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The Change Leaders are a community of practice dedicated to helping organizations positively address the human side of change

Change is an inherent aspect of the experiences of all individuals and all organizations – it is a given.  The Change Leaders (tCL) are a network of professionals providing a range of consulting, coaching and change management services.

As a global network, the mission of tCL is to help organisations positively address the human side of change. Environments are dynamic, needs vary over time – adaptive change is necessary.

To support this mission, tCL are committed to:
  • continuous learning,
  • validating our approaches and,
  • sharing our insights with people who want to improve their own capacities to lead, manage, implement and encourage change.
tCL's vision is to see change practices applied based on data, on respect for the humans involved and on bringing sustainable results. As a group and as individuals, tCL are results oriented in the style of consulting and coaching. Perspectives are global and based on advanced education and study in the diverse components of successful organisational change.


The Change Leaders community is unique because members have:

  • an average of 20 years of experience as senior organizational leaders, managers, consultants and entrepreneurs
  • understanding and on the ground experience across North America, South America, the UK and Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia
  • advanced degrees, certifications and research in multiple disciplines related to change
  • dedication to the growth and development of the Clients we serve, as well as to the personal development of our own members
  • diverse knowledge, skills and insight delivered from real world experience and within the framework of a unified and expert Community of Practice
  • a wide network of experts in related fields to call in as Client needs dictate

All members of The Change Leaders are individual practitioners who completed the “Consulting and Coaching for Change” (CCC) programme, a joint programme of Oxford University, UK, and Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), Paris.   The intensive CCC program focused on critical issues such as leadership development and the dynamics of organizational change and intervention.  It awarded a Specialized Masters Degree (MSc.), as well as a CCC certification.

tCL participates in forums, conduct research and create new white papers and briefs - for example, in an occasional series called “Change Perspectives”.  Members also further their capabilities in an ongoing relationship with both Oxford University and HEC.

Who we serve

We are available for engagements with public and private corporations, as well as governmental, non-governmental, and non-profit sectors.  We have a special interest in working with CEOs, leaders and senior managers whose focus is beyond the “bottom line” and who want the answer the question: “How can we leave a lasting and positive impact?”

What we deliver

We are committed to serving Clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity, and having the best interests of our Clients as our priority. We begin by working closely with organizational leaders and stakeholders to understand the situation and opportunities.   We focus first on listening – asking targeted questions that will surface the ideas and issues that will have the most impact on the organization’s goals. Then we:

  • Create frameworks – asking the right questions from a third-party and informed vantage point gives Clients new insight into how to approach change initiatives
  • Envision, develop and facilitate effective organizational interventions – reaching across geographies, cultures and organizational boundaries
  • Provide actionable senior mentoring and executive coaching – guiding Clients through the best processes and developing leader capability and capacity for change
  • Leave organizations stronger and more adaptable – sharing knowledge, tools, processes and approaches to learning that help individuals expand their own change capacity and capabilities

Code of practice

The Change Leaders work with a common and extensive set of ethical and quality standards. To help Clients understand our approach, we provide key aspects of this Code of Practice below.  We:

  • respect the rights, responsibilities, values and feelings of all individuals
  • operate without discrimination in respect of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age and religion
  • respect the laws, regulations and policies of the country in which we are operating, as well as our Clients
  • reject bribery and falsification of taxation or other fiduciary controls
  • do our utmost to accurately describe all of our activities in our documents, accounts and other materials
  • treat Client information that is not public knowledge as confidential
  • avoid conflicts of interest, or the appearance of such
  • agree to fees and expenses, in advance of work, and charge commensurate with responsibility accepted and services delivered
  • disclose fees or commissions that we may receive for equipment, supplies or services we could recommend to Clients

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