail from a contact in Germany asking to buy 20,000 of your widgets. Good grief ! Now what? You're not set up to handle online transactions - you've just finished your website....

5 Reasons Women are Naturals at Going Global

Women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men and becoming a major force both in the traditional and the new global e-business marketplace. Here are five reasons why women are naturals at going global, and how absolutely indispensable they...

50 Ways to Go Global

How do you go global ? Let me count the ways. Here are fifty that will help get you started.

Business Ethics in a Global Marketplace

Globalization creates a unique situation when it comes to ethics and values. when creating value systems in a global business environment, we need to be culturally sensitive.

Charting Your Global Strategy : Consider Cross-border Alliances and Partnerships

In charting your global strategy, consider joining forces with another company of similar size and market presence that is located in a foreign country where you are already doing business, or would like to.

China : A Wakeup Call for the United States

When I was a child, my parents used to say: "Clean your plate because there are starving children in Africa and China. My message has changed. Now I have to tell my kids, "Study, and work hard, because someone in China wants your job."

Creating and Managing International Alliance Relationships

Find out how to form and manage effective alliance relationships, regardless of your company size.

Cross Border Negotiations

Global communications and corporations are advancing but cultural differences remain unchanged, making successful negotiation and trust difficult. This article looks at some cultural differences that can lead to misunderstandings.

Cross Culture in Business and Everyday Life

With so much globalisation, many people find themselves working in a cross-culture environment. How does one cope with the unexpected differences in attitude and working practices?

Diary of a Gloviot

The Global Village Idiot’s View of The World.

Earth as We Knew It

Global living environment has been and is being severely degraded by the imitation, adoption, and expansion of less than environmentally responsible practices. These practices are expanding very fast now as globalization and deregulation drive them headlong...

Globalizing Your Website : Are you Reaching The World

Find out the importance of this activity and how to avoid the common mistakes

Going Global

There are a plethora of issues facing companies who decide to take the plunge and expand their businesses across international borders, not simply for those exporting goods or supplying services to overseas customers, but for those setting up a business...

Going Global in Times of Uncertainty

Is now the best time for your business to diversify into international markets ?

Going Global Requires Company-Wide Commitment

Success in going global is directly related to a company-wide commitment. That company-wide commitment involves you alone if you are a sole proprietor, or in the case of a large corporation, the executive committee, finance, operations, marketing and...

Grow Global: 15 Ways to Find New or Hidden Markets in the World Marketplace

Companies with custom-made industrial products, such as specialized steel and customized machine tools, must adapt in both domestic and foreign markets. So how do you position your business to not just survive – but thrive – during these difficult...

How Successful Multinationals Communicate Interculturally

How do you tackle the daunting challenge of intercultural communications ?

International Expansion Starts With The Right Mindset

The prospect of taking your company into new international markets is exciting, and there are many clear benefits as to why you should consider expanding now more than ever before, such as access to greater revenue opportunities, recognition as a global...

Keying in to Cultural Codes : How to Do Business Overseas

The world gets smaller and smaller everyday. Or does it ? As advances in communications technology continue to shrink time and distance between countries, we have good reason to believe that the "global village" predicted several decades ago has finally...

Leading in a Global World

Globalization is a driving force in business today, have you really confronted its consequences ?

Lessons in Global Leadership : From the Soccer Field

Business leaders tasked with building international teams as part of their global expansion program should learn how it’s done on the soccer field.

Localize Your Presentation for a Global Audience

The art of giving presentations to a global audience.

Making Cultural Differences Work in Your Business

So just how do you ensure that cultural diferences do not adversely effect your business ?

Making the Case for Global Leadership Succession Planning

An issue of The Economist shows that the subject of succession planning is at long last being taken a lot more seriously by organizations.

Minding Your Global Manners

Find out more about global etiquette

Puzzle Palaces

CIOs venturing overseas will learn to assemble the pieces the hard way

Self Development - A Life's Journey

How should I involve myself in the development of others, of systems, of organizations, within society ? Questions that face us whether we are involved in domestic or international, individual, group or organizational development efforts.

Ten Tips for Going Global

Looking to go global ? Here are 10 key issues to consider before embarking on the journey.

The Global Business

Globalisation has made the world a smaller place and has changed the way of doing business in OECD countries. But did you know that a significant part of global integration reflects trade within transnational firms and industries ?

The Next Generation of Global Branding ?

The history and potential future of global branding

Three Major Trends Shape Multinational Corporations Sustainability

Is your industry ready for global tectronics ? Find out more.

Twenty Essential Factors To Consider Before Going Global

Thinking of going global ? Just what factors should you consider beforehand ? As with any powerful international business plan, the first step toward crossing borders is doing your homework. Consider these twenty essential factors before you begin....

Wanted : Chief Globalization Officer

The tidal wave of 9/11, corporate scandals, war in Iraq and economic downturn seems to be subsiding. And with light at the end of the economic tunnel at long last, many organizations will be setting their sights again on overseas expansion.

Where in the World are Your Cross-Border Customers ?

Finding cross-border customers for your export products can be accomplished by means of a range of programs, largely government-sponsored, including trade shows, trade missions, and related trade networking services. This article introduces a number...

Who's Who in Globalization

Determining who is who in globalization ( and in the debate over globalization ) isn't easy. There are famous names who write books but command no specific authority, little-known captains of industry and international trade who set mighty flows of capital...

Worldwide Vision in the Workplace

As the global economy becomes more integrated and companies expand their operation abroad, so they increasingly encompass a wide range of cultures. Kevan Hall discusses the importance of building cultural awareness in order to create harmony, rather than...

CEOs And Boards Are Locked In A Spiral Of Doom

American CEOs are dropping like flies. Boards, armed with new federal rules and stock exchange requirements coming in the wake of the corporate scandals of the past few years, are getting rid of underperforming CEOs at record rates.

Corporate Greed and the Syntonic Syndrome

Joan Pastor sets out details of a pattern - a syndrome - that is indicative of whether an organization is headed toward an “Enron” meltdown as the result of unhealthy leadership.

Creating An Injury-Free Workplace : How To Avoid Corporate Complacency - the Silent Killer

Every day in the United States on the average, 15 workers lose their lives as a result of injuries or illnesses related to their work – that’s over 5700 people. These people leave behind families, friends, and co-workers. The single most common...

Enron, Worldcom And The Rest

Case Studies In Dysfunctional Strengths

Ethical CEOs take action

As we approach the two year anniversary of the Enron accounting scandal and subsequent collapse, the press picks through the skeletal remains what used to be the 7th largest company in America. We have learned some hard lessons.

From Politics to Purpose

No trade association executive, no chairman of the board, need be told that boards and politics go together; it is part of the human condition. And a certain amount of politics is necessary for anything to get done. But, politics is something that...

Getting it Right The First time With Your First Board

What do you need to consider in forming your board in a way that gets the benefits you need from it without the nightmares ?

Leaders Make Values Visible

The corporate credo. Companies have wasted millions of dollars and countless hours of employees’ time agonizing over the wording of statements that are inscribed on plaques and hung on walls. There is a clear assumption that people’s behavior will...

Looking To Sustain High Performance ? Start in the Boardroom

Looks at the problems that arise when there is a misalignment between the Board and CEO.

Privileged Soapbox ?

How to be an effective chairperson

Removing The Lump Under The Boardroom Carpet

The graveyard is full of boards that have been shown to be lacking in effectiveness and who left a legacy other stakeholders look at and wonder, “How could the board have let that happen ?” This has happened to for profit AND not for profit organizations...

Requirements For Effective Boards ... Beyond Fine Tuning

As CEO, you’re accountable for results whether your board helps or hinders you in working toward them. Ensuring that key requirements are met, requirements that affect how well equipped board members are to work together, will provide a sound foundation...

Safety in the Workplace : Be Rigorous, Not Ruthless

You may have read the book Good to Great, by Jim Collins. In his book he explains how many companies thought being good is… well, “good enough.” In these times of constant change and global competition, it is important to always look for improvement...

Will You Lead, Follow or Develop Your Board as Partners ?

Strategies and tools for assessing the board’s effectiveness and closing any existing gaps. This article is the final article in a series of five.

Your Board : Dynamic, Difficult or Detrimental ?

A board can make or break a CEO just as weak internal management can take the CEO down “into the weeds” by having to perform the functions of his/her direct reports. The first article in a series of five.

Your Board : Proactive Partnering or Reactive Interference ?

How the board views and fulfills it's role. The second article in a series of five.

Your Board's Approach to Its Responsibilities : Resting on Laurels or Raising the Bar

The CEO is often in the role of challenging the board to fill its role and add value to the organization. This article is the third in a series intended to help the CEO think through the issues involved in developing a board to contribute meaningfully...

10 Simple Ways to Turn Your Creative Spark into a Flame

Creativity and innovation begin with the spark of an idea. But for so many, the process ends there with no plan to manifest. Understanding simple ways to turn your ideas into action will give you the edge to turn that spark to a flame and rise as a leader...

A short story on brand

An engaging view of the importance of branding

A Theory about Genius ( Part One )

Academics also tried to measure the links between intelligence and genius. But intelligence is not enough to warrant genius.

A Theory about Genius ( Part Two )

Following are thumbnail descriptions of strategies that are common to the thinking styles of creative geniuses in science, art, and industry throughout history.

Achieving Radical Innovation

Innovation is the lifeblood of companies large and small. Innovation allows a company to grow and improve, to compress cycle time, to speed distribution, to reduce manufacturing defects, to improve product quality, and to increase customer satisfaction....

Break down Internal Barriers

The leader has to tear down the internal fences, punish internal politics and reward co-operation. This sometimes calls for drastic or innovative actions.

Can Bad Attitudes Lead to Good Business Innovation ?

I give workshops on creative leadership for major organisations around the world. I always ask delegates, ‘What is impeding innovation in your business ?’ The answers often involve cultural issues such as aversion to risk, complacency or lack of...

CBI Journal 5 : Connected Economy

Innovation in the Connected Economy - A conversation with Clayton Christensen

CBI Journal 7 : Valuing Intangibles

The Invisible Advantage: getting a grip on intangible assets

CBI Journal 8: Connected Innovation

Connectivity reinvents the rules of invention

Create Marketplace Disruption - How to Stay Ahead of the Competition

The old ways lead businesses to sink beneath the marketplace waves, another company dragged under by locked-in anchors. The new approach keeps your ship upright, and able to ride the waves of shifting marketplace storms.

Creating the Best Practice of Tomorrow

The best way to create value is to innovate your way ahead of the competition. You need to create temporary monopolies where yours is the only show in town.

Creating a climate of Empowerment

How can leaders become more receptive, more open to challenging ideas? How can we create a climate that empowers people, allows risk-taking and encourages innovation ?

Creating an Environment for Innovation

Once your company has made a conscious decision to encourage innovation, where and how should you start? How do you encourage people in every part of the company to innovate? In this article, one assumes that one has agreed on a consistent definition...

Creativity and Change equals Innovation

Collins’s story holds lessons for integrating creativity into the workplace. Each of us has the capacity to scale our business challenges creatively. Creativity is a skill that can be taught and learned.

Demystifying Innovation

Find out what makes innovation and how a company can identify components of innovation and assess their effectiveness.

