Our Clients?

Customer Leadership work with clients includes

Customers & Big Data

  • Strategy development workshop and follow-up with the Board, for a new, digital start-up company

  • Board level / CEO consulting with several global customer data insights companies

    • Business development strategy and execution

    • Organizational design

    • Partnership negotiations (data sources, insight sales)

  • Due diligence, acquisition advice and post-investment customer strategy development on behalf of global Private Equity Firms

    • Telecoms services provider

    • Direct to consumer brand marketing

    • Marketing Services Consultancy

    • Retail Services

Brand Marketing & Customer Strategy

  • Advising a long-standing marketing services firm on adaptation to the digital/social world

  • Worked with one of the world's largest beverage companies to help establish a customer OGSM for deployment across the enterprise (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Tactics and Measures)

  • Worked with a leading global mobile phone manufacturer to establish an effective matrix management structure across the world, for the marketing department

Leadership & Organization Change

  • Developed tailor-made Leadership development and Board Governance programs for senior management teams in one of the world's leading NGOs

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