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August 2014
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Book news

Mick contributed to "New Eyes: The Human Side of Change Leadership".

Mick addresses the leadership implications of Big Data, and suggests its value can best be realised by enterprises fully embracing customer centricity and creating strong networks of innovation.

He then shows how the 4Es leadership framework can enable organisational change to capitalise on this revolution.

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Leadership, improvisation and rock 'n roll

Leadership, improvisation and rock ‘n roll – from Jimi Hendrix to Nigel Kennedy, via Ronnie [...]

David Logan on Tribal Leadership - from TED

TED is on my mind today, especially as Ingrid and I are about to go to TED Global in Oxford this week. Here’s a talk by David Logan from last year which I think is very interesting. And if you have a moment visit to see the fascinating comments people made on the talk [...]

Connected - we are social beings first, second, and third

I was with the Change Leaders group in Paris at the weekend – the community of practice we set up after the Masters program we all shared at Oxford & HEC, amazingly now in its seventh year.

Patricia and Jacob ran a session on sustainable innovation – and included the video by Jane McGonigal from [...]

Haiti – a view from Jacqueline Novogratz, of the Acumen Fund

In 1995 my family was in the middle of the Kobe quake (“The Great Hanshin Earthquake”). We were lucky. The quake killed over 6,400 people. We got off very lightly. Experiencing that event first hand was traumatic enough, but we are all now looking at terrible pictures from Port au Prince, and we hear that [...]