Don't Imitate, Innovate

Competition in all industries will intensify as we enter the new millennium. It is therefore more important than ever to focus on innovation and creatively applying technology to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Entrepreneurs on the Inside

Are you a champion of innovation ?

Fostering Innovation In Small and Mid-Size Companies

They say that, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Have you ever thought deeply about that old saw and its implications ?

How can you build an innovative culture ?

Imagine that you are the newly installed CEO at a company which has done well in the past but is now complacent, stodgy and risk averse. Agile competitors are threatening and you have identified that you need to change the culture to be more adventurous,...

How Unusual Combinations Lead to Breakthrough Ideas

Think outside of the box to improve your business

Idea Receptiveness Survey

This survey was carried out over the internet in 2006 and early 2007 to assess attitudes towards receptiveness to new ideas within organizations. The results indicate that most people consider themselves to be much more receptive to new ideas than their...

In Search of the New Age CEO

As technology continues to transform the nature of doing business in the 21st century, leadership assumes an ever larger and more critical role in the mobilizing of human and other resources around an organization, a product, a competitive challenge....

Innovation Calls For Leadership

Seizing the opportunities of tomorrow calls for leadership. It means taking off the blinders of what is in order to see what could be.

Innovation Means Relying on Everyone's Creativity

Innovation has always been a primary challenge of leadership. Today we live in an era of such rapid change and evolution that leaders must work constantly to develop the capacity for continuous change and frequent adaptation, while ensuring that identity...

Innovation Through Accidents and Controlled Chaos

The innovation paradox: Random, chaotic, and unpredictable innovations need a stable management system and process to nurture the growth and development of "lucky breaks."

Innovative Learning in the Workplace

Lee Kwok Hoong looks at the renewed focus on learning and its impact on overall economic performance.

Innovative Measures

Are your profits getting pounded because of pricing pressures ? No matter how you cut it, continued SUCCESS in virtually any business TAKES REAL INNOVATION.

Leadership in a Creative Organization

Creative talent is fiercely independent, aloof, rejects any form of training or discipline, temperamental, egotistical and completely selfish.

Leadership's Most Vital T-A-S-K

How to lead your organization towards greater innovation in today’s chaotic business world.

Leading by creating value

In a more efficient organization, value creation can only result from nurturing creativity.

Maximising Performance, Unleashing Potential

Maximising performance and competence is high on the agenda of any organisation. So how do we encourage each and every individual to maximise their own potential and build their competence ?

Put Your Best People on Innovation

Many businesses make the mistake of giving innovation projects to junior executives. It seems natural to hand innovation opportunities to enthusiastic and promising upstarts. But generally it is the experienced heavyweights who can overcome all the...

Quality and Creativity - Enemies or Allies ?

Can quality and creativity cohabit in the same house or are they natural enemies ? Can a quality process be applied to innovation?

Seeking Initiative and Innovation ? Reward Failure

If you want to increase initiative and innovation, you have to encourage and embrace failure. A culture that punishes less-than-ideal risk-related outcomes will stifle both initiative and innovation

Selling to the Value Driven Buyer

Your customers are demanding more, yet looking for ways to pay less. You're facing new and hungrier competitors. You're being challenged as never before to differentiate your firm's products in a "commodity" market. And you're not alone.

Siemens Find an Unlimited Source of Ideas

Does your business have an effective employee suggestions scheme ?

Successful Failures

Key characteristic of learning leaders; they refuse to be trapped by "conventional wisdom" or what others say is or isn't possible. Highly effective leaders go against the odds – or just ignore them.

Ten Top Tips for the Innovative Leader

You cannot expect your team to be innovative if they do not know the direction in which they are headed. Innovation has to have a purpose.

The 7 Secrets of Big Picture Thinkers

Now there is a way for you to connect with your larger vision and see it through to success. You can bring out the creative thinker in you by following these 7 success tips. Whatever direction you’re headed, these strategies will help you move forward...

The Invisible Advantage of Innovation

An excerpt from "Invisible Advantage: How Intangibles Are Driving Business Performance" shows how today innovation needs to take place throughout a company, not simply in the research division.

The Man Behind the Microchip

Bob Noyce took me under his wing," Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs explains. "I was young, in my twenties. He was in his early fifties. He tried to give me the lay of the land, give me a perspective that I could only partially understand." Jobs continues,...

True Value of Unworkable Ideas

We often think of unworkable ideas as a waste of time and effort. But unworkable ideas often lead to good ones. This happens so frequently that it's worth reconsidering how we handle ideas before we know they are unworkable, and how we handle their authors...

"Asking" to Lead Customer Focus, Learning, and Commitments for Your Group or Team

The word relationships has reached buzzword status. Every enterprise has them and most view customer relationships as something to be managed.

Knowledge Management : Shaping the Profession

The people who were helping to implement the knowledge management process were de facto knowledge managers even if they didn't have "knowledge" in their job titles. But If knowledge management has become a profession, what do the job descriptions sound...

Leading Minds : An Anatomy of Leadership

While it is important that a leader be a good storyteller, it is crucial that the story be embodied in his or her life.

Learning Organizations ( Part 1 )

Organizational learning involves individual learning, and those who make the shift from traditional organization thinking to learning organizations develop the ability to think critically and creatively.

Learning Organizations ( Part 2 )

Organization development (OD) focuses on the human side of organizations. It is believed that individuals who have some control over how their work is done will be more satisfied and perform better.

Learning Organizations ( Part 3 )

Humankind has succeeded over time in conquering the physical world and in developing scientific knowledge by adopting an analytical method to understand problems.

Learning Organizations ( Part 4 )

The concept of the learning organization arises out of ideas long held by leaders in organizational development and systems dynamics.

Learning Un-Learning and Re-Learning

Today's business realities are teaching us that individuals and organizations must be competent at learning, un-learning and re-learning faster, deeper, and more often.

Nurturing Knowledge to Power Innovation Dynamics

Knowledge is hot, and deservedly so. Knowledge leadership entails market leadership.

The New Economy and Partnering

Developing more interaction with effective partnerships, in an economy that is becoming more open and automated.

The Power of Superior Knowledge and Skills

Certainly in many organisations these things are often confused with leadership. In Maslow's terms, people who do this are the "esteem - trippers".

The Problem with Time Management

If you've been living in the corporate world for some time, you've probably attended a training session where one of the exercises was to conduct a "time spent" analysis in order to increase your efficiency. You cracked open your calendar, reviewed how...

Thinking about Knowledge Management and Decision Making

How do we deal with uncertainties ? The human "twin mental machine" of bounded rationality and intuition is addressed through Synmind technology. It approaches knowledge generation through the use of intuitive and rational pathways in equivalent and competitive...

When Training Undermines Corporate Success

The necessity for change in the education and training industry.

10 Management Lessons

Once you have hired these good people, how do you manage them ?

21st Century Leadership: Got What It Takes ?

It has been said that, in the 21st century, the very nature, speed and complexity of change will change. If that is indeed the case, then so too will the nature of leadership. What made the leaders of yesterday will not make the leaders of tomorrow. ...

3 Simple Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line by Tapping Your Most Valuable Asset, Your People

3 specific strategies manufacturers can apply to develop, maintain or recapture employee motivation, morale and engagement so that your employees are truly assets bringing high value to the work environment.

5 Irrefutable, Non-Negotiable Laws of Leadership

Leaders, new and old, sometimes lose sight of the most fundamental tenets of leadership. Here’s a reminder…

7 Steps to create a Culture of Character

You don’t have to be a CEO, CFO or any other type of alphabet soup kind of leader to create a culture of character in your company. You can change your department and create the kind of company you are proud to lead. You can make a difference.

A Failure to Lead - A Failure to Communicate

The impact of the failure to communicate and steps to ensure improvement in communication within the business environment.

A Hired Hand With A Mission

Are the best CEO's hired hands but with a mission ?

A Lasting Leadership Lesson : How One Leadership Talk By George Washington Saved The Revolution ( An

The most important victory of the Revolutionary War was not achieved at Saratoga or Yorktown, but in a log hut in 1783 when George Washington put an end to a rebellion by his troops by giving a soft-spoken “Leadership Talk”.

A Look in the Mirror Can Help Leaders Develop

Some forty years ago in a classic Harvard Business Review article entitled The Power To See Ourselves, Paul J. Brower wrote that the difference between a great and not so great leader is often not a difference in ability, rather the difference lies in...

A Micro Look at Leadership Development

Are leaders made or born ? This has been discussed by management scholars for years. Leaders are not born as great leaders, great managers, or great CEOs. In fact, each is born a baby.

A Simple Bright White Belt

"Let us enthusiastically celebrate your new path in becoming a Sensei, or master teacher. Then, like me, you will...

A Story of Two Crises : SARS and September 11th

Even the most effective leaders find themselves vulnerable during a crisis. The need for quick decision making with inadequate information forces them to lead from the heart, rather than from the mind. Intuitive responses render their emotional constitution...

Accountability as a Trump to Skill

Very well aware of the pathetic state of training out there, I would try to make the point that accountability is far more important than knowledge or skill.

Adaptive Leadership : Leadership Theory or Theoretical Derivative ?

Adaptive leadership is currently an accepted leadership approach that is considered by some as a developing leadership theory. Results also indicate that adaptive leadership is widely accepted by some as a derivative of other leadership theories such...

Are You a Lateral Leader?

There is no one correct way to manage. Ultimately the right way to manage is one that works for you and which works for the organization in delivering the goals you set out to achieve.

Are your people better off when they leave than when they got there ?

The good news is that the skills of servant leadership can be learned and applied by most people who have the will and intent to change, grow and improve.

Art of Leadership - Human Side of Enterprise (Part One)

The article looks at at the need to change leadership techniques in the changing world of business, focusing on establishing a rapport with people.

Art of Leadership - Human Side of Enterprise (Part Two)

Part two of this article looks at Leaders at all levels, and the importance of women in today's leadership.

Authentic Leadership: Reducing the Gap between Lived and Espoused Values

The gap between what a company says it stands for and what actually drives daily decisions creates a significant source of lost potential.

Authenticity & Leadership

A leader’s shortcomings are often the reason why there are so many weak and ailing organizations. Authenticity is the key!

Battlefield Lessons for Business Leaders

Many of the methods we use in our sales campaigns, marketing strategies and competitive tactics are based on military analogies.

Becoming the Employer of Choice - How to boost staff loyalty – without buying it

If you think you have staffing shortages, you ain’t seen nothing! Come to my town, Calgary, Alberta and we’ll talk. The economy of this boom town is so overheated that managers and business owners are scrambling to hang-on to even mediocre employees....

Best Leadership Advice from 7 Top Leaders

Leaders inspire us by what they say, how they say it, and what they do. You must believe in yourself, your employees, and your message.

Building Personal and Organizational Resilience

Resilience is the capacity to "bounce back" after disappointment, setbacks or even disasters. It is a leadership attribute that is crucial in unpredictable times or in the face of tough circumstances.

Building Savvy Companies: 7 Steps Leaders Can Take To Liberate Thinking

Forming the second part of three articles looking at how companies can do better thinking and through it, gain a competitive edge, this article explores the seven steps a leader can take to expect and generate rigorous thinking within the company.

Changing Role of Leadership: Building Partnerships

A concise account of what it takes to build effective partnerships, based on comprehensive research.

