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LeaderValues was founded in 1997 to provide students, researchers and practitioners with the best resources on leadership, innovation, organisation design, change, coaching, team-building and value systems. Everything we do is designed to help better achieve your leadership goals.

Big Data revolution. We have extended our coverage to reflect the increasing focus on Customer Strategy, Innovation Networks, and the use of Big Data.

We define this integrated approach as "Customer Leadership" - which requires a deep and connected understanding of leadership development, branding, customer retail and the application of Big Data. 

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Mick is also the co-founder of the Change Leaders community of practice, who  published New Eyes: The Human side of Change Leadership. In this book, Mick addresses the leadership implications of Big Data.

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4E's Leadership Framework

LeaderValues offers the proven 4E's Leadership Framework - Envision, Enable, Empower and Energize. The advantages of this unique framework are twofold:

First, the framework  blends Leadership and Strategy by including both operational (task) and organizational (people) aspect. Second, it can be modified to meet the exact needs of a specific Enterprise, and thus can be used either by individuals or teams

The 4E's Framework is practical, has been proven useful in real world conditions, and has been subject to rigorous analysis and benchmarking.

Study the 4E's Framework, view slide showsread about our featured leaders, or take a free leadership assessment.

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