What do we offer?

LeaderValues focuses on helping growth firms improve both their leadership skills and customer strategies, based on a deep and uniquely connected understanding of leadership devcelopment, global brand marketing, retail and the application of Big Data analytics and insight. 

We help growth companies get better results, together. 

We call our unique approach "Customer Leadership in the Big Data era".

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LeaderValues started in 1997, and is now established as one of the most popular leadership resource centres on the 'net. Everything we do is designed to help you work better in achieving your team's goals. We are very happy to publish guest materials. Click here for submission information. Please also see the Frequently Asked Questions on legal issues, trademarks, copyright and privacy.

Capitalising on Big Data to better serve customers

Mick Yates is the founder of LeaderValues, and he has 10 years practical experience in the Big Data space, using analytics to drive growth and organizational change in businesses across the world.

He also has almost 30 years of C-Suite level experience in General Management and Brand MarketingAs a consequence, he can also call on a wide range of expert contacts and firms to bring the appropriate expertise to each assignment.

He is thus ideally placed to work with leaders and senior teams seeking new skills and to derive real benefits from the Big Data revolution, by focusing on the decision processes needed to make things happen.

1. Big Data Strategy and Execution

The 4E's framework is perfectly suited to map out a change process to derive benefits from Big Data analytics

ENVISION an Enterprise that is Customer Centric and Uses Innovation Networks

1. Create a clear case for change that inspires people 2. Create and describe a viable vision of an alternative and successful state which touches each individual in the organisation

ENABLE a Big Data business

3. Put change agents in place with a guiding coalition of willing leaders 4. Consistently drive the change from the top of the enterprise 5. Set a realistic scale and pace of change with a clear sense of urgency 6. Create an integrated transition program, from the current state to the desired future 7. Create a unique organisation shape to show how tasks and people fit the new world

EMPOWER Everyone to Think and Act Big Data

8. Execute a symbolic end to the status quo 9. Build options and plans to deal with likely resistance

ENERGIZE Everyone by Becoming a Big Data Leader

10. Constantly advocate the change – course correct on problems and maintain momentum 11. Create a locally owned rewards plan, so everyone benefits from the change

2. Organizational and Leadership Team Development

Leadership and Team development is an on-going process, not a one off intervention. A typical process could include:

  • Understand the business and customer strategy and market context, as this is essential to defining future action plans.
  • Ensure the organization’s Leadership standards exactly meet the business needs and are appropriately measured.
  • Feedback and assessment of both individual performance and collective results.
  • Team workshops, with structure and outcomes clearly agreed with the Client. These could include the role of values; the linkage between leadership and business strategy; change management and effective organization design.
  • Follow up, working alongside the client to roll out, monitor and improve the program across the Enterprise.

 Try this self assessment.

3. Executive Coaching

Coaching assignments directly build on Mick’s extensive practical expertise, focused on the intersection of Leadership Development, Branding and Big Data insights. Coaching is a multi-dimensional relationship between the Coach, the Individual and the Enterprise. Mick’s approach is to focus the development needs of the individual against improved business performance.

He draws on his own senior leadership and team development experience of many kinds of Enterprises, combined with a broad academic understanding of the coaching and mentoring process in different business and cultural settings. He can also draw on a global network of associates and experts, depending on the issue and need.

Mick will always build on an individual’s strengths. As part of the coaching process, he will seek first to fully understand the business context, and get input from colleagues on the individual concerned. Mick believes that measurement drives improvement, and he will set up simple but effective processes that make a positive difference for the individual.

4. Workshops & Keynotes

Based on our professional and research background, we are able to provide workshops and keynotes on:

  1. Leadership today, especially when distributed across Global Enterprises
  2. The Customer centric enterprise
  3. The leadership, strategic and customer implications of Big Data
  4. The impact of Networks and Complexity on communications and decision taking
  5. Globalization - Leading organizations across multiple geographies

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Most of the materials on the website are available to help everyone's learning journey, and we are always interested in new ideas and articles to include. Please contact us if you want to re-use any of the materials other than for personal use.

LeaderValues Ltd offers tailored and actionable leadership and strategic development, usually built around the 4 E's Leadership Framework - Envision, Empower, Enable & Energize.  The 4E’s are "contingent", in that the activities within the Framework can be modified to exactly meet the needs of a specific Enterprise. There are two axes - for operational and organizational aspects - and it can be used by individuals or teams, underlining its scaleability.

The 4E’s was the subject of a Masters Dissertation by Mick, as part of the Oxford University / HEC (Paris) program on Consulting and Coaching for Change in 2004. Data from several thousand self assessments has been evaluated, evidencing validity and actionability.