Character Lessons From The Corporate Reform Bill

Much has happened since last summer’s passing of the Corporate Reform Bill; CEOs quietly began putting their ethical houses in order while the ink was still drying, a beefed up SEC has served up lightening fast indictments and executives caught up in...

Character-based Leadership: 3 Steps to Win the Battle for the Soul of Your Organization

Would you believe me if I told you that some of the most successful CEOs I meet are more concerned about the character of their companies than their financial results? They believe the daily tests of their organization’s character – what their team...

Character-centered Leadership

We know that when times are the worst it brings out the best and the worst in human character. Our headlines are filled weekly with stories of shareholder lawsuits, accounting fraud and white-collar crime. You need only to pick up a morning paper or watch...

Character: Is It Necessary In Leadership?

An element of leadership ignored or neglected by many leaders is character. The author observes that character can actually drive leadership results.

Charisma of US Presidents

The purpose of this study was to illuminate the nature of charismatic leadership in the modern American presidency. A brief review of charisma and three charismatic leadership theories (transformational, behavioral, and attributional) follows.

Conflict Resolution

Some simple but excellent advice on how to handle conflict.

Corporate Values Provide Strong Foundations for Organisational Effectiveness

I once worked for an organisation that seemed to embody the epitome of the ideal. In fact, everything the management gurus suggest should be evident in the “excellent” organisation, was there. Employees who were dedicated, management who cared about...

Dealing with Resistance: A Leaders Achilles Heel?

Smart leaders deal with resistance differently than those who are vexed, annoyed or confused by the challenge. Simply stated, their attitude is one of engagement, not dismissal.

Demystifying Today’s Leadership Challenges

This article looks to demystify the process of leadership and to provide practical and pragmatic advice to those new to the role and those who are already well established leaders.

Developing A Team Or Organization Vision

Vision is the critical focal point and beginning of high performance. But a vision alone won't make it happen. Unless the hard work of striving, building, and improving follows, even the most vibrant vision will remain only a dream.

Developing Superior Performance

There are five critical responsibilities of a leader. When these responsibilities are fulfilled they provide direction, boundaries and empowerment. When they are not fulfilled the blind end up leading the blind and both fall into the ditch.

Diagnosing MBA Clones and Initiating a De-cloning Process

MBA clones pose an imminent and tangible threat to the competitiveness of the companies they work for. Similar MBA programs and information sources, similar agendas and vocabulary – all result in mass executive molding and standardization of thinking...

Discovering Everyday Gratitude at Work:

How to Appreciate & Actually Enjoy What You Do at Work

Distributed Leadership in a Global Landscape

Distributed Leadership is the ONLY way for organizations to handle the complexities and speed of the modern world.

Don't Just Check The Box

Why your say-so won't make it so - and how to follow up.

Edgewalking: The Emerging New Century Leadership Paradigm

As our world grows increasingly complex and, in many cases divided, the need for global leaders who understand and embrace the gifts of diversity, has become more critical than ever.

Effectively Influencing Decision Makers: Ensuring That Your Knowledge Makes a Difference

11 guidelines to help you do a better job of influencing decision-makers - either be immediate or upper managers, or peers or cross-organizational colleagues. Do a better job in converting...

Eight Drivers of the High-Impact Leader

Success and failure as a leader depend on the same personal choices and practices — ways of being, deep within — that have a profound impact.

Einstein, The Universe, and Leadership

After a quest of several decades to identify the differences between great leaders and poor leaders, leadership expert Brent Filson has taken a cue from Albert Einstein and the great physicist's quest to find the unified field theory of the universe....

Elan at Work

Where energy FLOWED, where people or an organization were either at one with the moment, or where something turned – was in the process of turning.

Empowerment: what it is and what it is not

Lays out in a straightforward manner what empowerment is, common misconceptions around it, and a process for increasing the chances that employees will be successfully empowered.

Enabling and Empowering Authentic Transformational Leaders

Find out more about authentic leadership and learn how to achieve all that you ever meant to in your life!

Ever Felt That Working in a Circus Would be a Better Option

Have you ever wondered if it might be easier to run away and join a circus – at least it would be part of your job description to keep all the balls in the air while maintaining balance at the same time!

Five Essential Qualities of Leadership

Angelo Valenti highlights what he perceives to be the five essential qualities necessary in order to become a successful leader today.

Five Key Facets of High Performance Leadership

In working with leaders we have isolated five key characteristics that successful leaders demonstrate. These work extremely well whether the emphasis is on 'quality' or some other approach to building and sustaining a customer focused, team based organization...

Five Major Reasons Employees Choose To Stay

I recently consulted to an international management consulting firm. The partners hire only the best and brightest. They pay their employees well and offer challenging work assignments. However, they work their employees very hard, monitor their time...

Four Dimensional Leadership

We must develop the capability to see our world anew, every day. The rate of change requires it.

Four Voices of Leadership

Exploration of the interplay of four narrative voices of leadership described in Ole Fogh Kirkeby's (2000) book.

Four Ways to Achieve Great Results ... Continually

Great results are not truly great unless they are being achieved on a continual basis. This article shows four ways to make it happen.

Gaining An Edge: Authentic Leadership Lessons

What is "Authentic Leadership"? Here is a practical example of Authentic, value-driven Leadership, from The Estrella Insurance Group.

Get out of the Communication Stone Age : Give Leadership Talks

When it comes to getting our messages across, are we really stuck in the Stone Age?

Getting Results Beyond Words

The delivery of a message is as integral as the words in a message. We can't persuade others to our point of view when we send a mixed message.

Great Leaders are Effective Interpreters

Managers are auditors. They keep tabs on what’s happening in the organization and make sure work gets out the door. That’s crucial to organizational performance, but it’s not leadership.

Growing the Leader in Us

Leadership is a verb, not a noun. Leadership is action, not a position. Leadership is defined by what we do, not the role we are in.

Have the Courage to Ask (1)

The leader of the past knew how to tell, the leader of the future will know how to ask.

Help Your Employees Do More in Less Time

Employees who are overworked are more likely to exhibit anxiety, make mistakes at work, harbor angry feelings about their employer and resent coworkers who don't pull their share of the load.

How Communication Can Help You Reinvigorate Your Relationships

In a good relationship both parties are committed to telling the ‘truth’, and have agreed upon goals for the relationship. These goals need not be the same although they should not be completely opposite to each other.

How Effective is Your Leadership Style?

Motivating employees according to their needs

How to be a General Manager

General Managers make a personal commitment to take responsibility even if others can’t quite take it on themselves.

How To Become A Great Leader

Many bosses find themselves in leadership positions without ever having consciously made the choice to become a leader, let alone a great leader.

How to Develop a Personal Vision

Achieving a balance between 'dreaming' about a desired future state and living in the current state is difficult.

How to Go From Peer to Manager in 5 Easy Steps

Leadership is a skill, and one that is as critical at your first promotion as it is for a Fortune 100 CEO. Making the leap means a change from how you behaved before.

How to Motivate & Increase Your Employees’ Want-to-Cooperate Factor

You need to be aware of a basic motivational, psychological truth. People only change when they want to.

If You are a Leader, are You a Peacemaker?

Good leadership moves beyond selfish ambition to help resolve conflict and achieve peace. Good leaders recognize the dynamics needed for peace and are able to cultivate it.

Infusing Your Organization with Energy and Hope

We can strengthen our connections, our commitments, and even our enthusiasm by working to nurture our feelings of appreciation and diligently communicating them, both individually and in public

Insanity to Prophesy

Public lunacy all too often wins a throne seat. The world, as Balzac grimly predicted, is an insane asylum run by the inmates.

Inspire People to Change

Leaders inspire us by what they say, how they say it, and what they do. You must believe in yourself, your employees, and your message.

Integrating Adaptive Leadership into the Military Decision-making Process

Adaptive leadership is an accepted leadership practice that facilitates leading in a difficult and changing environment, while encountering adaptive threats that change and evolve tactics, techniques, and procedures on a weekly to monthly basis.

Is Getting Rid of Followers Good Leadership?

Leaders need followers. In fact, a leader’s performance is often defined by the performance of followers. What are the circumstances under which leaders resort to the dismissal of followers?

It's Not About The Coach

The best leaders may be the ones least noticed.

Judgment and Strength of a Leader

The greatest psychological challenge in setting and acting on priorities has to do with resource allocation. Whether in a group meeting or through conventional budgeting and capital approval processes, you have to demonstrate judgment and courage in making...

Leaders are Learned Optimists

Optimists excite and arouse others to action by helping them see, believe in, and reach for what could be. To become effective leaders — to see beyond what is to what could be — we need to become "learned optimists."

Leaders Care for Organization Culture and Context

If an organization's Focus and Context or culture is to be widely owned by everyone who will draw from and give it meaning, they need to be involved in its development.

Leaders in Short Supply Just When We Need Them

Leadership is essential to an organization, especially in times of change. Yet, experts say there is a looming shortage of leadership talent. Is there really a crisis in leadership talent, what’s causing it, and what can organizations do about it?

Leaders Need Feelings

It never ceases to amaze me that people fight feelings.Life brings with it feelings.

Leaders Need to be Seen

During my years with a Fortune 50 company, I observed how leaders developed increasingly narrow vision as they moved up the organization charts.

Leadership - Do We Know What It Is? Four Pointers To Start You On The Road To Becoming a Leader.

It might be reasonable to assume that leadership can be developed. However, there has been and still is considerable debate on the issue. Even the experts are divided. This article shows how everyone, irrespective of their position, can develop leadership...

Leadership - Take it Personally

The importance and 'real' meaning of personal leadership.

Leadership - Todays Requirements and Tomorrows Challenges

Being a good leader is much more about who you are and how you manifest that than about what you know. Leadership is the art of getting people to accomplish things they never thought they could. Leadership is taking people to places they've never been...

Leadership Development is Essential When Dealing With Change

The demand for leadership development and executive education is stronger than ever, especially given its recognized role as a catalyst to drive corporate performance. By all indications, corporations place great importance on this type of training and...

Leadership is a Contact Sport

The 'follow up Factor' in management development

Leadership vs. Managing People

An interesting essay which helps distingush between Leadership and Management, with practical advice.

Leadership – The One and Only PathTo Becoming a Leader

Everyone can not become a leader, but every one can engage in a lot more leadership!

Leadership, Seeing Describing and Pursuing Whats Possible

Historians spend their lives dissecting the past; leaders focus their energies on the future. They see, describe, and pursue new possibilities with great vigor. Leaders are confident there is always something higher to achieve, a new level of excellence...

Leading Brethren in Freemasonry

Leadership within Freemasonry, however, is unlike the leadership roles traditionally come across in business or society generally.

Leading in Uncertainty - What’s Important Now?

Employees want to be who they are at work. For them to demonstrate loyalty to a company, there has to be a compelling reason – one that is more meaningful than their surface wants.

Leading with Spirit: Today's Spiritual CEO

Ted Collins talks eloquently about the need to get spirituality back into business.

Learning to Lead in a Different Space

Much has been written over the years about leadership, leadership vs. management, the necessary shift from command-and-control to an empowering leadership style etc., etc. This issue of Executive Insight will add nothing new to this debate.

Level 1 Leadership Communication - Becoming the Leader You Want/Need to Be

This is about becoming self-aware and defining yourself as a leader, then committing to be the type of leader you want to be, and then acting congruently and consistently with that definition.

