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August 2014
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Mick contributed to "New Eyes: The Human Side of Change Leadership".

Mick addresses the leadership implications of Big Data, and suggests its value can best be realised by enterprises fully embracing customer centricity and creating strong networks of innovation.

He then shows how the 4Es leadership framework can enable organisational change to capitalise on this revolution.

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The instant you become a boss - Wally Bock

Me, The BossAnother excellent post and advice from Wally Bock, over at Three Star Leadership.

Everyone agrees that the transition from individual contributor to boss is difficult. One reason is that some things change for you the instant you become a boss. Here are a dozen things that happen in the blink of an eye.

1. Some people will think you turned into a jerk. You won’t be the exception. Those people think all bosses are jerks.

2. Some people will see you as an opportunity to exploit. These people imagine you as a way to accomplish their own ends. But they’ll rarely tell you they think that way.

3. You’ve changed careers. Becoming a boss is more like a career change than a job change.

4. Talking to people about behavior and performance is part of your job. You may dread doing it, but you’d better learn to do it acceptably. If you’re going to be a great boss you’ll do it often.

5. Making decisions is part of your job. In an instant, you’ve become one of the places that the buck stops.

6. Helping the team succeed is part of your job. Yep, you’re the one responsible for accomplishing the mission.

7. Helping people succeed is part of your job. It helps to enjoy this part because you can’t be a great boss without it.

8. The team is your destiny. From this moment on, their performance is your performance.

9. You have less power. It’s true. See number 8 above.

10. People pay attention to everything you do. Do the things you want them to do, too. It’s called “leadership by example.”

11. It’s not about you anymore. Get used to it. From now on it’s about team performance and team morale.

12. Nothing will ever be the same again. See numbers 1 through 11.

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