Professional ethics

We help people get better results by working together to execute successful change through values-driven Leadership.


  • fully respect the rights, responsibilities, values and feelings of all individuals with whom we work
  • operate without discrimination in respect of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age and religion
  • fully respect the laws of the country in which we are operating
  • accurately describe all of our activities in our documents, accounts and other materials
  • reject bribery, and reject the falsification of taxation or other fiduciary controls
  • fully respect the rights and ownership of our associate's and client's intellectual property, processes or proprietary know-how
  • will not initiate attempts to attract projects or staff from our associates or clients



  • serve our clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity, using a professional approach at all times, and having their best interests as our priority
  • establish realistic expectations of the benefits and results of our services
  • treat all client information that is not public knowledge as confidential; we will prevent it from being accessed by unauthorized people, and we will not take advantage of proprietary or privileged information, either for use by ourselves, our firm or another client, without permission
  • avoid conflicts of interest, or the appearance of such
  • disclose to a client any circumstances or interests that might influence our judgment and objectivity
  • refrain from inviting an employee of an active or inactive client to consider alternative employment without prior discussion with the client



  • only accept engagements which we possess the expertise to perform
  • only assign staff or associates with the requisite expertise
  • ensure that before accepting any engagement, a mutual understanding of the objectives, scope, work plan, and fee arrangements has been established
  • offer to withdraw from an engagement when our objectivity or integrity may be impaired