Listening, the Doorway to Employee Commitment

Excerpted from the Book “Leading People to be Highly Motivated and Committed"

Living Large

Each of us carries within us the abilities to write the stories of our lives. We choose, every day, whether we will make our lives small or large. It is never too late to amend the script, to craft a new ending.

Losing Perspective: The #1 Mistake Senior Executives Make

Most executives approach the corner office with good intentions: they want to lead effectively, be fair, articulate goals, and motivate their employees to follow them up any hill. But too many get blindsided along the way because they lose perspective....

Loyalty from Leadership: Holding the Team Together

Loyalty – devotion or allegiance to a group, person or cause. Loyalty is a highly valued character trait desired between employers and employees. All teams as well as organizations hang together or fall apart because loyalty. Loyalty, trust and commitment...

Managing Difficult People

Managers deal with a wide range of personalities. Most people are cooperative and reasonable. However, some employees are very difficult to be around and work with. Difficult people absorb a lot of a manager's time and attention."

Managing Things and Managing People

High-performing teams and organizations balance the discipline of systems, processes, and technology management on a base of effective people leadership.

Mary and the leadership evolution

We need great leaders at every level,

Morale As A Reflection On Leadership

Several years ago, as a fairly large company that I was working for struggled with ownership and significant financial issues, I had the President of the company ask me to explain concerns with morale I had expressed.

Myth of Command and Control

The chief executive officer (CEO) is a god in the Valhalla of public business, the only authority in the western hemisphere, especially now religion and also government are loosing their status more and more.

Neuroscience and the Three Brains of Leadership

A new field of leadership development is emerging, known as mBIT (multiple...

New Leadership for a New War

Military analysts call this asymmetrical war (as if war has a terrible symmetry); and we know that it will be as different from conventional war as three-dimensional, blindfolded chess is from conventional chess. But one thing is certain, leadership...

Not All MBA Programs Are Created Equal

There are regular cycles in the business world. There are times of growth, times of retrenchment, and times to challenge the value of the MBA degree, long the ticket to a top leadership position in corporate America.

Of Good Kings and Bad Leadership

Casting yourself as something apart and superior would seem a great way to turn your people off and assure their determined rejection or resistance to anything you say or might attempt to do.

Organisational Transformation requires Strategists and Magicians

A succinct article on Leadership development stages applied to change situations. Includes a discussion of Bill Torbert's Leadership model.

Organizational Leadership Mistakes – The #1 Way Business Leaders Unknowingly Sabotage Trust

Trust is the fuel that propels teams and organizations to high-levels of success. Yet, organizational leaders today unknowingly do almost everything in their power to sabotage trust.

Organizational Leadership: 3 Principles For Higher Leadership Effectiveness

As a Marine Aviator, business owner, and consultant, I have dedicated many years to honing my leadership and development skills – both organizational and personal. In my experiences I discovered three simple principles that, when properly applied,...

People Acumen

You know you've discovered a leader with people acumen when you see evidence that the person selects the right people and motivates them,

People That Live in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Be Leaders

Take an idea and make it a new reality. Great leadership is where it begins and where it ends.

Playing with a Full Deck - Introduction & Foreword

The foreword, by Ken Blanchard, to Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck". FREE DOWNLOAD

Playing with a Full Deck - Part 1

Part 1 of Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck". FREE DOWNLOAD

Playing with a Full Deck - Part 2

Part 2 of Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck". FREE DOWNLOAD


Playing with a Full Deck - Part 3

Part 3 of Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck". FREE DOWNLOAD


Playing with a Full Deck - Part 4

Part 4 of Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck". FREE DOWNLOAD

Playing with a Full Deck - Part 5

Part 5 of Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck". FREE DOWNLOAD

Playing with a Full Deck - Part 6

Part 6 of Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck". FREE DOWNLOAD

Playing with a Full Deck - Part 7

Part 7 of Tom Vanderbeck's "Playing with a Full Deck" (the final section of the book). FREE...

Poetic Reflections: On Being A Mountain

A mountain must endure the seasons and range of climate conditions. At times, you and I must also stand alone and lean forward against the turbulence and seasonal contexts.

Principles of Good Writing

Managers and leaders must express their ideas clearly, concisely, and completely when speaking or writing. If your written messages aren’t clear or lack important details, people will be confused and will not know how to respond.

Quotations of John W Gardner

John W. Gardner was an activist, a public servant and an educator who promoted the common good and improved the lives of millions of Americans by helping to implement the sweeping social reforms of the 1960s. He died in 2002. Be inspired by the words...

Resistance to Change means Resistance to learning

Resistance to change means resistance to learning. This article details 5 Steps leaders can take to spark positive change and renewal with their teams

Responsibility as a Prerequisite to Leadership

Leadership, because it goes far beyond rank or position, is both in the appearance and in the exercising of authority in the accomplishment of tasks.

Servant Leader delegate and is committed to the growth of people

Managers delegate work not to just relieve their workload, but to allow the employees they supervise to grow professionally.

Seven Step Solution for Successful Inclusive Leadership

Employees are more empowered and more productive when they feel included. People feel more included when they have information that helps them do their job. They are able to serve the needs of customers when someone asks to speak to the CEO, or General...

Solid Leadership Advice: 10 Ideas For Building Your Leadership Bench Strength & Improving Company Pe

When it comes to leadership bench strength, some company benches are dangerously light. These companies, from large corporations to small and mid-sized businesses, lack the talent needed to sustain or grow the business beyond its current level. ...

Storytelling CEOs Generate Success

Is storytelling an option for your company? With some focus, it can be an effective way for leaders to share and learn from wisdom and experience. And it is from those interactions that an organization's context, meaning, character and culture evolve....

Surving the terrible Two (thousands): A Leader's Guide

This is an opportunity of a lifetime to make changes and position an organization for the future. But you need to act on it.”

Talent Management Key to Filling Leadership Gap

For years, experts have been pointing to a crisis in leadership. But this isn't a crisis of accountability, it is a crisis of availability. We're running short of leaders.

The 20 Sins of Leadership

Have you ever wondered why some well-meaning individuals fail so consistently and miserably in their attempts at leading others?

The 20/60/20 Rule of Leadership - Don't Go Solving The Wrong Problems

Leaders often hamper their effectiveness by focusing on solving problems that eventually turn out to be the wrong problems. Here is a tool to help you focus on the right problems and solve them in the right ways.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Organizational Communication

There are some very clear rules about how to mis-communicate - so don't do it!

The Art of Enlightened Leadership

Make enlightenment a priority in your life, to enable you to produce great results and improve your organization.

The DNA of Top Achievers

An article from popular e-zine writer Chris Widener, on the "core and fibre" of Leaders.

The Go Pointer’s Guide to Unforced Errors

All in all, our decision-making equipment is pretty sound. We don’t follow the lead lemming over a cliff. We can’t be fooled into thinking that a 99-cent lure is a meal. We don’t try to catch car fenders with our teeth. Then again, it wasn’t a...

The Law of Attraction: How Some Leaders Attract Great Followers

What attracts us to some leaders, and makes us avoid others?

The Leadership Advantage

The key to future competitive advantage will be the organization's capacity to create the social architecture capable of generating intellectual capital. And leadership is the key to realizing the full potential of intellectual capital.

The Leadership Quadrants

How can a leader turn around a business that has been poorly led?

The Mind, Body and Soul: Leading the Way through the Challenges of Growth

A useful way to view the implementation of strategies for effective organizational growth is the image of three rocks held together by a rubber band.

The Missing Wisdom School of Modern Management

How do people learn what counts in today's organisational world? How do they learn about people, about good practice, about diversity? James Traeger examines this topic

The Motivating Power of Vision

Engage your team members – heart and soul

The Sinking of the Titanic: An Analogy of Failed Leadership

The real reason the Titanic went down - Leadership failed.

The Success Delusion

Always balance the confidence that got you here - where you are - with the humility required to get you there - where you have the potential to go.

Those that drive the nail and those that blame the hammer

If you are not asking your people for excellence, I can promise they will never deliver it. A bigger problem is in our not asking our people for anything and our willingness to accept the result.

Thought Killers: How Leaders Lower Their Followers IQs And What To Do About It

Forming the first part of three articles looking at how companies can do better thinking and through it, gain a competitive edge, this article looks at how leaders stifle and restrict thinking in their organizations - usually unintended but destructive...

Thought Partnerships Build A Company's Thinking Skills

Dan looks at how the quality of a company’s thinking skills can be critical to delivering peak performance and achieving success

Thoughts on Leadership, from Warren Bennis

Here Dr. Bennis shares his insights on what separates good leaders from bad ones -- and how ordinary managers can become extraordinary leaders.

Three Factors of Leadership Motivation

Leaders do nothing more important than get results. But you can't get results by yourself. You need others to help you do it. And the best way to have other people get results is not by ordering them but motivating them.

Three Legs of Persuasion

A simple definition of leadership is"Influence". Chris' article looks at what it takes to become an extraordinary leader.

Three Steps Toward the Extraordinary

There is no substitute for your stepping in and being the leader, but training, process and communication can make this more comfortable for you and your staff.

Thriving! A Strategy for Survival

If 2004 is to become a year of recovery, senior leaders must lead by example and exercise muscles which may have atrophied

Tips for Effective Leadership: Do Not Have Goals and Objectives

We’ve all heard how important it is to set goals and objectives. I disagree. Instead, I recommend that you establish one HOG - a Humongous Overarching Goal - that drives employees' energies in laser-like fashion in a singular direction for the next...

To be or not to be Average

The average persons focus is on what the world's standard is. The above average persons focus is on his own standard.

Transformational Leadership in the 21st Century: Shakespeare on Leadership

Shakespeare has much to say to all leaders and a careful study of his work and what it says about leadership is a creative and powerful strategy.

Transforming the Harried Leader into a Gifted One

This article details the importance of utlising the organization's potential and supporting the best work of others in order to maximise the company's performance

Understanding Risk: A Core Competency of Leaders

One of the great paradoxes of our time is that we are healthier, wealthier, wiser and live longer than ever before, yet we are increasingly afraid of the unpredictability and complexity inherent in an exponentially changing world and the attendant risks...

Unleash Your Natural Leader

Being a Natural Leader is about being the natural you, before you took on beliefs and assumptions about your environment, and your own identity. This article investigates the essence of the Natural Leader and provides some steps for personal development....

Visionary Leadership

Visionary leadership is transformative. It involves greatness, penetrating the ordinary, and reaching through time to bring out the best the world has to offer. A visionary leader anticipates events, influences the future and enables people to flourish...

Walking the Walk – A Readers Guide to Accountability

You have the perfect business plan, your location is great, you have knowledgeable and experienced staff, you have provided training to all staff members, your marketing is cutting edge and your business is failing. What could possibly have gone wrong?...

Wanted: A Dictionary-Perfect Leader

Answers are often before our very eyes or in front of our noses - particularly if we read the American Heritage Dictionary!

What does it Take to be a Truly Visionary Leader?

What does it take to be a truly visionary leader?

What Followers Want From Their Leaders

Leaders cannot exist without followers, nor can followers exist without leaders. Heller and Van Til agree “leadership and followership are linked concepts.” This means neither can happen without the other. The compliance of the followers is the mirror...

