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LeaderValues helps you get better results, together.

  • Mentoring Leaders in all kinds of organizations to develop their personal skills and their ability to work with their teams
  • Directly connecting Leadership development with Strategic development - as all Leadership has clear purpose

LeaderValues has been established since 1997, and is one of the world’s leading Leadership Development websites. We have one of the widest collections of free resources available on the web to browse and study: Theme articles written by global experts (550+ entries), Links (500+ entries), Magazine Articles (300+), Books (450+), and Quotations (700+)

Mick’s Leadership Blog started in 2005, and features Mick’s own work and many guest posts.

LeaderValues thus encourages the broadest possible conversation on Leadership, and the Theme articles are a very popular feature of the site. Guests writers are fundamental to our services to our readers

How do you send a "Guest Article" to LeaderValues?

First, we prefer original content, although we will re-publish interesting work already posted elsewhere, in the editor’s discretion.

Our preference is articles 500-1000 words in length for Theme Articles, and 300-600 for blog posts. The style and “voice” is yours. Subject matter should be related to our core topics of leadership and values – organizational or personal, in all appropriate fields of endeavour.

Articles submitted will not be altered without prior permission, except for formatting, and the author retains full copyright.  Please submit your work as a text file via e-mail (Word, plain text etc.) with your formatting included if appropriate. Where possible please limit the use of tables and large size graphics.

We do not compensate for guest articles but we will include a short biography and photograph about guest authors. We are also happy to link to other websites and social media channels in the bio section (within reason – not too many links, please!). With your submission, please therefore include a brief biography, a hi-res photo, and reference to your other work. We will also publish the necessary contact links to the author’s website or e-mail with your article.

We do not accept articles that overtly “sell” products or services (either the author’s or a third party).

Unless specifically pre-agreed, all articles are published non-exclusively - you are free to submit your work to other publishers. If your work is first published on LeaderValues we request that you include a reference to LeaderValues in any future publication.

We will only publish articles submitted if contact details are enclosed (although we will withhold the writer’s identity if requested). We reserve the right to publish. Publication does not suggest that either LeaderValues or Mick Yates endorses the views expressed.

Re-publishing of Articles featured on LeaderValues?

LeaderValues is often asked for articles we feature to be republished on other web sites or newsletters - we will normally allow this if our editors judge the context appropriate, as it extends the readership of the author's work and we are committed to providing excellent coverage of all of our authors.  We cannot accept liabilities from such republishing, but we will insist on proper copyright attributions for the author. 

Thus an article's acceptance by LeaderValues grants our editors the right to republish the material.

If material is republished, we will of course inform the author. When articles are re-published, we respect this code of practice:

The copyright of each author is fully protected. This includes but is not limited to all references and web links provided by the author. An author’s copyright notice and date is included. The article is not changed, edited, or reworded in any part or in any way. Graphics are presented exactly as in the original. Hyperlinks are kept "live" in the article so that users can click on the link and be taken to its destination.

“Article courtesy of” is attached to each article published, with a link to the original on the LeaderValues site.

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