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August 2014
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Book news

Mick contributed to "New Eyes: The Human Side of Change Leadership".

Mick addresses the leadership implications of Big Data, and suggests its value can best be realised by enterprises fully embracing customer centricity and creating strong networks of innovation.

He then shows how the 4Es leadership framework can enable organisational change to capitalise on this revolution.

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Social Media data and real time analytics - UK Parliament Select Committee

Image from Science and Technology Committee

Mick gave oral evidence at the UK Parliament Science and Technology Select Committee for their inquiry into Social media data and real time analytics. He was doing this as Visiting Professor at the University of Leeds, representing the new Consumer Data Research Centre.

The University of Leeds had previously [...]

Shapeshifting at Apple - Wally Bock

Image Minh Uong/The New York Times

From Wally Bock‘s excellent Three Star Leadership Blog

From the time Steve Jobs returned from exile to lead Apple out of the wilderness and up to the heights of success, we perceived Apple as an extension of the man and his genius. Since he died, we knew Apple would have to be [...]

Digital Services Congress - London

I attended the Digital Services Congress in the past couple of days. It is focussed on Mobile Telephone technology and operators.

The DSC brings together high level content on operator and OTT (Over The Top – services provided by third parties on the operator’s network, such as WhatsApp) messaging strategies – featuring mobile and messaging operators, global and [...]

Heathrow Terminal 2 – Creating the ideal airport passenger experience?

Photo courtesy