What is Leadership

Leadership is not actually separable from Leaders. The separation is only analytical. It is a distinction that is necessary to make for the sake of communicating our understanding, but it is not real.

What is Leadership?

This article delves into some of the questions frequently asked about leadership.

What Keeps CEOs Up At Night?

It’s time to move leadership capability development to center stage. To make it as much of a strategic priority as the next major acquisition or product launch; to put passion, emphasis, resources and accountability to the challenge.

What Leaders Do: A Checklist

A checklist to assist you in rating leaders, in developing leaders and, most importantly, in becoming a more successful leader yourself,

What You Can Learn about Being a Leader

Have you ever wondered why some well-meaning individuals fail so consistently and miserably in their attempts at leading others?

When Genius Fails

For genius to succeed, it must listen, truly listen, without pre-conceived notions or premature judgment, to an inner voice that acknowledges and reconciles the mental barriers that plague us all as human beings.

When Silence Isn't Golden

Communication breakdown is a huge problem in the workplace. Call it the "moose on the table": Everyone knows this problem of lack of candour is there, but they prefer to ignore it or pretend it doesn't exist.

When the Golden Rule Doesn't Work

Treating others the way we want to be treated may not work - they aren't us!

Who is Afraid of a Little Conflict?

Practical ways to recognise and resolve conflict.

Why Coaching Clients Give Up - And How Effective Goal Setting Can Make a Positive Difference

Why do people so frequently give up in their quest for personal improvement? Most of us understand that “New Year’s resolutions” seldom last through January – much less for the entire year! What goes wrong?

Winning Or Losing Depends On Having The Right People

Today, business success is measured in TALENT — the RIGHT talent for the RIGHT job. Jim Collins said in his book, From Good to Great, “People are not your most important asset. The right people are. Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people...

Winning through Adversity

Is there a way to use adversity itself to build a solid base for achievement, regardless of upturns or downturns? Is it possible to minimize risk without limiting achievement by sticking with the mediocre majority? It is indeed. This paper will show you...

Your Leadership Legacy, One Way to Set Goals

Thinking in terms of legacy can change current thinking. It helps me to focus on what is truly important.

3 Reasons Under-Performing Employees In Your Company Are Not At Fault

Before proclaiming employees are unmotivated, and/or unwilling, to perform to expectations start evaluating these three workforce mistakes from an organizational leadership perspective

33 Myths

There are 33 traditional and voguish beliefs that, on the basis of their research, the authors of The Enthusiastic Employee say have little or no basis in reality. Read on to find out more.

A New Age of Small Unit Leadership

The key to the job is leadership, small-unit leadership, leadership of the most basic units or teams of an organization. Without good leadership in front-line units the squad leaders and platoon commanders or their business counterparts, the supervisors...

Approaching Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Management Issues with the Fishbone Diagram

The Fishbone Diagram, a causality approach common among managers and team leaders when ensuring quality, is a good way of finding the root of a problem.

Are Your Communication Strategies Really Engaging Employees?

The ultimate aim in employee communication has to be to create the “Aha!” moment.

Becoming a Sales Consultant

It’s time to put to rest all the ugly sales stereotypes we have heard for years.

Break the Rules

How often do you hear leaders using sport as an analogy for their business? We need teamwork like Real Madrid. We want performance like the Ferrari formula one team. We want commitment like the Europeans in the Ryder Cup. But are these analogies really...

Business Leadership for Industry

The Enlightened Leadership Matrix delivers a proven, comprehensive, and profit-driven methodology for quantifying all levels of organizational performance, determining straightforward responses to complex management challenges

Candid Conversations: How to Drive the Political Correctness “Elephant” Out of Your Workplace

The failure to honestly and directly confront poor performance or unwise courses of action becomes the proverbial elephant in the workplace

Communicate and Prosper

How much has poor communication cost your company in the past twelve months? Chances are, you have no idea. Chances are even better it's a lot more than you can afford.

Corporate Culture: The Distorted View From The Top

Have you ever been told about a decision made by senior management and asked yourself, “Is the CEO taking stupid pills with his orange juice?” Have you ever wondered, “How could senior management be so out of touch? They don’t have a clue about...

Creating a Culture and Brand That Makes and Actually Keeps Brand Promises

It's one thing to make a promise. It's quite another to keep it.

Creating an Information-Sharing Culture

Looks at the need to introduce a sharing culture into business.

Creating Pride: What Great Managers Do To Improve Retention

Creating a high retention workplace has more to do with good managers than anything else. Yes, you have to pay people well. Sure, you have to provide decent benefits. But first it begins with leadership.

Ed Norton Plumbing Contractors - Case Study

How to think about getting the work done whilst also building a "dream team"

Effective Facilitation: Interpersonal Radar

What it really takes to be a good facilitator

Effective Instruction: Aligning Needs, Goals, and Purpose

From birth on, learning is what we do as we encounter new situations. It is how we explore, how we discover, and how we unravel.

Employee Communication Surveys: Seven Tips For Successful Design & Implementation

Surveying employees is an effective first step in fixing communication problems in an organization. Even if there are no obvious problems, surveys can help get an organization to the next level of performance. Here are seven useful tips for getting the...

Employee Engagement in the Face of Change

Restoring or growing personal empowerment is perhaps the most difficult and yet is also the highest impact route to employee engagement.

Entrepreneurship: What it takes

Would the sole reason you would be starting your own business be that you would want to make a lot of money? Do you think that if you had your own business that you would have more time with your family? Or maybe that you would not have to answer to...

Evolution of Organizational Leadership -The Vision-Values Approach

Organizational leadership, at the best of times, is a crown of thorns. In today’s competitive scenario, with boundaries of geography and culture ceasing to make sense, there is an increase in the levels of business consciousness across the industrial...

Examining the Relationship Between Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction

Researchers have undertaken numerous studies to look at the connection between customer and employee satisfaction. A majority of these studies were able to uncover a correlation between employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and profitability.


Fire in the Corporate Belly

Reversing The Corporate Ageing Process Companies, unlike people, can be immortal - or nearly so. They can stop and reverse the ageing process. But it takes a leader of courage and vision to do it. Here is how

Five Essential Strategies for Managing Up

The game you once played on the school playground is now the game you play daily in the corporate jungle.

Five Reasons Why Nothing Has Changed in Your Organization

Business leaders complain all the time that nothing seems to have changed in their organizations

Flavorful Dialogue, Passionate Meetings

Meetings come and go, but the best linger long after the conference room has emptied, the lights are turned off, and the door is shut.

Get Smart or Die

The most underutilized resource in business today is the combined brainpower available to the enterprise. Find out about the changes that will help make the most of your people.

Going Public With Your Work

5 simple tips to successfully promote your product and services

Got Respect? Why Companies Should Care

Is your company respected in the marketplace? Should one even care?

Guard Your Hive

It is easier than you think to create an environment where older workers feel welcome. Begin by asking your experienced people how you might improve the workplace so they feel more engaged.

Half Of CFOs Who Leave Companies Exit For Reasons Other Than A New Job

Fifty percent of the chief financial officers who left companies did so for reasons other than finding another job, including inability to fit culturally into the organization, the increasingly stressful demands of the position, and lack of current knowledge...

High Performance Leadership for the Construction Industry

High Performance Leadership is optimally effective when Tradesmen are encouraged to initiate discussions about their training needs and develop proactive skills for self-leadership

How to Communicate Anything to Anyone

Dr Arky Ciancutti looks at the difficulty often felt in communication and emotion.

How to Turn the Dysfunctional Workplace into an Environment Where People Actually Want to Work

When you think of a dysfunctional organization, there's very little that has to do with raised voices, and the only mention of "conflict" is the failure to deal with it directly.

Implementing Effective Organizational Strategy

A firm and foundational understanding of business strategy allows an organizational strategist to explore the organizational implications of the strategy and to determine, develop and lead those organizational initiatives necessary.

Improve Your Company’s Ability to Execute Your Business Plan

Build a plan to disseminate it, discuss it for shared understanding, and then manage individual performance against the plan.

Increasing Employee Retention Through Employee Engagement

You’ve seen it happen many times. An organization that provides top wages and benefits loses a great employee to a competitor for no apparent reason. Of course, some employee turnover is to be expected, but if your company is truly engaging your...

Individuals are the basic units of organizations

People who are proactive, innovative, courageous and energetic can, and do, bring about change. Likewise those who are conservative, reactionary and frightened of moving forward inhibit both themselves and the people around them.

Informing Learning - the other 80 percent

This paper addresses how organizations, particularly business organizations, can get more done. People who are well connected make greater contributions than those who are not.

It Pays to Help New Staff Start Right

Managers should invest wisely in well-designed staff orientation programs. Effectively orientating your new employees can pay back big dividends in staff retention, employee commitment and customer satisfaction.

Jumping up and down a Fault Line

Human resource development is an enabling force. Economic pressures and demands for higher quality are even turning what looks like routine work into something requiring thought.

Leaders and Lifecycles

Why are some organizations successful year after year while other seemingly extraordinary companies eventually fall by the wayside? Read on to find out more ...

Leaders Energize and Engage the Workforce

Work can be awfully boring unless someone at the top shakes everything up!

Leadership Development and Learning Can Drive Performance

When consultant Ram Charan and retired CEO Larry Bossidy entitled their best-selling business book, Execution, they redefined a word for the business community. For senior executives, execution no longer refers to a punishment or an untimely demise....

Leadership Development is a Sound Investment

How can you ensure sustained performance levels within your organization? Read on to find out how other people have achieved this defining step

Lessons In Authentic Leadership - Embracing Reality

Effective leadership is all about leading one’s followers to the goal. That may seem self-evident, but too many business leaders spend their position power telling and bossing but doing very little leading.

Life Cycle Contact Relationship Management

The strategic and conceptual approach to effective contact relationship management.

Make Your Customers Say "Wow!"

Now, if you are like me, you have reached a point in your life where you just expect poor service. You expect to be treated like a robot, a sub-human, or a clod of dirt. I soon found out this customer experience was going to be different.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall; Facing Corporate Reality

Within a company, no great change can happen, no substantial performance increase can be achieved unless and until that company faces clearly and fearlessly what it really is today.

Optimising Risk

Sound risk requires thorough understanding of four concepts: potential loss, fear, dilemma, and potential gain. Sound risk involves both analytical and emotional abilities.

Optimism Brings Positive Results to the Workplace

As a business owner or administrator, the proverbial question “Is the glass half empty or half full?” may not seem relevant to your concerns about managerial decision-making, employee retention, increased sales, and accountability. But the facts...

Organizational Cultures That Get Financial Results

The commonly accepted elements of financial success in business are well established: a good product or service, cost-effective procedures, skillful marketing, competitive pricing, visionary leadership, a high-productivity workforce, and so on. However,...

Organizational Leadership

The success or failure of our enterprises, and our customers’ enterprises, our ability to support our families and our sense of self worth and achievement, all have direct link and accountability to our performance as organizational Leaders.

Powerhouse Partners - Building an Organization Culture for Breakaway Results

Connectivity is critical for any business to be a true ‘Powerhouse Partner.’ In today’s technically intricate, nothing-ever-stays-the-same-for-long global marketplace, organization leaders can no longer use governance and management models based...

PR Misconceptions

Looks at the basic misconceptions surrounding the important area of Public Relations, and a suitable strategy to undertake.

Resolving Workplace Conflict: 4 Ways to a Win-Win Solution

The effects of conflict in the workplace are widespread and costly. Learn how to reduce the costs.

Retaining Leadership Talent Is a Crucial Business Priority

According to the consulting firm TalentKeepers, the annual cost of employee turnover in the U.S. tops $5 trillion. In my own recent study of more than 5000 leaders in major corporations, nearly 30 percent indicated a sense of disengagement from their...

Review of a Positive Deviance project for referrals in Hertfordshire Adult Care Services

A Positive Deviance project with Hertfordshire County Council, in the UK, delivered a significant range of quantifiable improvements that can now be spread more widely to other teams.  It also helped to deliver a positive culture shift. ...

Rigorous Thinking Ensures Better Solutions

A template that can set the standard for rigorous thinking, while providing a working definition for what is too often just a touchy-feely admonition.

Separation Anxiety

How business owners can smother their company’s success by not letting go.

So What Is Organizational Strategy Anyway?

Effective organizational strategy enables a company to develop an organization capable of delivering its strategy

Succession Planning. How to decide who should be king

Succession planning for the top role is notoriously difficult. Grooming individuals from within takes time and if the top slot is not available when they feel they are ready for it they may be inclined to leave the organisation. Similarly if there are...

Talent Integration Problem - Why Most Companies Hiring Retention Is Rate Less Than 50%

You need to look specifically to how a candidate fits the prospective role and how suitable the candidate is to your organization.

The Answers are on The Office Wall

The sayings and quotes business leaders post on their desk or office wall often represent a guiding principle they have followed to achieve success.

The High Cost of Poor Communication

Poor communication is frustrating on many levels. The financial costs caused by ineffective communication are high but easily avoided. Both parties in feedback situations need to be on the same page.

The Secrets of Great Groups

Great Groups teach us something about effective leadership, meaningful missions, and inspired recruiting. They challenge not only the myth of the Great Man, but also the 1950s myth of the Organization Man.

Transform Your Organization From High Turnover to High Retention

While many leading companies place more effort in employee retention, most are clueless. They accept employee turnover as a normal part of doing business. High turnover organizations spend disproportionate amounts of resources on recruiting and replacing...

When is the Right Time for an HR Expert?

When you are a small company, it is easy to operate on the fly. Like it or not, it may very well be time to formalize HR processes and procedures in your organization.

Why Free Agent Thinking is Good for Your Company

It's no secret! Day after day the news is riddled with companies who are moving operations to other countries or completely closing their doors. Those who remain must transform themselves to lean, mean, businesses with a constant eye on reducing costs....

Why Organizational Strategy Matters

Top performing companies successfully leverage their organization more effectively than rivals and derive over 64% more profit per employee than next-tier performers.

Work Styles - It Takes a Mix

The research of Carl Jung, Marsten, Boyer, and others has shown there are recognizable styles of communication and behavior. No one style is more effective than another.

Workplace Environment and Its Impact on Employee Performance

“Our people are our greatest asset”, it is often said. Sadly, in many cases the reality is the converse. The “assets” are left to languish in a bad investment. In today’s competitive business environment, organizations can no longer afford to...

Are Followers More than Physical Beings?

Our followers are part of a global uncertainty and search for meaning which is translating back into their organizational performance. In The Leadership Challenge, Kouzes and Posner state, “from heightening uncertainty across the world to an intense...

Bandwidth & Echo: Trust, Information and Gossip in Social Networks

There are two schools of thought on how network structures create the competitive advantage known as social capital. One school focuses on the advantages of closure. A network is closed to the extent that people in it are connected by strong relationships....

Building Better Organizational Networks

The old maxim that "structure follows strategy" may not be true - effective network structures can be independently designed.

Building Partnerships Inside and Outside the Organization

Much has been written on how leaders can build partnerships. This chapter will build upon our research and focus on why the leader of the future will need to be a builder of partnerships.

Building Smart Communities through Network Weaving

Communities are built on connections. Better connections usually provide better opportunities. But, what are better connections, and how do they lead to more effective and productive communities?

Communities of Practice and Complexity : Conversation and Culture

This article draws upon an extraordinary theoretical basis to re-present and, hopefully, strengthen the concept of communities of practice and its application to organisation development.

Communities of Practice, a Brief Introduction

This article examines what communities of practice are and why researchers and practitioners in so many different contexts find them useful as an approach to knowing and learning

Creativity and Improvisation in Jazz and Organizations: Implications for Organizational Learning

This paper outlines seven characteristics (including communities of practice) that allow jazz bands to improvise coherently and maximize social innovation in a coordinated fashion

Decentralized Intelligence

What Toyota can teach the 9/11 commission about intelligence gathering

Evolving Adaptive Organizations

How can an organisation move away from centrally coordinated hierarchies toward a variety of more flexible structures? Looks at how an organization can be enhanced by recognising, visualising and optimising these structural networks and uses the Watts...

Functional, Project and Matrix Structures

In this two-part article Charles reviews three well known major organizational structures: Functional Structure, Product or Project Structure and Matrix Structure

How Socio-technical Systems Reinforce Organizational Values

The values of the organization provide a guide for the social and technical systems in achieving their part of the organization's mission. In Christian Reflections on the Leadership Challenge, Kouzes and Posner state, “values cannot be forced, they...

How we can make Networks more Useful

We all use Networks to communicate instructions, ideas and to share knowledge. We have Networks of friends, career advisors, co-workers, clubs, teaching mentors etc. But, whilst, we all spend hours on web 2.0 sites, one wonders what we get as a result?...

Influentials, Networks, and Public Opinion Formation

A central idea in marketing and diffusion research is that influentials — a minority of individuals who influence an exceptional number of their peers — are important to the formation of public opinion. Here we examine this idea, which we call the...

Introduction to Social Network Analysis

Just what is Social Network Analysis and how does it work?

Karen Stephenson's Quantum Theory of Trust

To Karen Stephenson, a maverick yet influential social network theorist, the association between trust and learning is an instrument of vast, if frequently untapped, organizational power.

KM and the Social Network

An organisation’s ability to realise its full operational potential is dependent on the strength of the relationships between its employees. Patti Anklam explains how social-network analysis can be used to collate and analyse the patterns of relationships...

Knowledge Management: The Collaboration Thread

Knowledge management is a thick web of themes from a variety of professional disciplines, but what is it all about?

Knowledge Networks : Mapping and Measuring Knowledge Creation, Re-use and Flow

No one doubts that better management of knowledge within the firm will lead to improved innovation and competitive advantage. Everyone agrees on the goal - better utilization of internal and external knowledge. It is the approach to this goal that is...

Managing the Connected Organization

If knowledge is power, what is connected knowledge?


In epidemics, is fear a good thing?

Personal Networks and Leadership Development

A powerful way to improve executive effectiveness or promote connectivity in an organization is to work through each employee's personal network. Read on to find out more.

Project Management and The Matrix

The Matrix organizational structure is complex in and of itself. It has been argued that its very complexity makes for a greater degree of flexibility and adaptiveness than that afforded by the more traditional 'Functional' and 'Product' structures. Complexity...

Simma & Kate's Strategies for Cross-Generational Relationship Building

Here we highlight what we think are the best ways to push past generational barriers and build strong intergenerational relationships. We've divided the strategies into mindset tips (how to approach cross-generational differences) and practical tips (the...

Six Degrees of Interconnection

Just what is this exciting phenomenon?

Space - The Final Frontier

This article is an argument for how our institutions and organizations are bridging the digital divide by leveraging hominid hardwiring – not the DNA we familiarly know, but another kind of cultural blueprint.

Storytelling Organizations

I want to introduce you to the game playing among storytelling organizations. The idea is to theorize organizations as storytelling systems where stories are the currency of exchange within and between them.

Structural Holes and Collaborative Innovation

What does it take to lead a successful company? Corporate executives today face a growing array of challenges fed by revolutions in technology and globalization. It’s enough to make an executive wonder if leading a successful company is more than a...

Surviving on the Savannahs of the New Economy

Surviving the savannahs of the New Economy may be just as treacherous as leaping from tree to tree in the jungles of old economy corporate takeovers. But it was on the savannahs that our ancestors evolved, so perhaps we can learn a few lessons.

The Extinction of Species and Why It Matters More Than You Think

It's a small world: take anybody else on earth, and you are probably linked through six acquaintances. What's scary is that a similar rule applies to natural life

The Extraordinary Potential of Knowledge Management

Storytelling has existed for centuries as a way of sharing knowledge and developing a sense of community. Here, Seth Weaver Kahan details his own story in an attempt to demonstrate the power of the technique, and to explore the greater contribution knowledge...

The Impact of Social Structure on Economic Outcomes

Social structure, especially in the form of social networks, affects economic outcomes for three main reasons.

The Right – And Wrong –Ways To Give & Receive Feedback

Giving feedback to employees – and receiving feedback yourself – is one of the most misunderstood and poorly executed human resource processes, according to ClearRock, an outplacement and executive coaching firm headquartered in Boston.

The Science of Inequality

You always knew that the rich got richer through no merit of their own, didn't you? Now, with the aid of computers, scientists think they have proved it

Towards a Theory of Government

Reciprocity is key to the power of networks, the alchemy of mutual give and take over time turning to a golden trust . . .

Visualizing Social Groups

Jacob Moreno introduced the idea of using visual images to reveal important features of social patterning.

Want to Manage Tacit Knowledge?

Communities of practice offer a versatile solution

What Knowledge Tears Apart, Networks Make Whole

Every organization has a wealth of knowledge stored in the memories and intuitions of its employees. This tacit knowledge is shared through formal and non-formal networks which bond and motivate people within the organization. Karen Stephenson goes at...

#1 Selling Perspective for Revenue Driven Firms: Across All Industries, Revenue is King

I listen to talk radio, particularly sports talk. One of the hottest topics, if not the hottest is whether the San Francisco Giants should bring back Barry Bonds. For the two people on the planet that don’t know, he will be a free agent once the World...

7 Steps to Closure

Most organizations have a random closure culture, meaning that interactions sometimes close and sometimes do not. When closure doesn't occur, them vs. us conflicts result, especially in passionate, fast growing organizations.

8 Things You Can Do To Create A Visionary Enterprise

What we can do as we look ahead to creating prosperity in 2003 and beyond?

Aligning Departments with your Strategy

Over the years, several companies have asked me how I would go about getting departments of their organizations to support the vision we created in the strategic planning process. To begin with, it's important to recognize that this is a good idea: any...

Asian Branding

Find out more about the 'mastermind' behind the 'Singapore Girl'

Building Support for the Strategic Plan: Aligning Employees with Strategy

One of the most common difficulties companies face in strategic planning is turning their vision into a reality. To transform your organization into the one you envision takes more than great strategy and implementation, you also need to make the strategy...

Chili and Your Intuition: 8 ingredients for making better strategic decisions

As a business owner or manager, what you ultimately rely on most when deciding your company’s future, is your intuition. The challenge with so many stakeholders relying on you to make the ‘right’ decision, is ensuring that your instincts are reliable....

Competitive Intelligence: How To Track Your Competitors & Uncover Their Not So Hidden Secrets

In business, you always need to know what your competitors are doing. To survive you must perform competitive intelligence activities and monitor the broader market for new developments that could affect your company, your products and brands, suppliers,...

Designing Your Future

Strategy creation provides a key to unlock future potential. In today's frantic business environment, strategy creation is often pushed off into the future. Business leaders would all agree on the high value of strategic planning. The planning problem...

Developing An Authentic Planning Process

Most organisations follow a planning process that lacks both strategic purpose and authenticity. Instead of focusing on a single future, organisations need to recognise the existence of multiple futures and engage the whole workforce in strategic conversations....

Does Your Company Suffer From Strategic Insanity?

Rather than work back from the market — “Where’s the money? Let’s get it!” — strategy should start with who we are and what we do best.

Eye of the Beholder

Do you see what your customers see? If not, you’re just guessing what will satisfy them

Go For It: Let The Year of The Rooster Wake You Up

Wake up to the business potential around you. Let the Year of the Rooster be the year you go for it!

Going Global (Branding)

A global brand building communications program - consistent across media, channels and borders - is nothing less than the holy grail of technology marketing. Yet the degree of difficulty in building and implementing a global campaign is extreme. Find...

Going Global - Study Your Markets, Develop a Strategic Plan

Go global before a foreign competitor steals or marginalizes your business. Not only will you expand your market, but you will access a diverse revenue stream which is more stable since you will no longer be as vulnerable to periodic downturns in any...

How to Put Yourself Out of Business

Everyday your rivals try to offer something better that will attract more customers to their services or products. Everyday you try to hold them off. You hope your offerings are better, but that can only last so long. Eventually competitors can find a...

How to Stretch Time - 24 Hours Is Enough!

Balancing heavy and demanding workload with the demands of a family. This is a question that, for a large sector of society is a serious matter.

How to Think Strategically About Your Business

At least once a year, most business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals begin procrastinating about doing their annual planning. Why is this such a daunting task? For many, it's because most of us imagine annual planning as a huge, time-consuming...

How to Win Global Customers and Influence Them to Buy Again

The relationship between your company and your overseas customer shouldn’t end when a sale is made. If anything, it should be just the start of a long relationship that requires more of your attention. The “care and feeding” of you’re your customers...

Integrating Culture with your Strategy

This article discusses the role that company culture plays in increasing employee productivity, streamlining work processes and growing revenues.

Is Your Team Suffering from FWTS?

How we view the world influences our performance. Some perspectives stand in the way of breakthrough performance. Minor shifts in perspective can transform how people play the game!

Leveraging The Power in Diverse Communication Styles

Diverse communication styles can present rich opportunities, yet too often people misunderstand one another. The authors offer a five-factor model from their new book which can help leverage cultural differences for maximum productivity and relational...

Making Your Dreams Come True

Without dreams and vision, companies and countries fail,and without our personal dreams, hopes and aspirations, life can become meaningless.

Managing a Downturn

After the collapse of communism, a new era began, which for the first time, following the crash of 1929 the two awesome words have appeared deflation and depression. Not withstanding whether or not deflation and depression are looming ahead the current...

Overcoming The "Low Revenue, High Overwhelm, Never Enough Time" Trap

Learn to turn the business you love into a financially successful enterprise by focusing on becoming the best business owner you can.

Six Breakthrough Strategies for Your Business

While business people generally expect they will take more time off and worry less about money as their business grows, they currently work long hours, spend little time with family and suffer from dangerously high levels of stress. Successful business...

Sparking Growth Systematically

How to turn innovation, often viewed as a haphazard occurrence, into a discipline. How will you drive growth in your company now that all the bubbles have burst?

Stepping Up Sales Results

The close isn't the end of the sales process. It's only a beginning — the beginning of a new phase of that process.

Strategic Visioning

Looks at what is involved in creating a meaningful vision of the future.

Strategy Without Tactics is Futile

From time to time there seems to be a flurry of studies and surveys on effective communication in the workplace. But are they worth the paper they are written on?

Strategy, Risk, and the Way Forward

Dr Frankel examines the value of taking risks and moving forward into the unknown.

Supercharged Publicity - 21st Century Public Relations Tools

One company takes public relations to the next level.

Tea and the Secrets of Staff Retention

Staff retention a concern? Consider this scenario. Imagine you’re a front-line employee working at a mundane job. It’s so boring you simply go through the motions. You’re on autopilot, counting the hours and minutes until your shift is over and...


Technology is driving business change. The question is, will you be behind the wheel or languishing in the back seat? A key strategy that I personally use and have been sharing with the world for over fifteen years is: "Don't compete! Change the rules...

The 6 P's of Personal Marketing

If you want to be more successful in your small business you need to know the six "P's" of personal marketing. Brand your small business brilliance with the powerful concepts of personal marketing.

The Fundamental Partnerships of Success

Every successful person understands that they can not succeed by themselves. Success is always based on effective partnerships.

The Next Great Branding War

Branding wars are fun. Think Coke-Pepsi, FedEx-UPS, Apple-Microsoft, even Wreden-Trout. Now, another great branding war is about to break out.

The Power of Intention

By setting an intention, you make it clear to yourself and others, just what you plan to do. Set an intention to redefine what it means to be serious about your dreams.

The Pre-emptive Turnaround

A unique process through which a CEO can evoke a surge in profits and competitiveness while re-energizing the organization and its management.

The Top Seven Strategies for Website Success

Whether you’re concerned with business-to-business, or business to consumer, whether your organization is large or small, commercial or nonprofit, these are some fundamental questions around your Website and technology strategy that should be addressed....

The Unrealized Potential of the New Economy

Much has been written about "New Economy" businesses versus "Old Economy" businesses. And with the demise of mania, many are writing off the late 1990's as just the latest era of Wall Street excess. The question now being asked is -- was there,...

Three Ways to Talk so Clients Listen

If you want to turn more prospects into paying clients listen more and talk less. In any given business situation your sales success is determined by answering your customer main motivation, "What's in it for me?"

Top-Eight Marketing & Sales Strategies

If you don't stand out from the competition you may find yourself stood up by your customers. Now more than ever you have to focus, improve, and possibly even change what you do to attain, retain, and maintain customers.

VIA Vision Into Action

How do you ensure the conversion of strategy into action?

Vision and Meaning: A Foundation for Excellence

Vision, a compelling view of a future yet to be, creates meaning and purpose which catapults both individuals and organizations to high levels of achievement.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Organizations must value the past, take care of the present but prepare for the future in order to break the cycle of allowing short-term gains to undermine future stability. To do so, leaders must consider six critical strategies for future success....

Who's Directing Your Life?

While aspects of you encourage, “Go for your dreams,” simultaneously other parts threaten, “Don’t you dare.” A cast of characters lives inside of you and at different times you may receive conflicting or contradictory messages. If you are want...

With Talent Scarce, Companies Need To Expand Succession Planning To Include External Candidates

Most U.S. companies do not have an adequate pool of internal candidates to replace employees slated to be promoted to the next management level, including the most senior executives, according to Salveson Stetson Group, a full-service retained executive...

10 Innovative Ideas for Successful Team Building Events

Team building can give a powerful boost to the spirit and effectiveness of any group. Well designed and delivered team building programs can lead to better understanding, clearer alignment and much stronger motivation.

Coaching The Team

The role of the team coach is very different to that of the one-to-one coach. While the latter may help bring into focus the network of intra-team relationships – line manager, colleagues and key stakeholders outside the team – the team coach has...

Cost-Effective Team Building Exercises

How low cost team building exercises can bring a major return on investment

Distinguishing Teams from Work Groups Is Critical

Is your group a real team or a work group or something in between now and what does it need to be for your situation? How you approach development of your team or group will differ depending on the nature of the group, its mission and what therefore...


The concept of linking was developed from empirical studies we carried out on teams, during the 1980s. In these studies we identified eight distinct factors which contributed to the success of teams.

Everything I Ever Learned About Teaming

Create a vision, be respectful, be open to learning, be forgiving, care about your team, care about your team mates...

Expanding the Value of Coaching : From the Leader to the Team to the Company

This real life case study shows how an executive can expand a simple coaching assignment to benefit his team and the entire company. I hope the article also reinforces my observation that the most important factor in executive coaching is not the coach....

Fifteen Great Techniques for Teams

The Bumblebee's favourite team development techniques

How to Build a Stronger, Well-Organized Team

It’s not how hard you have been hit. It’s how you move on after you have been hit. More and more often, employees are expected to contribute to the performance and success of their work teams

How to Build a Team

The moment you start doing anything at all with another person, you've established a team. Begin a conversation, pick up the phone, brainstorm an idea and you're in teamwork.

Improve Team Performance - Catch Your Trapeze Buddy

Effective team performance requires catching the people you count on most - your Trapeze Buddies. Four elements lead to success and increased productivity: teamwork, communication, precision timing and an extra effort mentality.

Leadership Training: How To Lead Your Team Successfully By Getting Bad At What You Do

Leader, manager, foreman, boss…. These titles (and others) describe people who are responsible for getting a job done by directing others. The key point to remember is more than one worker must be involved in the effort for the project to be completed...

Leading Virtual Teams

Many experts agree that teams are the primary unit of performance in any organization. Today there is a new kind of team—a “virtual” team made up of people who communicate electronically.

Looking After Your Staff To Achieve Higher Results

‘Organisational culture’ may sound like a woolly phrase that has nothing to do with the bottom line, but its purpose is rooted in results: it is about achieving high performance and retaining good staff.

Nurturing the Teamwork Culture

Cultivating a true team that works with and respects each other.

People and Organizations

Multifunctional project teams. Strategy becomes a way to structure the chaos to compete on the edge.

Requirements of a Self-Managed Team Leader

Organizations are benefiting from the advantages of teams by using more of them in a wide variety of ways. Cross-functional teams are regularly being formed and commissioned by management to manage projects, design or improve products or processes, resolve...

Resolving Conflict in Work Teams

As organizations continue to restructure to work teams, the need for training in conflict resolution will grow. Conflict arises from differences, and when individuals come together in teams, their differences in terms of power, values, and attitudes contribute...

Team Building Strategies: Top 7 Tips For Building Trust in Distant Teams

In the past, we developed teams by putting people together and letting them spend time learning about each other before we charged them with completing assignments. In spite of all our best effort, some teams were more successful than others.

Team Building without Time Wasting

Teams seem to be becoming more and more common and important. Management theorists and organizations around the world are extolling the value of teamwork. As the traditional, hierarchical school of leadership begins to diminish in significance, a new...

Team Building: Leadership Strategies To Address Today’s Most Common Team Building Problems

Despite best team building efforts, many organizations are still operating on low power when it comes to producing desired results. They’ve invested time and dollars in events that supposedly help team members bond and function coherently, yet results...

Team Spirit Built from the Top

Team spirit is the catalyst every organization needs to achieve outstanding performance. Strategic plans, marketing, technology and capital investment are clearly important, but emotional commitment of the people using the tools and executing the plans...

Teams Make Change Happen

Todays business world places enormous demands on top executives. Find out how creating and nuturing a good team can ease the struggle

Teamwork: A new twist to old Asian collectivism

We have to give it to the West, it sure developed an ingenious way to package and operationalize a concept and practice that has incontrovertible traces of Eastern fingerprints all over it.

Ten Tips For Running Successful Projects

As a leader, you will run and oversee projects from time to time. Unfortunately, more than half of all projects started fail their objectives. Why is this so?

The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork

To achieve great things, you need a team. Building a winning team requires understanding of these principles. Whatever your goal or project, you need to add value and invest in your team so the end product benefits from more ideas, energy, resources,...

The Case for Positive Energy

Positive Energy….It’s a term being talked about a lot more frequently in classrooms, board rooms and locker rooms. After all, when business legend Jack Welch says that great leaders have loads and loads of positive energy and Pete Carroll, coach of...

The Eternally Successful Team

What makes for a successful team? Some key differentiators have stood the test of time.

The Ten Values of Excellent Teams

Values in teams are the specific beliefs about what is right and wrong around us. Organizational and team values are about the culture we should encourage, the standards we should have, and the principles that should underpin the team’s efforts. They...

Virtual Team Productivity

Three action rules from nature

Workplace Conflict Resolution: What’s Creating Workplace Conflict and 9 Easy Ways To Resolve It

A radio interviewer recently asked me if I thought there was more conflict in the workplace today than in the past. After thinking about it, I replied, “Yes, I think there is more conflict today.” Here Are 3 Main Reasons Why There Is More Conflict...

10 Ways to Build Trust and Build Your Business

Before making a purchase from you, buyers need to trust that your products and services will do what they are supposed to. Does your marketing help establish the trust necessary to convince prospects to buy from you? If you're struggling to attract clients...

Building Trust Starts at the Top

The most powerful way to build trust is by talking about trust. When confronted with a tough decision, there are steps that you can take to make your employees and customers feel like partners instead of victims.

Creating a Trusting Work Environment

Seven steps to increase trust in your workplace.

Cultivating the Trust Factor

No matter what business you are in, the most powerful value-added you can contribute in any business relationship is the trust factor.

Executives Must Acknowledge the Importance of Trust

Looks at the importance of trust in building a strong organisation.

How to Improve Employees Trust in Management

Did you know that one out of two employees distrusts management?

It's a Matter of Trust

Do your customers trust your company to act in their best interests? It is a question not often formally asked of customers. The response to this question is assumed. “Customers trust us. Why else would they do business with us?” Based on some...

Mistrust: A Bigger Problem Than Ever Before

Trust is a key factor needed for effective leadership. The problem today is that you can’t tell or even expect people to trust you ... you must prove it first. In God we trust, but all others bring data.

Trust Fund

In politics as in affairs of the heart, building trust remains that most elusive ideal. But creating it in your workplace could be your greatest competitive advantage.

Trust or Bust

We are a society in search of trust. The less we find it-in business, in government, in personal interactions-the more precious it becomes. An organization that commands trust from the public has a powerful competitive advantage. It inspires customer...

Trust or Bust?

In the last three years companies throughout the Western world, have once again gone through a period of extreme difficulty. Corporate scandals around the world have destroyed confidence and amply illustrated that survival is not compulsory. Lose trust...

Trust Tools for Tough Times

Trust. It’s in short supply these days and for good reason. Pick up any newspaper or tune in to any news show and you’re likely to hear about an organization or person who has violated the trust placed in them.

What's Propping Up Your Leadership?

Let's compare leadership to a Greek temple. The foundation is trust --- people will follow a leader voluntarily only when they deem the leader trustworthy. Leadership is the result, or roof. What do the two pillars that sit on the foundation and hold...

Your World Your Way - Trusting Yourself in Business

You cannot have peace of mind or have a healthy business if you don’t trust yourself. Trusting yourself is having a true sense of who you are, clarity about what you want and the presence of mind to honour yourself.

The Genesis of Values: A Christian Perspective

There is a great deal of misunderstanding from the non-Christian world as to why Christians believe and, henceforth, respond as they do to the world around them. This paper examines a basic Christian perspective on the genesis of values, for it is through...

A New Conversation About Dreams

Integrity: The Key to Getting What You Want

Christian Leadership

If love, the service of others, joy, peace, a critical openness to reality, strength and courage are integral to faith, then the Christian leader must symbolically incorporate something of each of these virtues.

Cultural differences

A brief introduction to the cultural differences between countries.

Developing Value Statements: Lessons From War

Business strategies derived from diverse fields such as philosophy, warfare, sports and religion have found new homes in books ensconced in the business sections of Chapters outlets around the world. Although managers seldom discuss these strategic...

Discovering Values for Ethnic Reconciliation

In April of 1994, while waiting in line to cast my vote in South Africa’s first ever one-person one-vote election, I had two thoughts resonating with anticipation, new leaders and new values. James O’Toole in his book Leading Change wrote, “Effective...

Diversity That is More Than Skin-Deep

There is no question that the topic of diversity within the workplace has become one of the leading issues today. With the growing world economy and the need to expand markets, the dramatic increase of third-world immigration into western countries, and...

Has Capitalism gone too far?

Looks at how it is that money has become more important than moral issues that should concern us.

Hope for the Self-Actualized Worker : The Conscious Organization

The importance of self actualization and the conscious organization.

How to Be Ethical AND Profitable or Why Tiger Woods Does Not Cheat

Competitive advantage or lack thereof is the key to ethical behavior in sports, in business, and in life.

Leadership In Turbulent Times Is Spiritual

Why has the topic of spirituality entered our organizational and professional lives? In the past several years, spirit and work have come together in many interesting questions. Is work a spiritual endeavor? Do we have a sense of vocation or calling?...

Leadership in War - paragraphs or bullet points

In everything a Leader does and says, he or she is measured by others. In wartime, Leaders are measured by their troops. They are measured by their enemies. They are measured by the media. And they are measured by the citizens of the world.

Leave Your Ethics at the Door?

A common thought process among leaders within the marketplace today is ethics and business doesn’t mix. Leaders believe “business is business” and the same standards necessary for business do not match the principles of ethics. Ethics is something...

Moral Leadership: A Pipedream?

I contend there are large, possibly huge, numbers of leaders at all levels acting immorally on a regular basis. If you find this statement shocking, I am glad because I believe that my concerns address a major problem in today's work setting: leaders...

Moving from Alienation to Significance

A great turmoil exists within our organizations today. Our followers are part of a global uncertainty and search for meaning which is translating back into their organizational performance. In The Leadership Challenge, Kouzes and Posner state, “from...

Musashi's Book of Five Rings

This book was originally written many centuries ago, in feudal Japan, a period of "great social change."

My Dinner with a Bully

Coming face to face with an overbearing, win-at-all-costs blowhard can take courage. Recognizing those characteristics in yourself can take even more.

Partnerships in Corporate Social Responsibility

This is the text of a speech Mick made to the Pacific Rim Forum in Sydney, 2000, introducing a panel discussion on the subject of Corporate Social responsibility.

Poor Ethics in Organizations – How to Avoid Fleas Coming Back

Review of the literature reflects that a single person rarely is responsible for unethical scandals within an organization. Poor ethical behaviors are often the result of interaction among several individuals that have rationalized their values.

Principled Leadership in an Age of Cynicism

The American public is in a schizophrenic quandary over principled leadership.

Returning to Values to Make an Impact

Our society is losing touch with the human values which have typically been spilled over into our organizations. Since then these values have eroded and have left our followers feeling alone and uncertain about their future and their role within our organizations....

Seven Things Your Mother Never Told You About Corporate Ethics Programs

What does my company get out of having an ethical environment?

Sixth Century Wisdom for 21st Century Changemasters

Learn work/life balance lessons from the citizens of the sixth century

Soul Business

What does the soul of an organisation look like? Is it just the sum of the individual souls that make it up? Or does it have a life, a heart of its own? Explore the idea of 'Soul Business'

Spirituality in the Workplace : Congruence of Leader, Follower and Organizational Values

Recently, while leading a generic career choice seminar for support staff at a medical school, I was amazed to see that the entire focus of the session shifted to the participants’ desire to see spirituality played out in the workplace.

Standing up to Those Who Don't Do the Right Thing

Character is one of the four characteristics of successful leaders. Sometimes, expressing it can take the courage of your convictions.


Can there ever be such a thing as a "superpower" today?

Telling the CEO his/her baby is ugly

Understanding and assessing your organization's culture can mean the difference between success and failure in today's fast changing business environment.

Tenets in Common: Virtue - Mastery at Work

Many wisdom and faith traditions share core tenets that seekers might apply on the everyday path to an enlightened life. Even if you shudder at the thought of spirituality at work, many of these "Golden Rules," stripped of their pigeonholing as strictly...

The hard and fast rules for instilling loyalty

How do you motivate employees to dedicate themselves to high quality work? How do you create a work setting in which loyalty is a natural byproduct?

The Integrity-Based Business

Integrity is one of the four characteristics of successful leaders. And it's important in every aspect of your business. Read on to find out more.

The not-for-profit drivers

Margot clearly articulates what is special about NGO's and why people like to do such work.

The Right Context: Using the Arts to Get Your Message to the World

As for a method of conveying ideas or gathering people to a common cause, one cannot ignore the power of the Arts.Using the Arts to convey one’s message cannot happen by chance. Successful leaders know the culture of the people with whom they want to...

The Strategic Value of Values

Seldom do we see headlines that highlight those companies and organizations that consistently live out positive values. Our guts tell us that these businesses must benefit from their positive, Values-centered approach. But how much?

Three Business Contexts

These days we frequently hear the term corporate culture.This seems to imply that business has some form of cultural force; but the history of business activity indicates that the relationship between culture and business is one of reflection rather than...


Over the past several months, we have been considering the differences between leadership and thuggery.

Time to be a Leader

A personal perspective on what it takes to help developing communities move ahead - and what our responsibilities are. Leadership.

Values and Ethics Determine One’s Character

Many people have been harmed by the unethical behaviors of certain leaders today. With its roots in the failure of leadership during the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s, the cry for ethics reform in business and politics continues to grow. This is...

Values and Ethnic Discrimination

For leaders, there are few challenges more critical than the application of values and ethics in organizations. This challenge is compounded further when a contradiction exists between certain espoused values and the ethical behaviors those values are...

Values as Foundation : The Role of Values in Leadership and Organizations

Why is it important for companies to practice their values in action in their day-to- day interactions with their employees and customers?

Values in Action

Introduction to the February 2005 issue of AMED's Organisations & People journal, which is dedicated to the idea that values are fundamental to the successful leadership of organisations

Values in War - looting in Basra or Bath?

Is looting inevitable? What can we learn from what happened in Iraq? What is "Commander's Intent"?

Visionary Leadership

What is it that makes a visionary become a visionary leader? This article looks at the commitment and mission that makes a true visionary leader.

Wanted: Leaders with Courage

In an age when too many so-called leaders are really just dedicated followers of fashion we need to reinstate courage as a vital element of leadership, argues Brisbane Institute Chairman, Ray Weekes. If we are to rebuild trust in our political, cultural...

Warning! Values May Be Detrimental to Your Organization’s Health

Identifying values to guide workplace behaviors and decisions seems reasonable, productive, and highly desirable. Yet such values may, in fact, be detrimental to the organization’s health.

What Would My Mentor Do?

Good judgment is one of the four characteristics of successful leaders. But how do you know what the right thing to do is - and when to do it?

Work is a Four Letter Word

I can hear the jokes already and most of them are not politically correct. Let me throw out a word that we often don't attach to work and yet I think it is a word of redemption, of contribution, of achievement, of community, and ultimately, of legacy....